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Who Wants Tickets?

Chaim Yankel was doing some shopping in Manhattan and double parked his car on Broadway Street for a few minutes. When he exited the store he noticed a motorcycle cop writing a parking ticket.

So Chaim Yankel approached him and said, “Come on buddy, how about giving a guy a break?”

The traffic cop ignored Chaim Yankel and continued writing the ticket. So Chaim Yankel, who always struggled with his temper, called him a pencil necked shleimel. The traffic cop glared at Chaim Yankel and started writing another ticket for having a broken tail light!!

So Chaim Yankel called him a chazzer. The traffic cop then started writing a third ticket! This went on for about 20 minutes – the more Chaim Yankel abused him, the more tickets he wrote.

After a while, the cop said, “Buddy, why don’t you just stop? You see that every time you open your mouth, I write you another ticket.”

“I don’t care,” said Chaim Yankel casually.

“No?” said the cop.

“Not at all,” replied Chaim Yankel. “My car is parked around the corner.”

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