The Bedouin Activist

A proud Israeli Bedouin questions American-Jewish apathy.

An Arab Speaks Out

A survivor of Palestinian tyranny defends Israel.

A Cantonist's Prayer on Yom Kippur

On that Yom Kippur the community wept, as they confronted the plight of Jewish children forced to serve in the Russian army.

Something to Live -- and Die - For

Reclaiming the source of inspiration for our Israeli soldiers and ourselves.

Becoming a Student Advocate for Israel

With some basic knowledge of the dimensions of the Middle East conflict, any student can speak out on campus.

A Prayer Is Answered

A special wedding in Jerusalem, arranged with heavenly assistance.

Unified Jews Theory

Why is there a lack of Jewish unity?

Anti-Semitism and the UN

Has the UN arrived at a turning point? Or was Monday's conference merely a fig leaf -- a PR response to some bad press?

U.N.'s One Small Step

Is the U.N. finally ready to get serious about anti-Semitism?

A Fire that Destroys; a Fire that Builds

An arson attack on Aish UK should spur us to stand up for Jewish education.

Desperately Seeking a Jewish Connection

I never understood exactly how a person could love all of his fellow Jews until I started wearing my kippah all the time.

To Be a Jew

What the murderers of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl knew.

Wake Up And Smell the Anti-Semitism

Virulent anti-Semitic campaigns are underway -- not only in the Middle East, but in Europe and America, too.

Buy Israel

Here's one very concrete way you can help: It's time for Jews around the world to "Buy Israel."

Except When You're Targeting Jews

There's only one exception when it comes to world politics.

Ruling the World

It's high time to fess up and tell the world the truth: We Jews do run the world!

The Revolutionary Revelation

What would a world without Torah look like?

The Murder of Nick Berg

Trying to make sense of the savagery.

The Jewish Art of Reflectology

How to preserve your sanity and reach the ultimate purpose of life.

Faith in the Depths of Hell

Some Jews fought the Nazis with guns and sabotage; others fought by persisting in Jewish life.

One Proud Jewish Soldier

An ambush in Iraq leaves his leg shattered. What he learned about God, life and the army.

Why Jews Don't Believe In Jesus

For 2,000 years Jews have rejected the Christian idea of Jesus as messiah. Why?

The Real Threat to Europe's Jews

European Jewry is slowly but surely disappearing before our eyes, melting away through a combination of ignorance, assimilation and intermarriage.

Anti-Semitism in 3D

Differentiating legitimate criticism of Israel from the so-called new anti-Semitism.

Identifying the New Anti-Semitism

Israel and the Jewish people have been singled out for discriminatory treatment in the international arena -- and worst of all -- singled out for destruction.

My Tea with Rivka's Answering Machine

Learning what loving others is all about.

A Lost Battle?

"The problem is not that Jewish students lack the facts, it's that they don't care about them in the first place."

Daddy's Legacy

A moving tribute to Mr. Joe Berman, a great Jewish leader, philanthropist, husband and father.

Students: The Key to Success on Campus

Students themselves are by far the most effective representatives to communicate Israel's message on campus.

Changing the World, One Journalist at a Time

A profile of Hollywood mogul Merv Adelson and his new pro-Israel project, Access Middle East.

Locus of Euro-hate

Europe's new anti-Semitism and its old reluctance to face it.

Don't Blame Jews For Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism, far from being a product of the Mideast conflict, is increasingly a cause of it.

The Brownshirts of Our Time

The word "Palestine" is mentioned and a feminist conference turns ugly.

Life and Death in Istanbul

First-person account of the devastating synagogue bombings in Turkey.

The Spiritual Roots of Anti-Semitism

If the world hates the Jews, here's what can be done to respond.

The California Fire Within

It all begins with one match.

"Those Jews"

If only Israel and its supporters would disappear.

Losing the War on Campus

The future of leadership of American Jewry is on a university campus. And what I saw there is truly frightening.

Survival of the Fittest

In South Africa, I did not want to be caught in the crossfire of somebody else's war. If I had to fight, I wanted the war to be my own.

Jewish Values for a Secular World

For 3,500 years, Jews have been telling their children and the rest of the world the most revolutionary message in human history.

Harvard's Tainted Money

Because one young person refused to back away from a fight, the plug has been pulled on a leading purveyor of hatred. Now what about Harvard?

A Truly Historic Lawsuit

A lawsuit is being filed against the Jewish people for recovery of property stolen during their exodus from Egypt. The Talmud tells of precisely such a claim lodged over 2000 years ago.

Blackout's Illumination

The Jewish Sabbath is a blackout of sorts.

Harry's Magic

A true story about what one Jewish kid learned from the teenage wizard.

The Heart-Rending Cry

How is it possible to mourn something that happened 2000 years ago?

Why Hope?

We can know with certainty that there will be a better future.

Hitler's Rise to Evil

Four questions for Peter Sussman, executive producer of the Emmy-nominated mini-series Hitler: the Rise to Evil.

Kindness in Kansas

What would you do if suddenly left stranded with a few grandchildren in the middle of nowhere? Look for Irv's Kosher Market.

Jews and Anti-Jews

Hatred of Israel is a crutch Arab states have to give up.

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