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No Alternative To Winning

No Alternative To Winning

Former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in his speech to members of the US Senate in Washington, explains that only by dismantling the entire network will we be assured of victory.


April 11, 2002 -- Distinguished Senators, by adhering to three principles -- moral clarity, strategic clarity, and the imperative of victory -- the forces of freedom, led by America, are well on their way to victory against terror from Afghanistan.

But that is only the first step in dismantling the global terrorist network.

The question many in my country are now asking is this: Will America apply its principles consistently and win this war, or will it selectively abandon those principles and thereby ultimately risk losing the war?

My countrymen ask this question, because they believe that terrorism is an indivisible evil and that the war against terror must be fought indivisibly.

Until last week, I was certain that the United States would adhere to its principles and lead the free world to a decisive victory. Today I, too, have my concerns.

I am concerned that, when it comes to terror directed against Israel, the moral and strategic clarity that is so crucial for victory is being lost.

I am concerned that the imperative of defeating terror everywhere is being ignored when the main engine of Palestinian terror is allowed to remain intact.

I am concerned that the State of Israel, that has for decades bravely manned the front lines against terror, is being pressed to back down just when it is on the verge of uprooting Palestinian terror.

These concerns first surfaced with the appearance of a reprehensible moral symmetry that equates Israel, a democratic government that is defending itself against terror, with the Palestinian dictatorship that is perpetrating it.

The deliberate targeting of Israeli civilians is shamefully equated with the unintentional loss of Palestinian life that is the tragic but unavoidable consequence of legitimate warfare.

The responsibility for civilian deaths in Israel and in Israel's subsequent military action in Palestinian-controlled areas lies squarely with Yasser Arafat.

No one, of course, would dare suggest that the United States was the guilty party in World War II because German casualties, which included millions of civilians, were 20 times higher than American casualties.

So, too, only a twisted and corrupt logic would paint America and Britain as the aggressors in the current war, because Afghan casualties are reported to have well exceeded the death toll of September 11.

The responsibility for civilian deaths in Israel and in Israel's subsequent military action in Palestinian-controlled areas lies squarely with Yasser Arafat.

Israel has not experienced a terrorist attack like the one the world witnessed on that horrific day in September. But in the last 18 months, Israel's six million citizens have buried over 400 victims of terror -- a per capita toll equivalent to half a dozen September 11ths. This daily, hourly carnage is also unprecedented, even in terrorism's bloody history.

Yet at the very moment when support for Israel's war against terror should be stronger than ever, my nation is being asked to stop fighting.

Though we are assured by friends that we have the right to defend ourselves, we are effectively asked not to exercise that right.

Israel must now do three things. First, it must dismantle Arafat's terrorist regime and expel Arafat from the region.

Second, Israel must clean out terrorists, weapons, and explosives from all Palestinian-controlled areas.

Third, Israel must establish physical barriers separating the main Palestinian population centers from Israeli towns and cities.

Done together, these three measures will dramatically reduce terrorism, bring security to the people of Israel, and restore stability to the region.

What has destabilized the region is not Israeli action against Palestinian terror, but rather the constant pressure exerted on Israel to show restraint.

Last week, the government of Israel began to take the second of these vital steps. Rather than bomb Palestinian-populated cities and towns from the air -- an operation that would have claimed thousands of civilian casualties -- the Israeli army is taking on greater risk by using ground forces that painstakingly make their way through the hornet's nests of Palestinian terror...

For seven months, many of the world's governments have rightly supported the war against Afghan terror. Yet after only seven days, their patience for the war against Palestinian terror ran out.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, what has destabilized the region is not Israeli action against Palestinian terror, but rather the constant pressure exerted on Israel to show restraint. It is precisely the exceptional restraint shown by Israel for over a year and a half that has unwittingly emboldened its enemies and inadvertently increased the threat of a wider conflict.

Indeed, I am confident that in time those who would question Israel's actions now will understand that rooting out Palestinian terror today will also make Israel and the world safer tomorrow.

For if we do not immediately shut down the terror factories where Arafat is producing human bombs, it is only a matter of time before suicide bombers will terrorize your cities. Eventually, it is not impossible that these human bombs will supplement their murderous force with suitcases equipped with devices of mass death that could make the horrors of September 11 seem pale by comparison.

That is why there is no alternative to winning this war without delay. No part of the terrorist network can be left intact. For if not fully eradicated, like the most malignant cancer, it will regroup and attack again with even greater ferocity. Only by dismantling the entire network will we be assured of victory.

