Skeleton in the Palestinian Closet

The Mufti of Jerusalem's Nazi ideology lives on among contemporary Islamists.

Daddy, Don't Leave Us

When was the last time we begged our Father to bring us back home?

Is That Your Hero?

Kuntar is a child killer, not a hero.

The Aliyah Chronicles: Saying Good-Bye

You can't transport to Israel all the piles of stuff that have defined your life for so long. What stays and what goes?

The Peace Test

It's time to be candid about the results. Israelis, Americans, and Europeans are serious about peace. Their enemies are serious about defeating them.

Thank You, Hero

Wednesday's hero helped us realize that education to valor is not some kind of old-fashioned luxury, but rather, it's a necessity of life.

My Response to Terror

Five years ago I needed to do something in response – so I moved to Israel. But that doesn't work anymore.

Hezbollah Wins

Israel is still paying for its defeat.

Leave Hitler Alone?

Rethinking America's 'good war' is a not so subtle attack on our current struggles.

Replacement Geography

Google Earth: A new platform for anti-Israel propaganda.

Real Friends and Real Enemies

Presbyterian Israel-bashing shows how Jews are clueless about Christian groups.

Where Is Our Jewish Leadership Hiding?

The crisis of funding Jewish education is a shameful omission from the Jewish philanthropic agenda.

The Enemy Has a Name

Terrorism is just a tactic, not an enemy.

Concerning the Jews

The closing paragraphs are famous, but few have read Mark Twain's complete article. It's long but fascinating. Print and read.


For once, the good guys win.

Hatred in Britain

Britain is a hotbed of radical anti-Israeli sentiment.


Climbing out of time's narrow grip by loving whatever you are doing.

Shavuot Learn-a-thon

Awakening from our national slumber.

Jerusalem: City of Peace

Being in Jerusalem is the fulfillment of the hopes and prayers of millions of Jews over the generations.

Industry of Lies

Media manipulation has become strategic Arab weapon against Israel.

When Rockets Go Slam

In Israel, nobody expects miracles, but everybody takes them for granted.

A Soldier and an Old Woman

In Israel's darkest moment, outnumbered and surrounded by enemies, an old woman sees what no one else can see.

Because I'm a Jew

For the past 11 years, David Tenenbaum has been trying to undo the damage the U.S. government did to him when he was accused of spying for Israel.

Anti-Israeli Subversion on Wikipedia

Anti-Israel activists manipulate the online encyclopedia.

A Blizzard in Shilo

Longing for redemption; longing for home.

The Miracle, at 60

It's the norm for exiled nations to disappear -- with one exception: a miraculous story of redemption and return, after not a century or two, but 2,000 years.

Israel: Against the Odds

Israel's doom would be bad news for Europe.

Anti-Zionism at 60

Two authors – one in Maclean's and the other in The Atlantic Monthly -- reveal their anti-Zionist bias.

Only in Israel

The joys of living with the family.

Just Words

It's no accident that we should be repeatedly compelled to explain our presence, to have to figure out what we're doing here.

My Israeli Army Experience

This really is an army like no other.

In the Hands of the Enemy

An exclusive interview with Benny Regev, brother of captive soldier, Eldad Regev.

Mazel Tov for Surviving

It's astonishing that Israel has not only survived but is flourishing.

Nothing Short of a Miracle

Step back from the news of the moment and take stock of the larger picture.

Israel: The Gateway of Hope

The Jewish connection with Israel goes back 4,000 years to the first recorded syllables of Jewish time.

Torch Protests

The Jewish people have their own ancient torch ceremony.

Remembering a Hero from Virginia Tech

Liviu Librescu survived horror to shine his light in a dark world. His candle burns still.

Passover in the 'Hood

Growing up in Brooklyn, even if I wanted to escape my faith, how could I?

Israel at 60

There are no answers, only improvisations.

The Missing Piece

Why finding a Jewish husband is no cakewalk.

The Fitna Controversy

Facing the truth about jihadist violence.

Israel Diplomacy

Ethiopian diplomat gives Israel a new look.

Shelve the Shelf Agreement

A performance-based peace process remains the only proven and sustainable model towards a durable final settlement.

All Hail the Chief

How a black Jewish Texan cleaned up an old confederate city.

Your Tax Dollars at Work in Gaza

The confusing and complex campaign for aid to a pro-terror Palestinian Authority.

The Battle on Campus

As anti-Israel propaganda on campus increases in new and alarming ways, defenders of Israel must face their opponents head on.

Saving the Ship

Are we just rearranging the deck chairs?

Torn from the Heart

When there are no words, we can reach out through tears.

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