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How Can You Defend Israel? Part 2

How Can You Defend Israel? Part 2

Answering the critics.


Since writing "How can you defend Israel?" last month, I've been deluged by comments.

Some have been supportive, others harshly critical. The latter warrant closer examination.

The harsh criticism falls into two basic categories.

One is over the top.

It ranges from denying Israel's very right to nationhood, to ascribing to Israel responsibility for every global malady, to peddling vague, or not so vague, anti-Semitic tropes.

There's no point in dwelling at length on card-carrying members of these schools of thought. They're living on another planet.

Israel is a fact. That fact has been confirmed by the UN, which, in 1947, recommended the creation of a Jewish state. The UN admitted Israel to membership in 1949. The combination of ancient and modern links between Israel and the Jewish people is almost unprecedented in history. And Israel has contributed its share, and then some, to advancing humankind.

If there are those on a legitimacy kick, let them examine the credentials of some others in the region, created by Western mapmakers eager to protect their own interests and ensure friendly leaders in power.

Or let them consider the basis for legitimacy of many countries worldwide created by invasion, occupation, and conquest. Israel's case beats them by a mile.

And if there are people out there who don't like all Jews, frankly, it's their problem, not mine. Are there Jewish scoundrels? You bet. Are there Christian, Muslim, atheist, and agnostic scoundrels? No shortage. But are all members of any such community by definition scoundrels? Only if you're an out-and-out bigot.

The other group of harsh critics assails Israeli policies, but generally tries to stop short of overt anti-Zionism or anti-Semitism. But many of these relentless critics, at the slightest opportunity, robotically repeat claims about Israel that are not factually correct.

There are a couple of methodological threads that run through their analysis.

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Confirmation Bias

The first is called confirmation bias. This is the habit of favoring information that confirms what you believe, whether it's true or not, and ignoring the rest.

While Israel engages in a full-throttled debate on policies and strategies, rights and wrongs, do Israel's fiercest critics do the same? Hardly.

Can the chorus of critics admit, for example, that the UN recommended the creation of two states - one Jewish, the other Arab - and that the Jews accepted the proposal, while the Arabs did not and launched a war?

Can they acknowledge that wars inevitably create refugee populations and lead to border adjustments in favor of the (attacked) victors?

Can they recognize that, when the West Bank and Gaza were in Arab hands until 1967, there was no move whatsoever toward Palestinian statehood?

Can they explain why Arafat launched a "second intifada" just as Israel and the U.S. were proposing a path-breaking two-state solution?

Or what the Hamas Charter says about the group's goals?

Or what armed-to-the-teeth Hezbollah thinks of Israel's right to exist?

Or how nuclear-weapons-aspiring Iran views Israel's future?

Or why President Abbas rejected Prime Minister Olmert's two-state plan, when the Palestinian chief negotiator himself admitted it would have given his side the equivalent of 100 percent of the West Bank?

Or why Palestinian leaders refuse to recognize the Western Wall or Rachel's Tomb as Jewish sites, while demanding recognition of Muslim holy sites?

Or why Israel is expected to have an Arab minority, but a state of Palestine is not expected to have any Jewish minority?

Can they admit that, when Arab leaders are prepared to pursue peace with Israel rather than wage war, the results have been treaties, as the experiences of Egypt and Jordan show?

And can they own up to the fact that when it comes to liberal and democratic values in the region, no country comes remotely close to Israel, whatever its flaws, in protecting these rights?

Apropos, how many other countries in the Middle East - or beyond - would have tried and convicted an ex-president? This was the case, just last week, with Moshe Katsav, sending the message that no one is above the law - in a process, it should be noted, presided over by an Israeli Arab justice.

And if the harsh critics can't acknowledge any of these points, what's the explanation? Does their antipathy for Israel - and resultant confirmation bias - blind them to anything that might puncture their airtight thinking?

Reverse Causality

Then there is the other malady. It's called reverse causality, or switching cause and effect.

Take the case of Gaza.

These critics focus only on Israel's alleged actions against Gaza, as if they were the cause of the problem. In reality, they are the opposite - the effect.

When Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, it gave local residents their first chance in history - I repeat, in history - to govern themselves.

