The "Jewish Tribe" in Uganda

Meet the Abayudaya -- hundreds of would-be Jews in east Africa who have created an amazing community.

Debt Ceiling and Tisha B’Av

Raising our personal debt ceiling for tolerance and peace will bring down the spiritual debt of our nation.

Learning from Leiby

I can't explain anything, but here are three lessons I've learned.

The Truth about the West Bank

Israel's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

The Jewish Apprentice

What was I, an unaffiliated Jew with a Catholic father, doing on a Jewish entrepreneurial program hosted by Orthodox Jews?

At the Western Wall

Jerusalem is the light of the world.

A Message for All Jews

What can we possibly take from this barbaric tragedy?

Searching for Leiby

Along with the tragic ending, there was the unprecedented show of unity and love.

Shocked into Silence

Responding to the horrific murder of Leiby Kletzky.

Israel: What's Right about the Middle East

Prime Minister Netanyahu shows us the real face of Israel.

Anti-Semitism at University of Toronto

Jew-counting, racism and intimidation in U of T's Social Work program.

Where Have All the Volunteers Gone?

Many young Jews are volunteering. The bad news is that very few of them want anything to do with Judaism.

Lawrence of Judea

The champion of the Arab cause and his little-known romance with Zionism.

My Israel Summer Blog, #3: My First Shabbat

I never connected to Shabbat. Until I experienced my first one in Israel.

Gaza's Business Boom

New cars, shopping malls, luxury hotels. A NYT reporter experiences life in Gaza.

Avichai's Story

The moving story of a young soldier who saved the life of a little boy.

9 Flotilla Facts

The upcoming flotilla violates international law and intends to provoke violent confrontation.

The Hamas Flotilla

George Orwell, where are you?

The Stoning Dog Hoax

The sad phenomenon of anti-Jewish slurs.


If the UN unilaterally declares a Palestinian state, will you join the party?

Anti-Israel Spillover

Every Jew needs to stand up for Israel.

The Future of European Jewry

Those who deny Jews or Israel their freedom will lose, or fail to gain, their own.

Save the Yale Anti-Semitism Institute

Is Yale caving into pressure from the Arab world?

My Israel Summer Blog, #2: Night on the Town

My walk through Mea Shearim challenged me to reconsider how I dress.

Why the Six-Day War Still Matters

Ten crucial lessons that resonate to this day.

Jerusalem: 4,000 Years in 5 Minutes

Throughout history only Israel has protected the freedom of all peoples and faiths in Jerusalem.

Why They Lie About the IDF

Israel’s superior moral strength is the very target of criticism against it.

Join the Jewish Revolution

My reply to a person considering intermarriage.

Blowing Up Synagogues

The recent arrest of two NY terrorists reminds us to give thanks to the Guardian of the Jewish People.

My Israel Summer Blog, #1: Confronting My Hatred of Religious Jews

My negative Jewish experiences as a child were preventing me from taking a fresh look at Judaism.

Illegal UN Resolution

A UN resolution to recognize a Palestinian State within the "1967 Borders" would be illegal.

The Full-Blown Return of Anti-Semitism in Europe

After WWII, European anti-Semitism seemed to disappear. It's back, to a very disquieting degree.

South Koreans Learning Talmud

Why South Koreans are in love with Judaism.

Netanyahu's Speech to the US Congress

No distortion of history can deny the 4,000 year old bond between the Jewish people and the Jewish land.

The Israeli Heart

Why I stand with Israel.

Obama’s Israeli Anorexia

Sometimes the luxury of proving you are right is not worth the cost.

Waiting for an Egyptian Revolution

As the Western media turned their eyes away, a fundamentalist Islamic state began taking root.

Abbas Rewriting History

The lies and distortions of Mahmoud Abbas in his NYT op-ed is a clear rejection of peace.

The Wrong Pact

Unity between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is a devastating blow to peace.

The Volunteers: Answering the Call of History

From 1946 - 1949, Jews from around the world volunteered to help build and defend the State of Israel.

You Say You Want a Revolution

Is the "Arab Spring" good or bad for the world?


Living the Israeli dream.

Who Else But Israel

Israeli field hospital carries on inspiring work in Japan.

Why America Needs Israel

The "realists" are wrong: Israel is America's ultimate ally.

Racism in Israel?

Is it racist to treat Arab neighbors with caution?

Top 63+1 Reasons I love Israel

The top 63-plus-one new reasons I love Israel, in no particular order.

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