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Jtube: Up in the Air

Jtube: Up in the Air

What is the value in getting married?


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(7) Kimberly, June 30, 2010 2:04 AM

still hoping

I saw this movie while I was in the process of my divorce. I was married for 22 years to a man who lied to me more times than I could count until it was just too much. I really resented that the message of the movie seemed to be that it was impossible to have any happiness while living alone. It has now been one year since I left my ex husband and I love many things about my life; my job, my apartment, my friends, my synagogue and the people that I know there. I still hope, however, that I will be able to find true love someday. I know that I have love to give, but sometimes feel I have passed a dating expiration date as I am 43 years old. I also know that it is so much better to be alone than in a toxic relationship. Of course it would be even better to have somebody to love who loves me too. That isn't only a fairy tale, right? I don't know if this makes any sense to anybody but me, but this movie was very emotional for me to watch and I just figured I would add my 2 cents to the conversation for what it's worth.

Richard, September 18, 2011 2:21 PM

You are absolutely right!

The character in that movie is a real selfish, totally self centred bigot for whom it is a surprise to me that he can tolerate the existence of the rest of the world. As far as he is concerned, he does not need to rise above being an animal and remaining a creature who just takes what he feels like having as and when he wants it. It is sad to the think that somebody actually must have paid him and all the supporting services for his lectured so that he could enjoy the honour and prestige that such a platform gives him. I would say that anyone giving him a heartfelt wish would say only two words to him and they are "Drop dead!". You stay well and continue living in cheerful good hope. I hope you find the right person for yourself soon. Shana Tova.

(6) Yoel Rubin, June 24, 2010 8:35 PM

Marriage is the lab for Middos (Perfection of Character)

Marriage is a like a workshop were you go into to perfect yourself, its totally not about dying in company, cause a person dies alone anyway, and not about the love either, the whole idea of love is giving, without giving there is only counterfeit love, and a person does have the ability to give without marriage as well, the only difference is the type of giving, volunteering for a cause is, well, voluntarily, whereas giving within marriages is very much involuntarily, all of the time you gotta be there for your spouse regardless of your in up to it or not, but still that's not the best reason to get married. Ultimately however the selling point for marriage, is getting yourself into a commitment, which will create a lab, that gives you the best shot on upgrading your character traits, perfecting yourself and polishing your soul, like no other union or commitment can or will do, needless to say that for the people who life is just about making money going on vacation and then dying, then there really indeed is no point in marriage. (BTW his comment on How many stable marriages do you know is totaly of chart A) I know a lot of stable marriages and B) How many billionaires do you know? yet still or all striving to become one)

(5) , June 19, 2010 6:14 AM

# 3 is absolutely right! There is no point...

The value in getting married? MOST of us don't give a damn, excuse my french. Because it's something we didn't receive when we were little, so we search and crave for something else, like materials, It may sounds abstract, yes, but parents, friends, and everything that connect and interact are what affect us. Especially marriages. So why marriage? Does it has point? Unless we thrive to alter our lives, there is no point.

(4) rick, June 16, 2010 8:07 PM

sad- he's really missing something.

This is a pathetic and skewed way to view marriage. The guy is obviously unstable; having his grandparents stuffed in to a nursing home probably killed something inside of his heart. Like anonymous said; "Marriage is not about taking. It is about giving." Obviously this guy views marriage as a "take take" relationship- which it definitely is not. Mariage is not all about me, and shouldn't be viewed as "If it's not totally fun, what's the point." Going back to the dog theme that anonymous started and could have expanded... people who are satified with a dog (or a cat) have never experienced the gratification that giving to a soulmate or best friend can give. Drop the "It's all about me," self- centered attitude, take the plunge, give, and feel the true satisfaction it will bring to you! Good Luck!

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