Jerusalem: A Music Video

A musical journey through the heart of the world.

Why Celebrate Jerusalem Day?

The two-millennia love affair of the Jewish People.

A Rare Pope Indeed

Only three popes out of 266 have been brave enough to make significant changes in the Church’s relationship with the Jews.

The Western Wall Infographic

Everything you need to know about Israel’s most-visited site. Perfect to share for Jerusalem Day.

UCLA Thought Police

We need to stand up against attempts to bully and intimidate pro-Israel students on campus.

A Billion People Hate Me

Should the ADL global study on anti-Semitism be cause for alarm?

Revamping the Bar Mitzvah Experience

My bar mitzvah was a celebration of ignorance. It’s time to stop the charade.

IDF Integrates Special Needs Soldiers

A foiled terror attack provides the inspiration for new levels of inclusion.

18 Lifesaving Israeli Inventions

Israeli ingenuity is benefiting people everywhere. Here are 18 inventions designed to save lives.

24HR Israel

Israel captured in time lapse photography.

Protecting Jews in Ukraine

Odessa's Jewish community leader speaks out on threats of violence. An exclusive.

The Infamous British White Paper

75 years ago the “death sentence for the Jews” was handed down while the U.S. remained silent.

Growing Intimidation on Campus

Jewish students tell university administrators: stop hiding.

When Jews Do Bad

Is Donald Sterling’s racism worse because he’s a Jew?

Israel by the Numbers

Celebrate Israel’s birthday with this comprehensive infographic.

Leaving Harvard for Israel

Dr. Jeffrey M. Hausdorff is fulfilling a lifelong dream.

One Family’s Loss

Yosi Karkash was killed in the Second Lebanon War when a Hezbollah rocket landed on his platoon, killing him and 11 comrades.

Israel Memorial Day: Feeling the Loss

A tribute to the country’s fallen soldiers and civilians who were killed as a result of terrorism.

Israeli Soldiers in the Conflict Zone

An Arab journalist filming a documentary gets stoned on camera, forcing him to reevaluate his viewpoint.

The Gift of Israel

Why I’m fortunate to be living in Israel.

Anti-Semitism Adapts and Thrives

The oldest hatred has assumed a new form for a new age: hostility to Zionism and Israel.

The Myth of the Moderate Hamas

Hamas has placed genocidal threats against the Jewish people high on its ideological banner.

The BDS Smokescreen

It's remarkable that the world needed a 29-year-old movie star to state the obvious: This is modern anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism in America

The Kansas City JCC murders remind us that virulent anti-Semitism does exists in the United States.

Islam & Silencing the Progressives

Covering up the abusive treatment of women in Muslim-majority countries.

Jews Leaving France

French anti-Semitism and French aliyah skyrocket on parallel tracks.

Jewish Identity: Are You In or Out?

Passover and the redemptive value of Jewish identity.

Mom to 150

Meet Rose Marchik, a Jewish foster mother who has cared for over 150 children.

Releasing Pollard

Justice demands that Pollard be released without regard to what Israel decides to do on the release of Arab prisoners.

Make Zack a Local Hero

You can help an amazing young, disabled man win a wheelchair van.

The Jews of Venezuela

Surrounded by chaos and danger, over half of the Jewish community has left. Meet one Jew who is staying.

The Oldest Man in America

My unforgettable visit with Alexander Imich who recently passed away at 111 years old.

Masbia: Reinventing the Soup Kitchen

A restaurant without a cash register.

Should Israel Release more Palestinian Terrorists?

It won’t increase the chances for peace. It will just give the Palestinian another opportunity to glorify mass murderers.

Arafat Honored with Jewish Funding

Harvard Hillel and the Jewish Philanthropies pay for a student pilgrimage to the arch-terrorist’s burial shrine.

Shema Hashem: Remembering the Toulouse Tragedy

March 19, 2014, marks the second Yahrzeit of the shooting in Toulouse, France that killed Rabbi Sandler, two of his children, and a little girl.

Zhidovka: A Jew in Ukraine

As a child, that dreadful word Zhid echoed through my hometown. Don’t think the anti-Semitism is no longer there.

The Orthodox Community I Know

What do you envision when you think of the Orthodox Jewish community? Here’s an accurate portrayal based on real life experience.

One Tragedy Averted

A chilling Malaysia Air Flight 370 story.

Revealing Israel's Enemies' True Intent

Mahmoud Abbas and Iran show their true colors this week.

The Square

The Arabs of Egypt are screaming for the rights that the Arabs in Israel already have.

12 Years a Slave & Esther

Like Solomon Northup, Esther could not reveal her true identity.

The Year Without Purim

18 years after a series of deadly terror attacks, a unique quilt stitches together broken hearts.

PM Netanyahu’s Speech at AIPAC, 2014

His thinking on Iran, Palestinians and reaching a peace deal.

13 Facts about Israel & the Middle East

Keeping these facts in mind will help prevent people from falling for Arab propaganda.

Dancing in Jerusalem

My groovy, let's-all-make-aliyah theme song that describes the various major redemption moments of the past century.

The Truth about the UN

Welcome to the theater of the absurd where hypocrisy and cynicism reign.

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