Torn from the Heart

When there are no words, we can reach out through tears.

Combating Lies

But what can I do about the crisis facing Israel and the Jewish People? Get educated and become an activist.

Bucking World Opinion

International Law is not a suicide pact.

Purim & the Secret of Sunsets

How do we find joy after experiencing such an enormous tragedy?

United in Tears

What matters is that we cry and never stop caring.

The Candle of God

Neria Cohen, 15, was the youngest of the eight victims. His father is a beloved teacher at Aish HaTorah's Hesder program.

Shock and Solidarity in Sderot

A day in the life of a Sderot social worker.

Israel's War to Halt Palestinian Rocket Attacks

Understanding Israel's response to Hamas' escalation.

Nowhere To Run

One woman's experience of Israel's national nightmare.

Yearning for Peace

Please stop lecturing Israel about the need to pursue peace.

Homemade Israel-Bashers

A secular professor exposes the dangerous lunacy of Israel's radical Left.

Schmoozing with Terrorists

From Hollywood to the Holy Land, Jihadists reveal their global plans to a Jew.

Don't Know Much 'Bout History

Why God cares if you crack open your history book.

Israel's Bride

The Sharansky wedding in Jerusalem highlighted the real victory of our Soviet Jewry protests.

Signs of Life

How a father and son survived a suicide bombing.


On the present danger facing Israel and all Jews.

Survival Mode in Sderot

For children and social workers in Sderot, the stress from the constant bombardment is deepening.

Standing with Israel

Roz Rothstein wants you to stand up and defend the Jewish people.

Jerusalem of White

Gone are Iran, and Gaza, and Syria. All out of sight, out of mind, for one night and one day.

The Face of Evil

Hamas, Hizbullah and the Iranian regime are ideologically committed to the Jewish state's destruction.

Guns or Butter

How I became Prime Minister of Japan for an hour and nearly achieved world peace.

The Heartwarmer

Hershel Puretz wasn't looking to become the savior of 2,000 Israeli families.

The Arab 'Right of Return' to Israel

Discrediting the libel of an Israeli "original sin" against the Palestinian Arabs.

No Thanks, Mr. Gandhi

I reject your apology because you have missed the point of why your post was so offensive.

The Ms. Magazine Controversy

Ms. Magazine blocks ad on Israeli women leaders. Tell them what you think.

Are Israeli Settlements Legal?

Israel's use of land for settlements conforms to all rules and norms of international law.

Minority within a Minority

Jews of color and their unique challenges.

After Annapolis

What chance for an agreement with Abbas and the PLO?

A Glacial Shabbat

An instant congregation, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

Top 10 Articles of 2007

Enjoy revisiting some of these gems, and catch up on your reading in case you missed any.

My Cab Ride to Beirut

Sometimes the greatest journey is to travel beyond your fear of the unknown.

Inside Sderot

Arabs from Gaza are barraging residents of Sderot with steel rockets. An insider's view.

Only in Jerusalem

Despite my mother's warning, I spoke to a stranger and had one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

Arkansas Menorah in the Baghdad Palace

Soldiers deployed in Iraq celebrate the eighth night of Chanukah 2007.

Jerusalem, Earthly and Heavenly

There is no way for a body to survive once its heart has been broken asunder.

Their Light Remembered

A bittersweet Chanukah.

The Bagel Theory

Jews have a powerful need to connect with one another.

Hijacking Chanukah

Chanukah is the last holiday into which we should be trying to shoehorn unrelated themes.

Distorted Reasoning at Annapolis

Why the conference is doomed to failure.

When the Few Activated the Many

Honoring Soviet Jewry movement should not lead to an orgy of self-congratulation.

The al Durah Blood Libel

Despite the manifold contradictions, the western media uncritically swallowed this story because it accorded with the murderous prejudice against Israel.

Disappearance of Bishop Tutu

Where is Desmond Tutu when my people in Sudan call out for freedom?

Is Israel a Jewish State?

The key to Arab-Israeli peace is to compel the Arab world to abandon its dream of liquidating Israel.

The Annapolis-Tehran Nexus

The upcoming Israeli-Palestinian summit is designed to build a coalition of moderates.

The Heroine in Everywoman

The secret power of Jewish mothers: creating and nurturing life in the face of death.

Strawberries with Everything

Poignant lessons from 16 days in the hospital.

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