Abraham and Healthy Spirituality

Our forefather Abraham not only taught the world about God; he taught us how to discover Him.

Covenant of Abraham

The father of the Jewish people is a beacon for all humanity.

There's No Place Like Home: The World's First Murder, Part 14

Our connection to the land has similarities to our connection to God.

The Death of Cain. The World's First Murder, Epilogue

Does the one who brings death into the world deserve protection from God?

Thank You Presents The World's First Murder, Part 13

When giving a thank you gift there is always the danger that our intentions may be to insure our place in the relationship, rather than express our gratitude.

Cain's Creative Passion. The World's First Murder, Part 12

Our passions can be directed to drive us to greatness, or they can pull us into the depths of self-destruction.

An Overflowing Cup. The World's First Murder, Part 11

When you have more than what you need, it is natural to want to give.

Can Desire be Divorced from Need? The World's First Murder, Part 10

Eve's desire for her husband is not necessarily based on her needs.

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