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Questions for the Pope

Questions for the Pope

What would you ask the Pope?

by Staff

On May 8 – 15, Pope Benedict XVI will be visiting Israel. If you could have a private audience with the Pope and ask him any question, what would it be?

Write your questions in the comment section below and we'll select the top questions next week.

May 4, 2009

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(126) Anonymous, September 20, 2015 3:48 PM

too many questions

The questions are: why????? Torturing and burning Jews was practiced in Spain before WWII. From whom did the nazis learn their horrible treatment of Jews? If your preach love and mercy, why do you limit it to your people? Are non christians also non humans? Why do you side with the Arabs against Israel when you know that the arabs are cruel murderers? When you have a history of evl, you must begin with chnging it and doing the greatest acts of kindness and now iw the time to start: Send Israel money, defend it in international forums, send it all forms of assistance, etc

(125) Anonymous, May 27, 2014 12:52 AM

I'd love to tell the Pope how I've always been a person who tries and succeeds to not care what your beliefs are.
I'd love to tell him the leaders have the power to make a difference. I'd love to remind him he could do great things.No questions just statements.

(124) Irene, May 26, 2014 7:15 AM

Why sentiments towards the Jews?

The God you believe in says in the Bible that He would love the Jews eternally, and that the Jews will only cease to be a People before Him, if the rythm of days following Nights cease to exist, and that whoever curses the Jews, God will curse, and whoever blessed the Jews, God will bless.
The same God also says that He never changes.
It's the same God, whom Jesus taught about, and preached, and told was the One who would save People if they believed in Him.
If that God, as a lot of the Church teaches, has changed so that the Church is replacing the Jews... - how would it then make sense to continue believing that this same God does NOT change when it comes to Your salvation?
And, why should the Jews be blamed, when Jesus himself tells that noone takes His life, He gives it freely? Your bible even tells that when Jesus hangs on the cross, He rebukes one of His followers and says, don't you understand? - If I did not want this to happen, I could only have asked my Father, and He would immediatedly send a legion of angels to assist me. All Christians know that it was crucial that Jesus DID die, or the scriptures would not be fulfilled, and salvation would not be availiable for them. Why blame the Jews for something that God carefully planned, and spent hundreds of years to prepare, to make sure it happened? The Jews was instructed to slaughter the pascal lamb.

(123) Judith, May 26, 2014 4:00 AM

What I would ask the Pope.

I would ask him to list everything he wants from Israel and why he wants it.

(122) Reuven Frank, October 18, 2012 8:45 PM

Oh, boy! 1. I heard that the church recently "forgave" the Jews for killing Jesus. When do you think the church will ASK forgiveness FROM the Jews for all those killed BEFORE the Jews were "forgiven"? 2. Why does the church limit acess to the lower levels of the Vatican library? Objects there include the vessels from the Jewish Holy Temple that were robbed and pillaged by the Romans. [I am happy that the church has them. It is better that the church should "be the guardians" of them, in the meantime.] 3. Obviously, the world needs "salvation and saving," an end to war, suffering, poverty, etc. How can the church POSSIBLY contend that the world has been saved already? 4. (refer to previous question) If the church agrees that the world still needs to be saved, who will do it? If Jesus ["2nd coming"] where is there ANY reference to such an event in ANY church history, literature, policy,...? 5. I, personally, know a Jew who was approached by someone offerring to "save his (the Jew's) soul." It soon became clear that the person making the offer had some form of Christianity in mind. The Jew said, "No thank you." When asked why not, the Jew replied, "Because Christianity has been responible for more human suffering in the past two thousand years than any other belief system." Would you care to comment on that? 6. If indeed, Jesus comes back, how will the chuch deal with a Jewish redeemer? 7. If Jesus was the "son of G-d," how does the church deal with G-d wearing diapers, and so forth. 8. If I understand correctly, the church believes that G-d created the seed in Mary's womb to be the Father of her child, Jesus. Mary was married to Joseph. If G-d put seed into Mary, He is an adulterer. But, G-d said, "Thou shalt not commit adultery." How does the church deal with this paradox. 8. Speaking of paradoxes, how does the church answer the paradoxical question: Can G-d create a rock so big and heavy that He Himself cannot lift it? 10. {Sorry, out of room}

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