April 10, 2002

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Visitor Comments: 26

(26) Shoreh Larian, April 15, 2002 12:00 AM

Eretz Israel is ours by Divine Covenant

I am also impressed by Mr. Netanyahu's comments and would like to request that our leaders who are involved with the media make the following clarification for the people of the world, and the media, who like the sender of below comment (, that we are "Occupiers" or "Aggressors" in our home land, G-d Forbid. As mentioned in the Bible which is held sacred not only by Jews but also by Christians and Moslems, no one can honestly question the Jews' title to the Land of Israel.
According to the Covenantof G-d with Abraham G-d assured Abraham , "Unto your seed I have given this land..." This G-d reaffirmed again before the birth of Isaac, "And I will establish their generations for an everlasting covenant...and I will give unto you and to your seed after you the land of your sojourn, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession."
Indeed in accordance with this covenant G-d led our people out of Egyptian bondage into the promised land, and our people took possession of it and since the time of King David made Jerusalem the eternal capital of their land, long before any of the present-day world capitals came into being. With a brief interlude of 70 years- the Babylonian Exile- our people dwelt in the land of Israel for 1340 years(2455-3828), and even after G-d saw fit to send our people into the present exile and dispersion, there has always , up to the present day , been a Jewish presence and Yishuv in our land, while all Jews throughout the Diaspora have longed and prayed (3 times daily) for our return to our homeland and everlasting possession-"May our eyes behold Your return to Zion in Mercy".

As the Lubavitcher Rebbe mentioned every act of appeasement and concession in the past only has invited stronger pressures to yield to even more rediculous demands, take the Camp David for example. Giving away big chunk of the Sinai Desert, Israel was assured that Egypt would keep these Zones demilitarized, which in reality after 18 months of the signing, Egypt broke its promise. Nevermind the tangible and vital resources such as fortifications, air fields, oil wells; the dismantling of the settlements, etc. all vital to the security of Israel,which was given away for nothing but the empty promises of of establishing communication, Normalization of Relations , exchange of embassadors, all of which could be revoked under one pretext or another.

History repeats itself we are told, and the Genocide of the Jews could take place even in their own land as we are seeing today, and Israel has the right to insure The Security of the 3,000,000. Jews who live there, by whatever means available to her. we out to urge our Christian brothers to march with us in the future protests against the Cruelty that is dealt to us, and must demand in one voice: No more concessions!, No more pressures! , No more Give Aways!.

(25) William Kelly, April 15, 2002 12:00 AM

I agree with Netanyahu. Israel must defend itself against terrorism. Arafat is a terrorist not a statesman nor a peace maker. He is a cold blooded killer, nothing more!!!

(24) Anonymous, April 15, 2002 12:00 AM

American conservative view

What I have to say is the opinion of a majority of U.S. citizens I know.

We are sick of pandering to radical Islamic governments who say one thing yet do or allow another. We know that the major reason the U.S. does this is for oil. Sadly, another reason that the U.S. handles these nations with kid gloves is our radical liberal minority. This minority, through the use of the media, has relentlessly indoctrinated the week minded of our nation with so many politically correct (PC) notions that our leaders are virtually impotent. The media would have us believe that the world is a safe, happy-happy-joy-joy place where there are no 'real' evil people. This has caused many week minded people in our nation to become soft, out of touch with reality, and unwilling to stand up for what is right and take the ridicule that comes with such a steadfast honerable action. Doing the right thing is usually political/career suicide--thanks to our wonderful BIASED, mostly liberal media.

As I stated, the liberals are truly a minority in the U.S., but sadly they are the mouthpiece.

Most of the men I know believe the U.S. should overwhelmingly and completely destroy terrorist entities--and if need be the governments protecting/supporting them. "Wipe them from the face of the Earth" and "nuke them till they glow" were and still are common phrases uttered among citizens.

Unfortunately, the September 11 2001 'attack' on the U.S. is being portrayed as the 911 'tragedy' by our media. It's being very insidiously acknowledged, yet downplayed. I fear it is going to take a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack on the mainland U.S. to awaken us from our liberal stupor and free our leaders from their liberal chains.

Let there be no mistake, though. On that day those that would underestimate us and harm us will surely be wiped from the face of the earth in the blink of an eye.

Let there be no mistake Israel--the U.S. would like to let you loose on these entities and nations of evil. Things will have to get a lot worse, though, first. However, I know that in time our two nations will overwhelmingly prevail.

Please do not use what i've said as a reason to incite hatred of a people or race, as I hate no one. However, the people and governments perpetrating these crimes against humanity deserve no mercy.

Concerning the current request by the U.S. that Israel stop rooting out terrorism--I can only say I am ashamed of the double-standards that we place on your nation.

Thank you

(23) Anonymous, April 14, 2002 12:00 AM

Former Prime Misister Netanyahu has the most clearly defined solution as yet suggested

Former Prime Misister Netanyahu has the most clearly defined solution as yet suggested

(22) Paul Harr, April 14, 2002 12:00 AM

Say what is necessary.

He said what the senators can only listen to. Am Yisrael now knows how the world loves them. America is the last supporting country with a President who does not listen to his senate. I'm glad Netanyahu tried! Only Hashem will save the yidden. Say Tehillim Now and may moshiach come now!

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