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7 Ways You Could Help Israel

7 Ways You Could Help Israel

Practical things you can do to make a difference.


It's tough living in Israel right now. Missiles are falling and a huge section of the populace has left their homes for safety.

But in one respect, it is more frustrating to be sitting thousands of miles away – in America or South Africa or London – and feel that there's nothing you can do to help.

Well, there is plenty each of us can do.

1. Prayer

Not only does it work, but it helps us cope with the situation, by talking it out with God.

When you pray, be specific. If you have a friend or family member fighting, pray for his/her safety. If you know somebody living in Israel, plead with the Almighty to keep them out of harms way.

Pray that the Israeli weapons work, and that the Hamas weapons don't.

Pray that the leaders will gain (and maintain) the clarity they need to fight this war, despite international pressure.

Pray for the protection of IDF soldiers as they root out every last terrorist.

Ask God to heal Israel's wounded soldiers and civilians and to thwart future terrorist attacks.

Pray for the Arabs to realize the true nature of their leadership and doctrines that teach hate and murder.

Most of all, pray intensely, frequently, and sincerely.

You can send prayers via the Western Wall at

There is a time-honored custom to recite Psalms in times of distress. King David wrote stirring words that seem to be for our exact situation today. Recommended are Psalms 20, 83, 121,130 and 142.

Click here for the text of the Prayer for Israeli Soldiers.

2. Care

It is difficult to truly care about people and situations from which we are distant.

So, to overcome this difficulty, try the following exercise for three minutes a day.

Look at pictures of soldiers standing in a tank. Stare at a picture of a soldier who has been killed in action.

Now imagine that it was, God forbid, your son, husband, or your best friend.

When you are watching the news and see missiles hitting Israel, picture it as your house being struck. How would you act differently?

By harnessing the power of imagination, we will care more deeply and be propelled into action.

If you know someone living in Israel, pick up the phone and call them. Assure them that you share their pain and understand what they're going through. Send e-mails of support to any Israelis you know. Let them know they are not alone!

3. Share

Whether you live in Israel or abroad, reach out to the soldiers and the residents of southern Israel with your time, money and other resources.

Here are a few initiatives you can participate in:

  • Yad Eliezer is sending thousands of gift packs to our soldiers near Gaza.
  • Yad Ezra v'Shulamit is sending tons of food to Israeli families being attacked by Hamas rockets.
  • United With Israel is helping to build bomb shelters in Israeli communities under attack.
  • Thank Israeli Soldiers supports our troops by delivering your personal letter of thanks and a care package of items soldiers need.

If you're not in a position to donate, you can ask others to do so, or collect money and forward to one of the above organizations. Most importantly, get involved.

4. Protest bias in the media.

The media has a powerful influence on public opinion and government policy. When you discover a piece of bias, immediately contact the news agency and complain. Keep your remarks respectful and stick to the facts. You can join a media watch email list at which has 150,000 subscribers protesting biased news against Israel.

5. Increase Torah study.

In Jewish thought, nothing can compare to the spiritual effect of learning Torah. Make a commitment to a specific increase in the amount of time you learn each day. Attend a class about Judaism, or pick something from the recommended reading list. The impact of a few extra minutes of Torah learning is enormous.

6. Get the facts.

Bombarded with claims of excessive force?

The next time you hear something that puts down Israel, know how to respond. Be a roving ambassador for Israel by explaining the true facts to everyone you meet. Even the cashier in the supermarket needs good information. You never know how your contribution may affect someone else's views. The worst thing is to remain quiet at times like this.

7. Recognize the God factor.

With all the practical efforts to help Israel – media watch, education, economic assistance, political lobbying, etc. – don't forget the spiritual component! The very existence of the Jewish people after 3,500 years – and the return to the land after a long exile – is miraculous. Understand the significance of Abraham's covenant with God. Each of us, on whatever level of observance, must strive to connect.

Remember: God is in ultimate control. He has done miracles before and will do them again.

Ultimately, reviving our devotion to the Almighty is going to bring about the revival of the land, and our people as a whole. Pick one area of your life to improve in, or one additional mitzvah to perform. When you do the mitzvah, have in mind for God to use the merit of the mitzvah to help protect Israel and its people.

When we stop arguing amongst ourselves and work together, then we can stand united against the enemy, and the Almighty with us. Get a group of friends together and spend one hour brainstorming for more ideas how you can help Israel. Now is the time to lay down our differences and work together.

