School of Rock

Do schools put too much emphasis on grades?

Gedenk Subway

Could it really happen again?

Ocean's 13

Why do men find it hard to show emotion?


Is revenge ever justified?

The Incredibles

How can we access our "hidden" talents?

Family Guy

Why is it so important for some people to be remembered?

Problem Child

What is the real purpose of having children?

Indiana Jones

Does Judaism require a "leap of faith"?


Do students need teachers in order to learn?

A Night at the Museum

Why can it be so difficult to put the past behind us?

The Nanny Diaries

Do parents spend enough time with their children?

The Simpsons II

Do we overmedicate our children?

20/20: Stereotyping

Is it human nature to stereotype?

The Muppets

Why did God create us not wanting to be alone?

The Devil Wears Prada

Why do some people let their jobs consume them?

Meet the Parents

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

How do we give to our kids without spoiling them?

What Would You Do?

Is indifference to hate the same thing as hate?

Jtube: A Different Kind of Principal

How would you change the world, if you could?

Seinfeld: The Dentist

Besides the jokes, what are the best things about being Jewish?

What Dreams May Come

How can we see God when He is hidden from us?


Do you think people can change?

Jtube: Kicking and Screaming

What's the best way to motivate our children?

Wedding Singer

Why is true love so hard to find?

Crazy People

Do you think advertising the truth would work?

Bruce Almighty

What would you do if you were God?

Curb Your Enthusiasm II

Did Jeff do the wrong thing by trying to help someone?

Team America

Is the world better off with or without the United Nations?

Jtube: X-Men

What is the best way to fight anti-Semitism?

Independence Day

Why does it sometimes take extreme circumstances to evoke faith?


Does society put too much emphasis on physical beauty?

Annie Hall

What would your childhood friends say about how you turned out?

A Hoop Dream

Do your prejudices about the disabled actually limit what they can accomplish?

The Daily Show

Has Chanukah become too commercialized?

Hebrew Hammer

As a Jew, do you ever feel left out during the holiday season?

The Chosen

When was the last time you interacted with someone more religious than you?

Jeff Dunham

Why does humor allow us to say things we wouldn't normally say otherwise?


Why do we use humor to make awkward situations more comfortable?

Jtube: 30 Rock, Part 2

Why are people drawn to things they know they shouldn't do?

Jtube: Kid Nation

What kind of service do you think the kids in "Bonanza City" should opt for?

Jtube: My Name is Earl

Why is it such a strong human desire to belong to a group?

Jtube: The Office

Are we too reliant on technology?

Jtube: Big Daddy

Should parents be disciplinarians or friends?

Jtube: Ushpizin

Is it okay to be angry with God?

Jtube: Garden State

Why do so many Jews attend synagogue specifically on Yom Kippur?


What's the real beauty of Yom Kippur?

Jtube: 30 Rock

Why does society care so much about what celebrities have to say?

Jtube: Seinfeld: The Fire

Does modern "equality" mean the death of chivalry?

Jtube: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Why is it so difficult to find time to talk?

Jtube: The Twighlight Zone

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

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