Why the Left Should Love the Jewish State, Again

By every conceivable standard of liberalism, Israel comes out surprisingly ahead.

The Man at the Wall

Rabbi Meir Schuster introduced me to the beauty of Shabbat in Jerusalem. I never got the chance to thank him.

Iranian TV and Me

Iran’s graphic portrayal of the destruction of Israel.

The Triumph and Tragedy of Ari Shavit’s My Promised Land

The widely praised book distorts history and hurts the chances for peace.

Israel: A Look Back (Facebook Movie)

On the milestones you cherished and the memories you loved most - for the State of Israel.

Crisis of Affording a Jewish Day School

The real crisis is that as a community we don’t value Torah education as an end unto itself.

Yair Netanyahu & His Non-Jewish Girlfriend

Why would anyone care if he’s dating a Gentile?

IDF Saving Syrian Lives

An inside look into the Israeli field hospital that is saving Syrian lives.

Mincha at the Super Bowl

The most unlikely minyan of all.

5 Inspiring, Jewish Responses to Tragedy

These real people exemplify five Jewish responses to dealing with adversity.

A Grateful Jeff Jacoby

We are blessed by an amazing community.

PM Stephen Harper’s Speech at the Knesset

Canada supports Israel fundamentally because it is right to do so.

The Truth about Israel on Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera Arabic admits that Hezbollah and Syria deliberately target civilians, while Israel and France go to great lengths to prevent civilian casualties.

The Meaning of Israel: A Personal View

Tired of all the anti-Israel bashing? Read this and take pleasure in the miracle of Israel.

Combatting Academic Bigotry against Israel

The best response to anti-Semitism is to deepen your pride in being Jewish.

Ariel Sharon & Me

An incredible encounter with the prime minister is the reason my family and I moved to Israel.

The Death of Ariel Sharon

I didn’t know how deep Sharon’s love was for Israel and the Jewish people.

5 Things I Learned from Rabbi Noah Weinberg

Insights into fixing oneself and fixing the world.

Jeff Jacoby’s Son Found

16 year old boy had been missing from Brookline home since Monday amid record cold weather, fliers handed out with picture.

2013 News from Israel You May Have Missed

2013 was a busy news year in the Holy Land. Here are some less-reported stories you might have missed.

A Prince Among Men

Discovering the secret source of my grandfather’s greatness.

Is Christmas Good For the Jews?

The greatest challenge to our faith is not another faith, but faithlessness.

Mandela and My Walk to Freedom

Amidst the crumbling of apartheid and playing rugby, I discovered the depth of Judaism.

The Israel Apartheid Lie

A music video puts to rest the nefarious claim.

ASA’s Boycotting Israel

It’s anti-Semitic and also illegal.

The Vatican and the Temple Vessels

Is there any substance to the claim that the Church has in its possession vessels from the holy Temple?

Not Your Typical Kosher Restaurant

Jeff Aeder, the owner of Chicago’s hottest kosher restaurant, donates all the profits to charity.

Lauren’s Light

Honoring a vivacious life tragically cut short.

Saving Raphael Elisha

Sign this petition and help save a 6-year-old Jewish boy.

Mandela’s Complex Jewish Ties

South African leader's long relationship with community veered between supportive and hostile.

6 Ways to Change Israel's Image

How to promote Israel using social media.

The Fastest Ambulance

Thousands of passionate volunteers are saving people’s lives with their motorcycles. Meet the Israeli who started United Hatzalah.

Pew & Jews Marrying Jews

According to the recent Pew study, 53% of Jews who recently married another Jew are orthodox.

Thanksgivukkah & American Jews Colossal Blunder

Has Hanukkah in America become a testament to assimilation?

Netanyahu & Iran

The prime minister's hard line on Iran reflects his deep sense of duty to defend the Jewish state against an existential threat.

The Knockout Game

A number of Jews have been victims of this frightening new trend.

Israel Helping its Enemies

Hamas leader seeks medical care for granddaughter in the Jewish state he hopes to destroy.

Devastation & Hope in the Philippines

An Israeli soldier’s first person account.

Kidney to Spare?

Do we need to experience pain ourselves before we can really understand the pain of others?

Scholastic’s Map without Israel

Such a mistake should be unthinkable to make in the first place.

Reversing Pew

I served shrimp at my wedding and enjoyed Saturdays at the mall. I didn’t know any better. But I do now.

Swastikas in New York

Jewish students face ongoing anti-Semitism and no one is doing anything about it.

Curing Jewish Ignorance

Too many Jews are turning their back on something they don’t even know. I was one of them.

Teaching Hate in Gaza

Arab children are still being taught to hate and destroy Israel.

Alzheimer's Rosh Hashanah Lesson

The most important lesson I learned from Sholom still sends me shivers, nearly three decades since his passing.

Partly Jewish?

Most children raised in interfaith families lack the tools and knowledge to make informed choices.

An African Revolution

The transformational Shabbos Project fires the soul of a community.

Introducing Aish Webinars

Live, stimulating online seminars by top Aish authors and lecturers, in conjunction with Jewish Workshops.

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