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Brisket Babble

Malka Feiglebaum went to Abe’s butcher shop every Thursday to pick up her brisket but was shocked one Thursday to find a foul mouthed parrot by the door who squawked: "Hey, lady, you're brisket tastes haluches." The woman tried to ignore the insult and hurried on her way.              

The following Thursday when she exited the butcher shop, she quickened her stride in the hope that the parrot wouldn't spot her, but he did and squawked loudly: ""Hey, lady, you're brisket tastes haluches."              

Mrs. Feiglebaum was extremely embarrassed.              

When the same thing happened for a third and fourth Thursday, she had reached the end of her tether. She stormed into the butcher shop and demanded to speak to the owner. She threatened to sue him and to have the parrot put down unless the abuse stopped.              

The butcher promised faithfully that the bird wouldn't say it again.              

The next Thursday, Mrs. Feiglebaum came to the butcher shop as usual, picked up her order and as she approached the exit, the parrot called out: "Hey, lady."              

Mrs. Feiglebaum turned round and glared at the bird. "Yes?"              

"You wanna borrow a brisket recipe?"

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