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The Boys in Boca

David was visiting his parents’ retirement village in Florida. He took his father to the swimming pool for a swim and then his father wanted to go for a walk by himself for a bit.

There was a cute five year old boy at the pool who struck up a conversation with David.

"My name's Shmuli." said the boy.

"Hi, I am David."

They talked for a while and seemed to hit it off.

Then, David's father returned from his walk and called out, "I’m ready to leave."

David turned to his new friend and announced that he had to leave because his father was calling. Astonished, little Shmuli cried out, "You’re a kid!?"

Bubbie's Dentures

Little Moishie Epstein was sleeping away from home for the first time – sleeping at his Bubbie and Zadie's.

Little Moishie and Bubbie got ready for bed at the same time. Moishie brushed his teeth, and then Bubbie brushed her dentures. Moishie was fascinated by the site of his Bubbie cleaning her dentures. He sat riveted as she carefully took them out, brushed and rinsed them, and then popped them back in.

"Cool, Bubbie!" Moishie said. "Now take off your arm."

Weighty Decisions

Rachel was talking to her best friend Sarah. Rachel asked, “So, Sarah, how’s your daughter, the new bride?”

"To tell you the truth, Rachel, not good," Sarah replied. "Things don't seem to be going well. She’s so unhappy and anxious that she can't even eat. She’s lost ten pounds already!”

"Oy vey," Rachel replied. “So why doesn't she get some help already?”

Sarah replied “Because she wants to lose twenty pounds!”

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