Blaming Israel First

Business as usual at the U.N.

Why are Americans so Pro-Israel?

Four reasons that put Americans sharply at odds with the rest of the world.

Self-Inflicted Abuse

Bassem Eid wants the world to know about human rights abuse by Palestinians.

Israel: Start-Up Nation

What the world can learn from Israel's incredible success.

The Big Lie: The Muslims, Jerusalem and Archaeology, Part 2

Millennia of artifacts with Hebrew inscriptions prove the Jewish presence.

The Big Lie: The Muslims, Jerusalem and Archaeology, Part 1

The Arab onslaught to erase the Jewish people's historical connection with the Temple Mount.

The Goldstone Travesty

The Goldstone report constitutes nothing less than a prize for terrorism.

UN Human Wrongs Council

Could they distinguish between a democratic state and a terrorist entity? Clearly not.

Peace Process or War Process?

Wars end not through goodwill but through victory.

Goldstone Injustice

It looks like law, but it's just politics.


While Israel makes the headlines, children like Aisha Hassan are not even news.

Netanyahu's UN Speech

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the UN General Assembly, Sept. 24, 2009.

Goldstone's Deceptive Report

Israel's analysis and comments on the Gaza Fact-Finding Report.

Teaching Lies in Gaza

Can a state be built on a pack of lies?

Blood Libel in Sweden

The outrageous accusation of stolen body parts.

Three More No's to Peace

No negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and no end to the armed struggle against Israel.

The Israel Test

Israel is hated not for her vices but her virtues.

The Iranian Threat

Only severe sanctions backed by military threat will have any impact.

Evolution of the Region

Modern Israel's story in maps.

Jerusalem Heartburn

Why Israel should have Jerusalem.

No: The Real Obstacle to Peace

A 4-minute video about the main hurdle to a peaceful and secure Middle East.

In Defense of 'Settlements'

Jews belong in Judea and Samaria as much as Palestinians who stayed in Israel.

Support Freedom in Iran

Is Ahmadinejad's "victory" good for Israel?

Acknowledging Israel's History

This powerful speech sets the record straight about the Jewish rights to Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu's Speech

Israeli Prime Minister's speech at the Begin-Sadat Center at Bar-Ilan University

Strategic Challenges in the Middle East

To attain peace, we must look reality squarely in the eye, no matter how difficult that may be.

Top Ten Myths about the Middle East Conflict

So much of the American press is steeped in sheer ignorance. Debunking these misconceptions with facts is a good start.

The Settlements Myth

For generations, Palestinian leadership chose destitution and despair rather than accept any settlement not accompanied by the extinction of Israel.

The Israel Lobby: Missing in Action

For Israeli Jews survival remains the primary desideratum. For American Jews the simulacrum of peace in the form of a treaty is primary.

Soldiers Speak Out

Hear the real voices of Israeli soldiers.

Operation Cast Lead Military Investigations

Conclusions of five investigative teams assigned to investigate events related to the conduct of IDF soldiers during Operation Cast Lead.

Is Israel Crying Wolf?

Roger Cohen should have a conversation with my daughter.

The Moral Gulf

Here is the difference between Israel and its Arab enemies.

An Arab-Made Misery

It is time for the Arab world to truly help the Palestinians, not use them.

Campus Hatred

A Muslim's letter to the organizers of Israel Apartheid week.

Not At Any Price

Why risk lives of soldiers to capture terrorists who will be released later on?

Iran's Strategic Nuclear Deception

Tehran has lulled the West into believing that Iranian nukes will only threaten Israel. No way.

Put Hamas, Not Israel, on Trial

For the Criminal Court to work, the worst must come first.

A Letter to 60 Minutes

Bob Simon, who is humiliating whom?

The Phony War Crimes Accusation

The double standard against Israel.

IDF: Limiting Harm to Civilians (Powerpoint)

This must-see powerpoint by the IDF shows the stark difference between Hamas and Israel.

The Gaza Riviera

Instead of building for the future, the Palestinians chose the option of killing and dying for the past.

The Fog of War

Root causes and resolution to the war in Gaza.

The Hamas CNN Strategy

Don't play into the deadly, cynical ploy of Hamas and blame Israel.

Myths & Facts about the Gaza War

Get the ammunition to defend Israel.

Militant Islam Threatens Us All

There is no moral equivalence between Israel, a democracy which seeks peace and targets the terrorists, and Hamas that seeks Israel's destruction and targets the innocent.

Moral Clarity in Gaza

Hamas has only one grievance: Israel's very existence.

Defending Israel's Operations in Gaza

A quick guide to some of the big issues.

Concealing Risks

What do the present financial crisis and U.S. Middle East policy have in common?

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