Lighting the Fire

That day in the doctor's office, I lit a match and threw it onto the Holy Temple.

We Are All Sderot

A missile exploded just 100 meters from my home and suddenly I care about the people of Sderot.

Terrorized Times

The New York Times refusal to use the word 'terrorist.'

The Madoff Madness

Honor and dishonor in the Jewish community.

In Danger

My plea for you to care about the Jews of Yemen.

Chanukah Eyes

How can our homemade menorahs compete with all the dazzling lights of Christmas?

Mumbai's Forgotten Prayer

The power of Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg's prayer.

Grieving for Mumbai

Perspectives from the mother of a terror victim.

The Inventor

If necessity is the Mother of invention, Ben Kleinerman is its father.

Concealing Risks

What do the present financial crisis and U.S. Middle East policy have in common?

Tragedy in Mumbai

Words may fail us, but actions cannot.

The Eternal Bond

The everlasting message of tefillin -- from Bergen-Belsen to a Jerusalem oncology ward.

Jerusalem in Greek and Roman Sources

The Jewish identity of Jerusalem in Greek and Roman sources.

Piracy and Terrorism

Civilization walks the plank.

Affording Jewish Day Schools

A long overdue program to lower day school costs gives hope for the future.

Ordained by the Holocaust

Hundreds of Holocaust survivors never returned to Judaism and joined the Christian clergy.

Kristallnacht: Murder by Euphemism

To remember Kristallnacht properly, we must first renounce its German-given name.

The Rescuer

The amazing true story of how one woman helped save the Jews of Syria.

Why Jerusalem Matters

For millennium of exile, Jews always turned toward Jerusalem. What memory were they eager to preserve?

LBJ: A Friend in Deed

Lyndon Johnson's actions to rescue hundreds of endangered Jews during the Holocaust.

Against All Odds

Leo Fettman's life and death wish during the Holocaust.

Running Out of Gas: The Aliyah Chronicles #4

My terrifying moment as a new immigrant with minimal Hebrew language skills.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Bernard Hochstein had one sure-fire method: give away your hard-earned money to charity.

You Can't Govern From the Grave

Max Feinberg tried to guarantee his family's Jewish lineage by drafting a will with a monetary sanction against intermarriage. It didn't work.

Prayers in Poland

In the fall of 1942, a young hidden Jew receives a private small miracle.

The Last Jew of Calcutta

From his hut in a Calcutta cemetery, a Jew cares for the last of his once-great community.

Balloons for God

This Rosh Hashana, break free from cynicism.

The Golden Boy

However one measures strength, Shai Haim is a very strong man.

Why Me?

It's not always about me.

My Aish birthright Experience

I discovered just exactly why I had always felt proud to be a Jew.

Kaifeng's Jews

Descendants of centuries-old Jewish community in China's Kaifeng rediscover Jewish heritage after near complete assimilation in their local community.

Funeral for Baruch

Instead of crying, a reason to sing.

A Chaplain Says Goodbye

What a long, strange trip it's been.

This is Apartheid?

When the Arab world is ready to make peace, Israel will be there.

Not In Kansas Anymore

Somewhere over the rainbow I landed in the land of Israel

Playgrounds in Sderot

Welcome to the first playground in the world that is properly protected from falling rockets.

Revisit the Death Penalty

Arab murderers serving long jail sentences create an incentive for other terrorists to kidnap soldiers. Should Israel institute the death penalty?

On the Same Team

A timely Tisha B'Av message from the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team.

Forgetting My Right Hand

How can we forget Jerusalem, a concept inextricably attached to who we are as Jews?

Transient Souls: The Aliyah Chronicles #3

Moving to Israel is a daunting, if not a downright crazy task to accomplish.

'Tough Love' for Israel?

Latest push for pressure to sustain futile peace process has little to do with reality.

On Being Aish'd

What is the secret of Aish HaTorah's success?

New York Times: Year-Long Analysis

A long term study of the New York Times reveals a bias against Israel.

Lost in Disney

The most frightening six minutes in a parent's life.

Warsaw Ghetto Furniture

How can we yearn to return to a place that we don't remember?

Heroes on the Border

How do we respond when a Hezbollah killer goes free?

Out of the Mouth of Roni

How an 8-year-old is holding down the borders of Israel.

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