Neighboring Israel had only one concern - security. It wanted to ensure that whatever emerged in Gaza would not endanger Israelis. In fact, the more prosperous, stable, and peaceful Gaza became, the better for everyone. Tragically, Israel's worst fears were realized. Rather than focus on Gaza's construction, its leaders - Hamas since 2007 - preferred to contemplate Israel's destruction. Missiles and mortars came raining down on southern Israel. Israel's critics, though, were silent. Only when Israel could no longer tolerate the terror did the critics awaken - to focus on Israel's reaction, not Gaza's provocative action.

Yet, what would any other nation have done in Israel's position?

Just imagine terrorists in power in British Columbia - and Washington State's cities and towns being the regular targets of deadly projectiles. How long would it take for the U.S. to go in and try to put a stop to the terror attacks, and what kind of force would be used?

Or consider the security barrier.

It didn't exist for nearly 40 years. Then it was built by Israel in response to a wave of deadly attacks originating in the West Bank, with well over 1000 Israeli fatalities (more than 40,000 Americans in proportional terms). Even so, Israel made clear that such barriers cannot only be erected, but also moved and ultimately dismantled.

Yet the outcry of Israel's critics began not when Israelis were being killed in pizzerias, at Passover Seders, and on buses, but only when the barrier went up.

Another case of reverse causality - ignoring the cause entirely and focusing only on the effect, as if it were a stand-alone issue disconnected from anything else.

So, again, in answer to the question of my erstwhile British colleague, "How can you defend Israel?" I respond: Proudly.

In doing so, I am defending a liberal, democratic, and peace-seeking nation in a rough-and-tumble neighborhood, where liberalism, democracy, and peace are in woefully short supply.

January 8, 2011

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Visitor Comments: 17

(17) Melody, July 14, 2014 2:59 AM

Thank you

Bravo to david harris for his superb writing

(16) Beverly Kurtin, June 17, 2011 5:03 AM


Israel is responsible for validating the claims of the Arabs. How? By calling Arabs Palestinians. That gives the world the idea that the Arabs have ALWAYS been a nation going back to infinity. IT IS A BIG LIE THAT GOBBLES taught them. They got a lot of their ideas from the Nazis. There has never been an ancient people who called themselves Palestinians, so WHY DOES ISRAEL CALL THEM PALESTINIANS validating their miserable claims. They do not point out that EVERY ARAB COUNTRY IS APARTHEID AND JUDENFREI; Israel is NOT an apartheid state. But they don't scream it to the world that believes the Arabs? Last point: Stop calling people who blow themselves up, killing as many other people as possible. What is the term for deliberate MURDER? Homicide. Therefor, "suicide bombers" are, in reality HOMICIDE BOMBERS, ,the fact that the bomber dies in the process is merely a side effect. They are convinced that they are martyrs and when the get to Paradise for the heinous attack they will have 72 virgins. What they do NOT know is that they are going to be virgin GOATS! Arabs hate life. They hate us more than life itself! REAL intelligent. The only thing that the Arabs have given the world is Algebra. Wow, thanks a lot...I majored in Algebra in high school, I took Algebra I three times before I passed it . My fellow Jews MUST stop calling Arabs Palestinians. WE were called that prior to the U.N. decision.

(15) Andy, January 14, 2011 3:13 PM

seem to miss the point. israel not legit in the yes of too many Jews

.It seems to me the problem is that so many Jews are comfortable in other countries and if the choice is having a Jewish State that does not provide 100% equal rights and opportunities to non Jews including the right of return then they would rather see the problem go away .This is particularly true of the under 50 non orthodox population who tend to be left liberal and who are uncomfortable with a homeland giving rights/privileges based on one's parents race/religion. An American or Russian with a Jewish parent gets automatic citizenship while a Hebrew speaking Arab in the West Bank whose family may have lived there for generations does not. That's hard for most liberal Jews to swallow and Israel's enemies are hoping it'lll get worse and the Jews will just give up like white South Africans. If Jews keep settling in Israel in large numbers and even better keep the mitzvoth I suspect that the problem of Israel surviving will go away to everyone's benefit. If and how this will play out we'll see

(14) Susan, January 13, 2011 6:01 PM

Excellent Article!

Hi, I just wished to say that this article is excellent and may I quote you the next "opinion" letter I do in the Newspaper? Blessings to you and yours as I continue to faithfully pray for Israel. Israel's And of course: The Peace of Jerusalem.

(13) H.E.BROWN, January 12, 2011 2:21 AM


Dear Mr. Harris, ISRAEL IS FOR REAL. I have read the BOOK you all come out on TOP!

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