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The Tijuana Touch

In front of a church in Mexico City sat two beggars. The one closest to the door was bearded, and had a cup with a large Star of David. Next to him sat a clean-shaven man, holding a cup with a large cross on it.

Services over, the congregants began streaming out. The first man to leave looked at the bearded beggar with disgust, then, with an exaggerated motion, dropped a 100-peso note into the second beggar's crossed receptacle. The second person, equally irate, brushed by the bearded beggar to drop a 50-peso note into the next cup. And so it went for ten minutes.

Finally, a compassionate young priest, who had been watching from the wings, approached the bearded man with the empty cup. "Sir," he said, "Why don't you get a cup with a cross on it, like the fellow next to you? Look how much money he's getting just by having a cross on his cup!"

Whereupon the bearded beggar turned to his companion and said, "Yossele, look who's telling us how to do our business!"

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