Anti-Semitic Poet's Society

Harvard invites, then dis-invites, then re-invites, a prominent British academic who wants Jews ‘shot dead.'

Touched By An Angel

God has many ways to communicate with us. It's the unexpected ones we remember forever.

The Michigan Rally: A Report

With events organized by students themselves, students refused to let such hate of the Jewish people and Israel to go unanswered.

Back to Peoplehood

The recent National Jewish Population Survey reveals a shrinking Jewish people. Is the solution more numbers?

Campus Hate Parade?

Anti-Semitic incidents on campus seem to be on the rise. If this were happening to Muslims, there would be a national uproar.

Truth-telling at Harvard

The president of Harvard speaks out against the spread of anti-Semitic actions on elite campuses.

Middle East Studies Blacklist

The West stakes a claim on campus.

Riot at Concordia

In Montreal, a speech by Bibi Netanyahu is cancelled when hundreds of pro-Palestinian turn to violence.

The World Changed. Did I?

This past year forced us to ask the question, "What am I willing to die for?" Living with that answer will bring lasting change.

The music of Miriam

Jewish women can turn to the life of Miriam, the sister of Moses, as a model of hope in the most dire of circumstances.

The Dead End of Jewish Culture

One-quarter of American Jews have rejected watered-down Judaism in favor of full-strength Christianity. Why?

The Global Surge of Anti-Semitism

Why the tendency to downplay Jew-hatred?

Downfall of the Enemy

How should we feel upon seeing an evil person destroyed?

The Great Tu B'Av Project

A practical way to help fellow Jews find lifetime partners and build Jewish homes.

Maintaining Memory_

Do we really need a new Holocaust every few generations in order to remember? We already have a day: Tisha B'Av.

Rude Awakenings

Jewish students are becoming more defiant in the Middle East wars on U.S. campuses.

Our Christian Friends

Being a friend to another person or to a group of people is different from using them, however amiably.

History Abuse

With the recent assault against the Jewish people and Jewish history, Tisha B'Av takes on a special poignancy this year.

Paris, When It Sizzles With Hate

Is the French Jewish establishment in denial about anti-Semitism? A portrait of a community under siege.

My response to Anti-Semitism

The cause of anti-Semitism is also the solution.

Israel Spiritual Symposium: Assumptions and Reality

The Mideast conflict is about eradicating false assumptions and joining forces with Ultimate Truth.

The UN Won't Investigate the Real Tragedy

There is no justice to be had in the UN for the Jewish state.

The True Face of Israeli Youth

A new poll reveals surprises that undermine the stereotype.

Europe's War Against the Jews

Europe hates it when Jews fight back.

Israel Spiritual Symposium: What Are We Dying For For?

Israel's moment of truth forces Jews worldwide to identify themselves.

Can The Whole World Be Wrong?

The whole world condemns Israel. What else is new?

54 Ways You Can Help Israel

Incredible ideas for how to help Israel at this crucial time.

Help Israel Now

In difficult times, we can't continue as if nothing has happened.

Stopping the Horror

The situation is nothing short of desperate. The time has come to lift our spiritual cataracts.

Upside-Down World

Events in the Jewish world can sometimes only be explained while standing on your head.

A Zionist Manifesto

Is Israel fighting a losing battle?

Media Critique #39 - Classic CNN Bias

CNN mentions the name, age and hometown of the suicide bomber -- but not of the Jewish victims.

Get Me To The Church On Time

Choosing to marry someone who shares the defining values of your life is not racist.

Jews Without Children: A Tu B'Shvat Teaching

Men and women like myself, who are unable to have children, should not feel that they are incomplete Jews.

France and England's Jewish Problem

When a British journalist blows the whistle on European anti-Semitism, some try to minimize the damage.

Hebrew School Daze

Are Jewish day schools undemocratic?

An Old Story: Anti-Semitism, Past and Present

The worst things to accuse the Jews of: racism, apartheid, genocide, colonialism.

The Courage to be Different

A Jewish boy's request for a Christmas tree leads to an important discovery: to be truly universal, we must first be able to give to the world our own unique light.

How To Work Miracles - The God Factor: Part 2

The distinction between the natural and the miraculous is only one of human perception. Everything that occurs is really a miracle.

Intellectual Honesty

Acknowledging and admitting one's limits is a sign of greatness, not weakness.

The God Factor: Part 1

Chanukah comes to teach us how history can take the most unlikely turns and produce the most improbable victors.

We Have Lost A Father

The Jewish world lost one of its greatest leaders, Rabbi Shach, whose concern encompassed every Jew.

Israel Now

Is the future of American Jewry secure?

Resurrecting an Ancient Face of Evil

Virulent anti-Semitism is alive and well, and proliferates across the Arab world.

Seeking Peace

Let us say to our enemies: We do not seek our freedom at the cost of yours; therefore do not seek yours at the cost of ours.

Learning How To Speak To Generation X

Lack of knowledge and an ingrained sense of moral relativism make it difficult for Jewish college students to fully identify with Israel.

Apocalypse Now?

The terrorist's power is psychological. What will happen to the Western world when its bubble of security and control is pricked?

Of Bombings and Hope

The Jewish people know what it's like to endure vicious attacks. And we can learn how to avoid them, too.

Hero of Flight 93

Jeremy Glick joins a line of courageous Jewish heroes.

Celebration of Terror

When Palestinians celebrate terror attacks, the media is strong-armed into suppressing its coverage. Here's why.

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