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A Jewish man is walking on a beach in the Gaza Strip and notices three Palestinian kids swimming in the sea. Suddenly, he sees a shark circling around them and it looks as though it is poised to attack. He courageously jumps into the water, saves each child in turn. When they are safe on the beach, the man pulls out a knife, dives back into the sea, and kills the shark so he can't threaten any m ore children.

Upon swimming back to shore, a journalist who had been watching the whole exchange, approached the man, commended him on his courage, and said what a great story it will make when he writes about the brave Palestinian who saved three children from a shark. The Jew replies to the journalist thanking him for his kind words, but informed him that he is in fact Jewish, whereupon the journalist, looking surprised says, "Oh, in that case, my story headline will read: Jew Nearly Drowns Palestinian Children and Kills their Pet Fish."

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