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Villainy Early Detection System

Villainy Early Detection System

Anti-Semitism as the world's Big Alarm.


A recent opinion piece by Andrew Klavan in the Los Angeles Times ("Why God Chose the Jews") suggests that perhaps there's one good thing about anti-Semitism: it identifies the world's truly evil forces (think Hitler, Stalin), thus serving as a "Villainy Early Detection System for everyone else."

Here's how Klavan, a best-selling novelist, said it in the LA Times:

"...All bigotry is wrong, of course, but there's something about this particular form of prejudice that is weirdly reliable as a sign of deeper wickedness. Perhaps it's because the Jews contributed so much to humanity's moral code that to hate them as a race is to despise the restraints of morality itself... We still see apparently intelligent people appeasing, making excuses for and even embracing the sorts of stinkers who ought to set off the Big Alarm.

"That's why I think the system could use more bells and whistles -- a loud honking noise perhaps, or even closed captioning for the morally impaired. Thus, when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the Holocaust is a "myth" or that Israel "must be wiped off the map," you would hear a loud honk and words would appear in the air below his face: "Hello. I am an evil madman. Please stop negotiating with me now and proceed to cripple my nuclear capability by any means necessary..."

"If it were only a matter of hating Jews, we could say: 'Feel free, hate everyone, knock yourself out.' The trouble is the suffering, the slaughter of innocents, and indeed the destruction of entire nations that seems inevitably to follow when anti-Semitism is allowed to spread...

"When the ills of the world are loaded onto less than 1% of its population, I begin to become suspicious."

"So here's a plan. The next time you express an opinion on what's wrong with the world, take a look around to see who's nodding in agreement. If it's some clown who thinks the Jewish state should be pushed into the sea, or that the Jews killed Christ or are conspiring to subvert the world economy or the government or the media, I beg you to consider that you might be wrong. There is no shame in changing your opinion. Falling into step with wicked fools -- that's shameful, and it's dangerous too. God gave you an early detection system. Use it."

It's said that the Jewish people are the miner's canaries of the world. Miners take canaries down to mines because canaries are more susceptible to noxious fumes than humans. If the miner sees the canary is dead, he knows he has to fight the fumes or he'll die, too.

In some ways, that's a role the Jews serve. When there is evil, Jews often die first. So when Jews get killed, it's not solely a Jewish problem anymore. When evil first attacks the Jews, it becomes humanity's problem. Jews are the moral litmus test.


January 28, 2006

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(10) Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D., May 2, 2013 3:05 AM

Mi Chomocha?

A close, non-Jewish friend of mine once asked me why we Jews called ourselves the chosen people. I was driving at the time and had to pull over to the side of the road because I was laughing so hard. She is one of those bible thumpers who always carries her King James VERSION with her. I asked her to let me borrow it for a moment.
I turned to Deuteronomy 7:7 where it said, "The Lord did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people...:
I asked he if she wanted to change her question.
She just sat there, thinking. "Then why do people always say that you Jews claim to be the chosen people?"
What do we Jews do when we're asked a question? Of course! We ask another question. "Who do you think has the worst possible human rights record in the world? North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia (where they hang homosexuals), Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Israel or Afghanistan?"
Instantly, she said, "Everyone one of them except Israel!"
And I told her that was the problem, the United Nations condemned Israel and NONE of the others! It is just another way to make the Jewish people look bad. GOD said we were chosen, so I don't know why people think WE said it. Also, many countries are trying to isolate Israel via the BDS Boycott, Divestment
and Sanctions plan.
The bottom line is that Israel has no legitimate reason to exist and should just leave the country. The BIG LIE is that Israel is "occupying" the land that belongs to the Arabs. That's just an out-and-out lie, but many countries are backing up the Arab's claims.
I have news for those countries: AM YISRAEL CHAI! The People of Israel LIVE and will continue to live until they get the word that Hashem is ONE.

(9) Anonymous, January 3, 2011 6:30 AM


The Impact of Torah is Far-reaching - it is the underpinnings, in my view of "the Light", We Jews are to share with all Peoples, through Jewish Life.

(8) Jerome Griffiths, February 12, 2007 11:34 PM

More of the same!

I have a question. Does anybody wish for the Palistinians to see things from the Jewish side? Wouldn't it be nice for the Palistinians to reflect on all the heinous acts that have been perpetrated in their name. An act such as this might stop the next round of chidren becoming suicide bombers. But what of Israel? If peace is what she truely desires, wouldn't the same act be appropriate? I know it seems simplistic but it seems all other solutions have failed. Surely one of the most elementary moral codes that humans must adhere to is "what is good for us is good for others. What we condemn in others must never be practiced by ourselves".

(7) Anonymous, February 20, 2006 12:00 AM

Bravo!--Almost . . .

I concur with everything the author says. I find the article penetrating, insightful; prophetic, even.

But what of those who conceal their hatred of the Jews? Who may well present themselves as friends of Israel? I fear the coming threat to Israel won't be naked anti-Semitism
a la Hitler or the Muslims.

Hitler's _Mein Kampf_ revealed everything, left no room for doubt as to the depths of his hatred of the Jews. If only more people had taken notice, not dismissed him as a demagogue, derided him as a "mere" madman!

The next Haman, unfortunately, may not be so obvious. He may even present himself as Israel's friend, sing paens to brotherly love and the need for peace. But peace at what price?

(6) Joe, February 7, 2006 12:00 AM

Thank You Beverly!

That was very, very well spoken.

Rather than "Don't mess with the Jews," I would suggest, "Who is like you amongst the mighty my Lord?" Simply saying Maccabe will do. That is the Hebrew acronym for it.

Once, we too were warriors. It was our battle cry.

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