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Turkish Ships and Morality

Turkish Ships and Morality

Facing worldwide hypocrisy, this is a time we need to stand together.


With the recent events on the Turkish sponsored "peace flotilla," Israel has once again been tossed into another lose-lose public relations game. Had Israel refrained from acting, as the self-declared moralists of the world demanded, then Israel certainly would have won a few brownie points for good behavior. However, this momentary prize would have come at the very steep price of further strengthening Israel's regional enemies who would have interpreted inaction as another sign of Israel's declining strength. Of course by taking the initiative and acting, not surprisingly the floodgates have been opened for the very predictable condemnations.

Never mind the fact that ships smuggling weapons to various terrorist organizations is common place in this part of the world; never mind the fact that Israel repeatedly transmitted the message that any humanitarian aid could be delivered via land; never mind the fact that by hypocritically condemning Israel the world is conveying the message that Israel should do nothing and just watch as Hamas strengthens itself; never mind the fact that condemnations against Israel also show that the declared “war on terror” is bound to lose; never mind the fact that any other country in the world would not have risked the lives of its soldiers and would have just sunk the ship; never mind the fact that Israel didn't act like every other nation in the world and in doing so, unfortunately, some of its soldiers were needlessly injured; never mind these, and many other facts since the bottom line is that most of the world just doesn't care.

Anyone who possesses even a shred of honesty knows quite well that this whole event was nothing but a provocation against Israel. Therefore Israel, and the entire Jewish people with them, should not run like usual to apologize or to condemn the actions of our soldiers but rather should stand together in the face of our enemies. That people were killed is unfortunate, but Israel is certainly not responsible and in no way should we be fazed by all the hypocritical condemnations. There are threats all around us here in Israel, real dangerous threats, so this is not the time to become unraveled by acts specifically designed to unravel us.

If anyone is not convinced of the hypocrisy here, or of the fact that most of the world just doesn’t care, then perhaps we should take a look at the story of another ship that was connected to Turkey. Although long before the advent of internet and therefore less known than the current story, this maritime drama was certainly no less tragic.

Very briefly, in late 1941 nearly 800 Romanian Jews boarded an old and dilapidated ship called the Struma in an attempt to escape from Nazi Europe and make their way to Palestine. The first stop of the ship was in Istanbul, Turkey, which also turned out to be the final stop. With the British pressuring Turkey not to allow the Jews to continue on their voyage to Palestine, and Turkey refusing to allow the Jews to disembark since they didn’t possess visas for Turkey, the Jews were stuck on the overcrowded ship for nearly ten weeks while various solutions were discussed. Due to the wretched conditions on the ship, pleas were made to move the Jews to temporary transit camps that were to be completely funded by Jewish organizations. Nonetheless, the pleas fell on deaf ears with the Turks. Finally, the drama was ended when the Turks unexpectedly decided to tow the ship back into the Black Sea without fuel, food or water. Within a few hours the fate of the nearly 800 men, women and children was quickly sealed when the torpedo of a Russian submarine sunk the defenseless ship. There was only one survivor.

In the face of such lack of concern and hypocrisy, both 70 years ago and today, it’s time that the Jewish people, all of us, stand together as one against our enemies and stop being so influenced by their hypocritical condemnations and phony calls of morality.

This article was originally published by Pajamas Media.

June 5, 2010

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(23) Anonymous, June 8, 2010 6:13 PM

Islam, regretfully, according to ancient history (not personal opinion!!!!!) is an Imperialist force which as its vertical religious mosaic implies, brooks no room for alternate beliefs, and the freedom of human kind to choose - anything less than sharia. For those of us, who find polygamy pure wickedness, and an affront to the dignity, and respect of womandhood - and manhood by association, there will be no choice. May it never come to pass that Israel, cave in, Ever, to the mockery that these currents and intentional power-seeking individuals would foist on all communities. The world is meant to be diverse, in my opinion, and human rights should never depend on the magnanamity of any human being. I have no doubt, in my opinion, Israel is meant to survive all of this dangerous nonsense and lack of understanding the or refusal to understand what is at stake. It is better to insist on human rights, and the right of a Democracy to defend its citizens, than to care to "be like," by intellectual morons, and moral imbeciles; for the agnostics and atheists. For the rest of us, Hashem and the Guardian of Israel, never sleeps, nor slumbers - the come-uppance will be devastating for those who would be gods, and or global gods-masters. For those who still do not see - Hannah Arendt spells it out.

(22) Anonymous, June 8, 2010 6:10 PM


It is deeply shameful, and interesting that no attention is paid to the millions of Christians in the Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria beight murdered, and the Christian Community being torn apart - never mind the Christian Churches. The super left-wingers and Jew-hating Right Wingers, slow-witted about everything but the ideologies and propaganda they voraciously insist upon, should realize, that other minorities are next in line to endure the same decimation of their Communities. For those who insist on Freedom of Worship, amongst other freedoms, their is slavery, slaughter, coercion to islam and Dhimmitude - a term North Americans should become Profoundly familiar with. In North America, apparently, an Islamic organization is intending to build a "Museum," dedicated to Islam (!!!) A sign of things to come, If I were a part of the gay-lesbian community, I would also be Very worrried - Islam does not accept that Gay men and women, have the right to live, under sharia law. As well, restorative justice and mercy, is left for the "after-life," and everyone is at the mercy of Holy men, whose true nature is a rigourous application of Sharia Law in all aspects of life.

(21) Anonymous, June 8, 2010 6:08 PM

The Moral and Ethical Vacuity of Liars

Israel has a duty to protect its land, its borders, its citizens, and exercise that Legal right, Moral Imperative, and the comprehensive Ethical requirements as the solitary Liberal Democracy in the Middle East. Europeans lack any and all moral substance, authority, and relevance, when it comes to the survival of Am Yisroel, and Israel Proper. Israel is not, never has been Arab Territory.

(20) Anonymous, June 8, 2010 12:30 PM

"Had Israel refrained from acting, then Israel certainly would have gotten a few brownie points for good behavior..." um, NO. How many times in the past has Israel "behaved" (refrained from retailiating when shelled by Iraq, and from pre-emptively attacking prior to the Yom Kippur War, pulling out of Gaza unilaterally)? Such behavior only leads to Jewish deaths. No brownie points ever.

(19) jack piotrkowski, June 7, 2010 8:11 PM

turkey are acting like a turkey

The turkey has the smallest brain and not very bright. Do not let the simularty in names, between the bird and country to be shown by its country.

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