Through all of our combined efforts, may the Almighty protect the Land of Israel and its people.

January 5, 2009

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Visitor Comments: 74

(61) Anonymous, November 24, 2015 4:00 AM

4 more things to support Israel

Thank you for a very helpful list! We often feel that we are at the "end of the earth" and would like to do more - this list is very helpful!

I haven't read through the 273 comments (to date) thus I'm not sure whether any of these may have been mentioned already, but here are four more charities that are worthwhile supporting:

E F R A T -
it doesn't make sense that we support Israel in various ways and then little Jewish babies are aborted, because their parents (married or single) just don't have the money to bring them into this world! Give a child the gift of life! -

L E K E T -
Israel's food bank - help save thousands of unserved meals from hotels and help harvest produce that is donated -

U N I T E D H A T Z A L A H (“ambucycles”) -
they are the small "motorcycle ambulances" which we often see speeding down the foodpaths with blaring sirens - they are operated by voluteers and arrives on average within 90 seconds at the emergency - making it faster than an ambulance that may get stuck in traffic, therefore providing vital care until the ambulance arrives. -
They also have an emergency app ( for the app) which send your GPS co-ordinates should you have an emergency - what "Our 3 Boys" needed when they were captured and murdered)

Oh, and if you can knit or crochet (or know somebody who does - your local old age home?), you can support the soldiers with a very valuable, personal gift:

Hope this helps! Am Yisrael Chai!
- from New Zealand

(60) Carol, July 13, 2014 4:13 PM

Israel, my heart and prayers are with you :)

May Hashem keep you in loving care always.

(59) Betty Hansen, July 11, 2014 2:14 AM

God Bless Israel

I was so excited about this article!! I'm a Christian who loves Israel and the Jewish people and am always looking for ways to increase awareness and do something for Israel! I made a trip there last year and it changed my life!! I would love to return! I'm thrilled to know about Trader Joes!! I'm cancelling my membership at Costco because I found out the CEO is a big contributor of Obama whom I do not feel supports Israel in any way and I was extremely disappointed that he was silent about the murders of the 3 teenagers! Please continue articles like this because there are alot of people who support Israel, but feel helpless in the environment that we live in! A lot of the things I have been doing, but alot of great new ideas!! GOD BLESS ISRAEL!!!!!!

(58) Bobby5000, July 11, 2014 1:45 AM


Israel needs public support. I have some basic questions so that I could explain what's happening to others.

1. What happened. It seems to us as onlookers that things were going relatively well the last year. I understand the death of three young boys calls for some action, but now things are spiraling seemingly out of control. I cannot criticize Natanyahu, a leader I respect, but just say I don't understand. Were these children's death a part of a larger plot, were top Hamas operatives involved in a deliberate plot, are there sudden new weapons from Iran. With this conflict, the scope of casualities with be obviously far greater than 3 on both sides so help us to understand what is occurring and why. Please don't tell us one cannot have peace with someone commited to destruction. We had that 3 and 6 months ago when things were seemingly fine. What dramatically changed. .

2. Proposals I can appreciate Israel was not ready to give up massive amounts of land for some vague future promises. However, was there some reasonable interim proposal that was presented for some economic development in Gaza and elsewhere. Can someone articulate a reasonable position that has been espoused so we can understand what specially Israel proposed.

Sarah, July 15, 2014 6:52 PM

It is so complicated but I will to briefly explain

First, Israel is a Democracy with a spectrum of views -- just like the U.S. The unifying desire is to live in peace with its neighbors, but many different versions of the best way to achieve that. There is also covert and not-so-covert anti-Semitism worldwide, much of it disguised as anti-Israel and anti-Zionism. Since 2001 this has gotten worse,accompanied by terror tactics from Palestinians and increased world pressure to help its enemies. Israel has tried many responses from unilaterally leaving the part of Gaza it had settled (Gush Katif) in 2006 to clamping down on terrorists (Iron Shield) to building a wall to separate from those who would kill or injury her people. This spring, Israel bowed to International pressure once again to try for a peaceful treaty with the PLO. It takes incredible political courage to make peace, and many in Israel thought a breakthrough was really near with Kerry's tireless trips to bring both sides together. Suddently it all fell apart. (comment continued below)

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