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Kosher Heaven

Moishe, an observant Jew all his life, final reaches the end of his days. When he approaches the gates of heaven he exclaims to the angels, "I'm starving!! Is there anything to eat around here?"

He is immediately led to a room full of every delicacy imaginable, including appetizers, fish and meat entrees and desserts a la carte. Before he makes his selection, he needs to know that the food is in fact kosher so he asks for some details.

"Who is your supplier?" Moishe inquires.

"The great prophet Moses," comes the reply.

"And who is the shochet?"

"Aharon his brother, the High Priest," the angel answers.

"And the Mashgiach? Who is providing the kosher certification?" he finally asks.

"The Almighty God Himself," comes the response.

After much thought and deliberation, Moishe finally decides, "Um...I think I'll have the fish, please."

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