Iran's Strategic Nuclear Deception

Tehran has lulled the West into believing that Iranian nukes will only threaten Israel. No way.

Put Hamas, Not Israel, on Trial

For the Criminal Court to work, the worst must come first.

A Letter to 60 Minutes

Bob Simon, who is humiliating whom?

The Phony War Crimes Accusation

The double standard against Israel.

IDF: Limiting Harm to Civilians (Powerpoint)

This must-see powerpoint by the IDF shows the stark difference between Hamas and Israel.

The Gaza Riviera

Instead of building for the future, the Palestinians chose the option of killing and dying for the past.

The Fog of War

Root causes and resolution to the war in Gaza.

The Hamas CNN Strategy

Don't play into the deadly, cynical ploy of Hamas and blame Israel.

Myths & Facts about the Gaza War

Get the ammunition to defend Israel.

Militant Islam Threatens Us All

There is no moral equivalence between Israel, a democracy which seeks peace and targets the terrorists, and Hamas that seeks Israel's destruction and targets the innocent.

Moral Clarity in Gaza

Hamas has only one grievance: Israel's very existence.

Defending Israel's Operations in Gaza

A quick guide to some of the big issues.

Concealing Risks

What do the present financial crisis and U.S. Middle East policy have in common?

Piracy and Terrorism

Civilization walks the plank.

This is Apartheid?

When the Arab world is ready to make peace, Israel will be there.

Revisit the Death Penalty

Arab murderers serving long jail sentences create an incentive for other terrorists to kidnap soldiers. Should Israel institute the death penalty?

'Tough Love' for Israel?

Latest push for pressure to sustain futile peace process has little to do with reality.

Skeleton in the Palestinian Closet

The Mufti of Jerusalem's Nazi ideology lives on among contemporary Islamists.

Is That Your Hero?

Kuntar is a child killer, not a hero.

The Peace Test

It's time to be candid about the results. Israelis, Americans, and Europeans are serious about peace. Their enemies are serious about defeating them.

Hezbollah Wins

Israel is still paying for its defeat.

The Enemy Has a Name

Terrorism is just a tactic, not an enemy.

Hatred in Britain

Britain is a hotbed of radical anti-Israeli sentiment.

The Miracle, at 60

It's the norm for exiled nations to disappear -- with one exception: a miraculous story of redemption and return, after not a century or two, but 2,000 years.

Israel: Against the Odds

Israel's doom would be bad news for Europe.

Mazel Tov for Surviving

It's astonishing that Israel has not only survived but is flourishing.

Nothing Short of a Miracle

Step back from the news of the moment and take stock of the larger picture.

The Fitna Controversy

Facing the truth about jihadist violence.

Shelve the Shelf Agreement

A performance-based peace process remains the only proven and sustainable model towards a durable final settlement.

Your Tax Dollars at Work in Gaza

The confusing and complex campaign for aid to a pro-terror Palestinian Authority.

Combating Lies

But what can I do about the crisis facing Israel and the Jewish People? Get educated and become an activist.

Bucking World Opinion

International Law is not a suicide pact.

Israel's War to Halt Palestinian Rocket Attacks

Understanding Israel's response to Hamas' escalation.

Yearning for Peace

Please stop lecturing Israel about the need to pursue peace.

Schmoozing with Terrorists

From Hollywood to the Holy Land, Jihadists reveal their global plans to a Jew.

Survival Mode in Sderot

For children and social workers in Sderot, the stress from the constant bombardment is deepening.

A Modest Proposal for Middle East Peace

The U.N. need only take five simple steps.

The Face of Evil

Hamas, Hizbullah and the Iranian regime are ideologically committed to the Jewish state's destruction.

The Arab 'Right of Return' to Israel

Discrediting the libel of an Israeli "original sin" against the Palestinian Arabs.

The U.S.- Israel Relationship: Fact and Fiction

What is the truth about the Israel lobby?

Are Israeli Settlements Legal?

Israel's use of land for settlements conforms to all rules and norms of international law.

After Annapolis

What chance for an agreement with Abbas and the PLO?

Distorted Reasoning at Annapolis

Why the conference is doomed to failure.

Is Israel a Jewish State?

The key to Arab-Israeli peace is to compel the Arab world to abandon its dream of liquidating Israel.

The Annapolis-Tehran Nexus

The upcoming Israeli-Palestinian summit is designed to build a coalition of moderates.

Show of Force

Israel needs a new strategy for fighting one of its greatest enemies: the world press.

Israel's Water War

Peace in the Mideast hinges on control of crucial hydro resources.

It's Not a Parlor Game!

Assigning blame for Annapolis summit's probable failure presents clear danger.

The 'Israel Lobby' Myth

Questioning Israel for its actions is legitimate, but lies are something else.

Destroying History

A thundering silence on Temple Mount's depredation.

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