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A Rabbinic Ruckus

Rabbis Bloom, Levy, Goldstein and Morris regularly have theological arguments, and whenever they do, three of them are nearly always in accord against the fourth rabbi. Today, the odd rabbi out is Rabbi Goldstein. But this time, Rabbi Goldstein decides to appeal to a Higher Authority.

"Hashem," he cries out, "I know in my heart that I was right and my colleagues were wrong! I would therefore be most grateful if you could give us a sign to prove to my colleagues that they were wrong."

Although it is a beautiful warm sunny day, as soon as Rabbi Goldstein finishes his prayer, a storm cloud moves across the sky above the four rabbis, rumbles once and then dissolves.

"Aha," says Rabbi Goldstein, "that was a sign from Hashem. I knew I was right."

But the other three rabbis disagree, pointing out that it isn’t unusual for storm clouds to form on hot days.

So Rabbi Goldstein prays again. "Hashem," he cries out, "I need a bigger sign to sh

ow my colleagues that I was right and they were wrong. Please God, please give us a bigger sign."

This time five storm clouds suddenly appear above them and rush towards each other to form one big cloud. Then a lightning bolt slams into a nearby field.

"See," says Rabbi Goldstein to his colleagues, "I told you I was right."

But the other 3 rabbis continue to insist that nothing had happened that couldn't be explained by natural causes.

Then, just as Rabbi Goldstein is getting ready to ask God for a gigantic sign to end the other three rabbis' disagreement, the sky turns pitch black, the earth starts to shake vigorously, and a deep, booming voice says, "He’s right!"

Rabbi Goldstein smiles, turns to the other three rabbis, and says to them, "So nu, my argument was correct was it not?"

"Okay, okay, so now it’s 3 to 2," replies one of the other rabbis.

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