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Last Wish

Three hunters are out on safari -- an American, a Brit and an Israeli. They are captured by cannibals who start getting the cooking pots ready. The cannibal chief tells the hunters they can have one last wish.

"What's your last request?" he asks the American.

"I'd like a steak," he replies.

So the cannibals kill a zebra and serve the American his steak.

"What do you want?" the cannibal chief asks the Brit.

"I'd like to have a smoke on my pipe," which they let him do.

Then the chief asks the Israeli: "What's your last wish?"

"I want you to kick my rear end."

"Be serious," says the top cannibal.

"C'mon, you promised," says the Israeli.

"Oh, all right," says the chief, who delivers the requested kick. Whereupon, the Israeli pulls out a gun, shoots the chief and a few other cannibals while the rest run away.

The American and Brit are furious.

"Why didn't you do that in the first place, so we wouldn't have had to go through all this?" they demand.

Replies the Israeli: "What? Are you mad? The UN would have condemned me as the aggressor.


This joke has made the rounds over the past few years, which unfortunately means that there exists at the very least a perception, or perhaps more accurately, a reality that the United Nations is extremely biased against the Jewish State. Some of our co-religionists have become so frustrated with the United Nations and international community that they suggest Israel "goes it alone" and act without regard for world opinion. Israel, after all has an extremely potent and powerful army, they argue. They even have nuclear weapons, they might add – albeit in a whisper. Sadly, most experts agree that dropping bombs on our enemies won't help, and will only exacerbate the problem. So at the moment, the most powerful thing we may be able to drop are punch lines. So take, that one Kofi!

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