Pandering to Genocide

A vulnerable Jewish professor publicly advocates the dismantling of Israel as a sovereign Jewish nation.

Losing the War on Campus

The future of leadership of American Jewry is on a university campus. And what I saw there is truly frightening.

Denying Muslim Anti-Semitism

Mahathir's views are emblematic of current Muslim discourse about Jews. This evil has already taken innocent lives; unless combated it could take many more.

Palestinian terrorism, American blood

In the past 10 years, 51 Americans have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

Israel Wants Peace

Three talking points that highlight Israel's commitment to peace and shared Western values.

Survival of the Fittest

In South Africa, I did not want to be caught in the crossfire of somebody else's war. If I had to fight, I wanted the war to be my own.

The Media's Mideast Relativism

Under the guise of objectivity, the media tries to 'democratize' a corrupt and dictatorial Palestinian regime.

Jewish Values for a Secular World

For 3,500 years, Jews have been telling their children and the rest of the world the most revolutionary message in human history.

Arafat's Personal Record

What exactly does Israel have on Yasser Arafat?

The Moral Paradox

There's a fine line between self-criticism and Israel-bashing. In times of national danger we have to be scrupulous in not erring on the bashing side and abetting the enemy.

Dealing with Hamas

Is Israel's policy of assassinating terrorist leaders legal under international law?

The Problem, Not the Solution

As Israel decides to remove Yasser Arafat, the UN Security Council seeks to protect him. Here, Israel's UN ambassador gives the Israeli view.

Remembering David Applebaum

I'm reeling from the pain and the emptiness. Something feels wrenched out of my chest.

15 Things I Don't Understand about the Mideast Peace Process

Ten years after Oslo, am I imagining things -- or is the situation truly insane?

Oslo: Ten Years Later

Why Oslo's hopes turned to dust.

Our Heroes and Theirs

Our heroes were fighting to save lives. Their heroes were sowing death and destruction.

Hate Is a Choice

Israelis are trying to process their grief -- the Palestinians are exploiting theirs.

Harvard's Tainted Money

Because one young person refused to back away from a fight, the plug has been pulled on a leading purveyor of hatred. Now what about Harvard?

On Being Borked

How foes distorted my record.

A Truly Historic Lawsuit

A lawsuit is being filed against the Jewish people for recovery of property stolen during their exodus from Egypt. The Talmud tells of precisely such a claim lodged over 2000 years ago.

On the Bus with Mayor Bloomberg

Why should the mayor of New York City be the only person to ride an Israeli bus without fear?

Tragedies and Miracles

In the wake of "The Children's Attack," two families experience conflicted feelings of thankfulness and grief.

Blackout's Illumination

The Jewish Sabbath is a blackout of sorts.

Did You Hear the Bomb Last Night?

We can still hear the echoes of last night's bomb that killed 20 innocent people.

Jewish Heartbreak and Hope in Nineveh

Climbing over the rotting garbage, I realized I was the first Jew to enter this holy place in over 50 years.

The Blessing of a Broken Heart

After terrorists murder her son, a grieving mother journeys back towards life and faith.

A Road Map To Nowhere

Has Mahmoud Abbas read the road map?

Harry's Magic

A true story about what one Jewish kid learned from the teenage wizard.

The Heart-Rending Cry

How is it possible to mourn something that happened 2000 years ago?

Why Hope?

We can know with certainty that there will be a better future.

Fork in the Road Map

As Israel's prime ministers travels to Washington, observers are wondering: Did the road map take a detour?

Hitler's Rise to Evil

Four questions for Peter Sussman, executive producer of the Emmy-nominated mini-series Hitler: the Rise to Evil.

Welcoming the New Israelis

Believe it or not, there's a wave of immigration from the U.S. to Israel.

Kindness in Kansas

What would you do if suddenly left stranded with a few grandchildren in the middle of nowhere? Look for Irv's Kosher Market.

Hijacked by the Hudna

The road map is taking a back seat to an internal Palestinian deal.

A Palestinian Zionist?

A Palestinian turns from radical Muslim to true Zionist.

100 Years in a Nutshell

Here's a brief look at the major geopolitical, historical, and diplomatic events from the last century relating to Israel.

Words More Telling than Deeds

We made the painful mistake of ignoring what the Palestinian Authority says once. Let us not make the same mistake again.

Jews and Anti-Jews

Hatred of Israel is a crutch Arab states have to give up.

The 36 Year War

In order for the road map to succeed, President Bush must first insist that the Palestinians abandon their hope of overwhelming Israel by demographic or other means.

Should We Not Dance?

A Jerusalem resident's personal reaction to the bus bombing.


Perhaps we fear that by remembering our losses, we'll be unable to move forward.

What is the Road Map?

Israel endorses the peace plan, with 14 reservations that Sharon calls the 'red line.'

Bigotry and the Road Map

Peace will only come when the world stops "the soft bigotry of low expectations" against the Palestinians.

The Inquisition: Full Circle

500 years after being forced to abandon Judaism, some descendents are starting to return.

Prosecute Abu Abbas

The world should know what Abu Abbas and Samir Kuntar did to my family.

48 Hours Of Grief

Some of those lost in the recent terror spasm.

Sending Syria a Signal

Damascus has a record of lying to Washington and getting away with it.

The Chicken Lady

Meet Chaya Hammer, the 93-year-old great-great-grandmother whose kindness campaign is feeding hundreds of poor families in Israel.

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