Jtube: The Colbert Report: Holiday Special

Jon Stewart obviously doesn't know the meaning of Hanukkah. What would you tell him?

Jtube: Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Baal Teshuva

What challenges have you had in your Jewish odyssey?

Jtube: The Blues Brothers

What's the best way to combat hate speech?

Jtube: Captain America

What really makes someone strong?

Jtube: Mr. Deeds

What compromises do we make in order to make money?

Jtube: The League: Facebook

Has social networking gone too far?

Jtube: Hoodwinked

How do we know what we're meant to do?

Jtube: Up All Night

Is good parenting innate or learned?

Jtube: X-Men: First Class

Is revenge ever justified?

Jtube: Raising Hope

Share your best parenting tip.

Jtube: Evan Almighty

In advance of Yom Kippur, share one of your tips on how to repent effectively.

Jtube: Megamind

Can people change their ways?

Jtube: American Pickers

What would you have done with the money?

Jtube: Nike: No Excuses

What excuses do you make?

Jtube: Chariots of Fire

Has society forgotten about the benefits of the Sabbath?

Jtube: Office Space

What motivates you at work?

Jtube: Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Can Israel really be called "Home" when you don't live there?

Jtube: Funny People

Is it healthy to deal with bad news through humor?

Jtube: Schindler's List

Why is saving one life like saving the entire world?

Jtube: Click

As we get older, is honoring your parents easier or harder?

Jtube: Hall Pass

Do we take more pride in our things than our deeds?

Jtube: The League

What would you like written in your obituary?

Jtube: The Adjustment Bureau

Do we just have the "appearance" of free will?

Jtube: American Dad

How did you know when you found "the one"?

Jtube: Korea's Got Talent

What is it about stories like these that tear at our heartstrings?

Jtube: Def Poetry Jam

Did you ever have a teacher who really inspired you? Thank him or her in the comment section below.

Jtube: Shrek the Third

Why is change so difficult?

Jtube: Jews and Baseball: An American Love Story

Is the stereotype true: are Jews bad at sports?

Jtube: Glee

Do you trust the news you read?

Jtube: Due Date

With Ben Laden gone, is it time to relax our national security?

Jtube: The Office

How much are we impacted by the way others see us?

Jtube: The Jackie Mason Comedy Trilogy

What are the most important facets to a successful Jewish marriage?

Jtube: The Secret Millionaire

Why does helping others feels so good?

Jtube: Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Afikomen

As a child what do you remember most about the Passover Seder?

Jtube: The Paradox of Choice

Is more choice good news or bad news?

Jtube: Batman Begins

Are we defined by who we are or what we do?

Jtube: Mr. Sunshine

Do you get along with your boss?

Jtube: No Ordinary Family

Have you ever experienced Divine Providence in your life?

Jtube: Patch Adams

Is laughter truly the best medicine?

Jtube: Despicable Me

Do you have any regrets about not spending enough time with your kids when they were younger?

Jtube: Reading, Writing, Rap

What should a 21st Century Jewish day school look like?

Jtube: The Truth About Lies

What irrational things do you believe despite lack of or contrary evidence?

Jtube: Opportunity Knocks

What does the type of kippah a person wears say about him?

Jtube: The Office: Resolutions

What gets in the way of real change?

Jtube: What Would You Do?: Anti-Semitism

How would you react if confronted with Anti-Semitism?

Jtube: How I Met Your Mother

Should we lie to our kids in order to build their self esteem?

Jtube: Toy Story 3

Do you have any toys that you break out every so often? Come on -- be honest.

Jtube: Grown Ups

How have TV and video games changed the way our children play?

Jtube: The Bourne Ultimatum

How much should be permitted in the name of "homeland security?"

Jtube: Wall Street

Can greed ever be good?

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