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Gaza Flotilla Update

Gaza Flotilla Update

See video footage and get the facts.


Latest Updates

• Excellent video explaining the entire incident.

• Videos of Mavi Marmara crew members talking about preparations for violent confrontation with IDF soldiers.

• How the "activists" prepared for violent confrontation.

• French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy writes about the flood of hypocrisy: "It’s Time to Stop Demonizing Israel."

Iranian Red Crescent to send ships to Gaza.

• Video: IDF transfers humanitarian aid from Gaza Flotilla to Gaza Strip.

Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, has his say with a New York Times op-ed.

• "Peace activist" declares: "I want to be a martyr."

• Even if Glenn Beck is not your cup of tea, check out his spot-on analysis.

• Statement by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu: "No Love Boat"

Alan Dershowitz: International law and the Gaza flotilla: An open-and-shut case

Background Info

On May 31, a ship from the Free Gaza movement en route from Turkey was ostensibly trying to deliver supplies to Gaza.

Israel – suspicious that the ship contained terrorists and weapons – offered to unload the ship, where the cargo would be inspected and then delivered to needy Gazans.

The operators of the ship refused.

Israel sent repeated requests for the boat to change course. The response: "Negative, negative." (See video of warnings)

The Israeli Navy then boarded the ship off the costal waters of Gaza, to take control and escort the ship to the Israeli port of Ashdod.

As the soldiers rappelled down from a helicopter onto the ship, they were immediately attacked with steel pipes, wooden clubs and knives. (See video of "peace activists" attacking IDF soldiers.)

The activists had prepared to fight and were armed with lethal weapons. (See the cache of weapons, and read about the military supplies discovered aboard the ship.)

The soldiers were primarily carrying paintball guns designed for crowd control, and back-up pistols which some activists grabbed and used to shoot the Israeli soldiers. (See video of Israeli soldiers being attacked by live gunfire.) The soldiers’ lives were in immediate danger.

The main sponsor of the flotilla is IHH, which has close ties to Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda - and was ostracized even by Turkey before the present Islamic government took over. (Read about the IHH.)

Must-read Information

Legal background on the Gaza flotilla and the maritime blockade of Gaza.

First-person account from an Israeli soldier.

• Israel's humanitarian corridor for the transfer of 15,000 tons of food and supplies every week to the people of Gaza. Read about the false notion of a "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza.

More Videos

"Suicide Activists on the Gaza Flotilla" – exploring the media’s biased coverage of the event.

Interview with Peter Cook, maritime security expert. Fast-forward to 1:30 where he clearly explains the sequence of events.

• Amazing video of Jewish high school student bravely confronting an angry crowd of anti-Israel demonstrators in Los Angeles. (See interview with “Daniel” at 2:30)

• "Peace activist" (wearing the orange life jacket) beating an Israeli soldier with a metal rod and stabbing him in the chest.

• Al-Jazeera report of "peace activists" creating war atmosphere before confronting Israel – invoking the battle of Khaybar, where Muslims carried out a massacre of Jews in the 7th century.

Clips from Arabic TV show the activists chanting songs of martyrdom.

Resources and Links from Stand With Us

• from (here and here)

• from The Israel Project (here and here)

Flotilla Facts: New and Analysis (Talk Gaza)

June 1, 2010

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Visitor Comments: 77

(77) Tammy Wellman, June 13, 2010 1:07 AM

Friend of Israel

XOXOXO...I love you Israel...XOXOXO

(76) Anonymous, June 9, 2010 11:09 PM

flotilla truth

Funny how the facts explains things ... an old saying ... you can fool the fans in the stands but you can't fool the players on the field.

(75) Anonymous, June 8, 2010 2:31 PM

ignorant gentile (me)

Wasn't the raid in international waters? And weren't many (so called) internationally reputable reporters from throughout the world aboard these boats? Obviously one boat wasn't focussed on humanitarian aid. The more I read these comments the more I understand why the killings took place, but there is not enough counterbalance, mostly just pious positioning accusing anyone who has issues with the Israeli actions as anti-semetic, and then indirect references to the holocaust. From my far off perspective (New Zealand) the info i've seen is that Israel has grown in geographic size over the last 60 years, and the Palestinian areas shrunk. Whether Israeli's think it is God's will or not it will never sit well with those gentiles who witness this happening. There's areligious overtones to it all but it seems more about land. The Gazan's do seem far more impoverished than the Israeli's. I blame the British for such a terrible partitioning of land in the beginning. Maybe thats why they only won 1 world cup! America has always seemed pro-Israel, only now it seems Obama has scaled it back to not seem too biased. So now he's anti-Israel? Ironically some of the logic in these comments seems closer in tone to that of Jihadists and Hitler; generalised and full of scapegoats and tacky metaphors, such as 'jackels'. Unfortunately every clown's allowed to express his opinion on the internet whether they know what their talking about (so here I am,haha) Admittedly Israeli's seem far more peaceful than there Islamic counterparts, but I'm sure there are Zionist hardliners just as there are pea brained Islamic radicals. Why humanitarian flotillas aren't off to Darfur did puzzle me, until I remembered that China has involvement in Sudan. If Palestinians refused an offer to have there own state in the past, maybe now is the time to offer it again, when they seem to be at their most desperate? And when the so called anti-semitic/anti-Israel world would be most appeased and impressed by it.

(74) daniel ekpo, June 8, 2010 1:47 PM

True Peace activists pursue peace peacefully..

The world's media may silently sidestep the role those pseudo- peace activists had to play in provoking the deaths of 9 people. That silence may show their bias. If the aim of those so-called activists were humanitarian, why didn't they send aid through approved channels? Their aim was mainly political. To cast doubt on the right of Israel to defend its territory from wicked Islamists who pride themselves in nothing but attempting murder. The state of Israel has a duty to defend itself from such people and their sympathisers.

(73) shoshana, June 7, 2010 4:13 PM

media has a big impact

The media is not about real "news"in the world. It is about what ever the world wants to hear. There are no phots of Israel bringing humaitarian aid in to Gaza, nor terrorists in the middle of Gaza hiding among the civilians. The reporters are often afraid they will be attacked or criticized if they support Israel. What is there to argue about a country trying to protect their citizens? But if you have a biased media who does not show Israelis always living in fear of another daily attack we seem like cruel people. The only way to show a favorable side of Israel is for Jews to stand up for their rights to protect their people or encourage protesters to move to Israel. Let them see what it feels like to live on the border of terrorists.

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