5. Six Types

Getting practical: The six basic brachot said on food.

6. Altered States

Altering the state of a food can also change its bracha.

7. Fruit Juice & Wine

Juice is considered a separate entity from the fruit.

9. Introduction to Mezonot

The special bracha said on satiating and nutritious grains.

10. Three Mezonot Categories

How bread differs from cake, and how cake differs from pasta.

11. The Mezonot Meal

When eaten as meal, cake attains the status of bread and its bracha is Hamotzee.

12. Non-Hamotzee Bread

Altering the state of bread can sometimes "downgrade" the bracha from Hamotzee to Mezonot.

13. Other Foods at a Bread Meal

Generally, when other foods are eaten with bread, the only bracha recited is Hamotzee.

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