Jtube: The Invention of Lying

Q: Why do people lie?

This video encourages the discussion of Jewish values as they relate to contemporary culture. Jewlarious does not endorse any particular film.

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(12) Eli, July 5, 2015 1:23 PM

lying stems from the heart

He is wrong for making it seem that that invention of lying stems from the head. Gervais should show it coming from the heart.

Typicly atheistic, doeswt know how to define morals or lack thereoff

(11) Davíd C., June 4, 2010 6:31 PM

LOL lying may not be good....

but it's funny!!

(10) Isaac, May 27, 2010 4:20 AM

thumbs down

This video was terrible. It shows that the world of truth is horrible and the only way to live is by lying and cheating. What is the purpose of such a misrepresentation.

(9) Phil, March 22, 2010 8:36 AM

Can't avoid lying 100% of the time

In the Aish article entitled "Twice Burned" it says "Even though the Torah commands people to stay far away from lies, doing so in order to preserve domestic harmony is an exception." The Talmud gives a small handful of intriguing exceptions as well.

(8) Wayne, March 14, 2010 4:10 AM

most advertising is a lie

I loved the commercial about Coca-Cola and the Pepsi ad on the bus. Truth-in-advertising laws would wipe out about 90% of our advertising. It would also make it very difficult for anyone to get elected to public office. "If you elect me, I'll ruin the economy, go after Israel, and make Jimmy Carter look absolutely brilliant!"

(7) Anonymous, March 12, 2010 4:14 PM

Being 100% honest does not mean saying 100% of what is on your mind!!!

(6) Bettie, March 5, 2010 1:44 AM

Not Good to Lie

When you lie about anything the memory is affected. When told to retell that same lie, you cannot remember if you said if it was red or blue, in or out or up or down. When you tell the truth you will always remember and you can tell it forever because it remains in your mental capacity because it is the truth.

(5) Sharon Kerr, March 4, 2010 1:18 PM


I always told the truth no matter what. But one time when I was four or five years old I was going to tell my mother something. At that moment G-d spoke to me. "It's very, very, good to always tell the truth, very good, but sometimes it's not so good to tell all. for in the end they will .........you. The last part I'm not sure whether He said hate so I won't add it. Telling the truth was so important and I didn't take the advise, and I payed the price for the rest of my life.

(4) Jacob, March 4, 2010 6:27 AM

is it good or bad?

Think about this: would you rather live oblivious to everything, with complete inner peace and no knowledge of war or strife? Or live knowing everything? Knowing every dying soul and wounded person...sometimes, lying can make things better, most of the time it doesn't, I'll admit that. But there are those few situations...

(3) Ron Ander, March 2, 2010 6:39 PM

Lying leads to more lying!

When a lie is said enough it becaumes a "truth." The Palestinians use lying as a very effective tool in their struggle. Arafat is quoted as saying "How do you expect me to fight for my country and not lie for my country?"

(2) , March 1, 2010 6:54 PM

very nice

(1) GRANDMA MARTA, March 1, 2010 6:08 PM

Bad idea to lie, even if you get something good out of lying.That guy made a very bad mistake by lying.Anybody disagree?


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