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Hating Jews on Campus

Hating Jews on Campus

Watch the powerful 30-minute documentary, Crossing the Line, that exposes the growing anti-Israel sentiment on campuses across North America.


Anti-Israel hatred on campus crests each year during an event called “Israel Apartheid Week.” With this ominous name and programs that thrive on ignorance and blind disregard for the facts, tens of thousands of college students are urged to rise up against Israel – painfully evoking the types of racist characterizations of the Jewish people which defined attitudes once heard in Europe in the middle of the last century. Warning: this year's display will come to a campus near you before the end of February.

These campus initiatives were incubated in 2001 at the first Durban Conference, proclaiming "no apartheid South Africa in the 20th century and no apartheid Israel in the 21st." This battle cry sparked the BDS movement calling for boycotts, divestment and sanctions to punish Israel, and it all evolved into an invective-loaded campaign that found a degree of favor on campuses coast to coast, not to mention among some labor unions, churches, media and cultural institutions. But it is based on a lie.

Typically, those hurling these charges against Israel hope that their audiences are ignorant of the facts. In apartheid South Africa, blacks were not allowed to use white hospitals, they could not attend white universities and they could not participate in the South African parliament. Visit Hadassah Hospital today, or any other health facility in Israel, and see Jewish and Arab doctors caring for Jewish and Arab patients. Witness for yourself at Hebrew University or any institution of higher learning as Jewish and Arab professors teach students of different backgrounds. Go to the Knesset, and observe the debates involving both Jewish and Arab parliamentarians.

Given this reality, Justice Richard Goldstone, a former judge on the South African Supreme Court wrote in the New York Times on October 31, 2011: "The charge that Israel is an apartheid state is a false and malicious one that precludes, rather than promotes, peace and harmony." Goldstone, it should be remembered did not have a problem criticizing Israeli policies in the aftermath of its 2008-2009 military operation in the Gaza Strip. But when it came to calling Israel and apartheid state like the old South Africa, with which he was intimately familiar, he firmly rejected the charge which was completely divorced from the reality of Modern Israel.

No nation has fought racism more consistently than the Jewish people, whether through the anti-apartheid activists in the South African Jewish community or through those American Jews who joined the civil rights movement and locked arms with Martin Luther King, Jr. The Jewish state was founded on the very same moral outlook, reflecting the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam, or repairing the world, which is deeply held across the Jewish religious spectrum. When Israeli medical teams rushed to international disaster zones in Turkey (1999), Kosovo (1999), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2008), and Haiti (2010), helping the afflicted regardless of their race or creed, they were driven by the very same core Jewish value.

Moreover, no group cherishes or champions freedom of speech more than the Jewish people. But, the systematic dissemination of hate-based lies is not what freedom is about. This crosses the line. No one has a license to lie, manipulate or manufacture falsehoods. Make no mistake, the primary characteristics of Israel Apartheid Week programming are terrible, unjustified charges expressly aimed at demonizing Israel. Unsubstantiated allegations, constantly repeated, take a toll on American opinion, despite bedrock gut support for Israel which, thankfully, exists as a strong counter-force to this mass exercise in propaganda. Studies confirm that when accurate information about Israeli policies, society and values is provided, the false arguments are uniformly rejected.

Our most critical challenge is to educate the young and to begin this process during high school years or earlier--long before they arrive on college campuses. Our students feel confident and empowered when they know the facts and can challenge group-think favoring Israel's isolation, dismantlement or destruction. We are duty-bound to engage students in creative, effective ways, through the media they best relate to: Facebook, Twitter and other Internet communication. We must knock down the posturing of the IAW agitators, who could not care less about promoting peace or helping people in the Mideast. Encouraged by foreign governments that do NOT share Israel's commitment to democracy and human rights, they are the purveyors of hatred, akin to many others who have preceded them.

Here's the good news. Friends of Israel are not backing off or ignoring the challenge. Important new initiatives are already working hard to roll back the hatred. We must spare no effort to protect full legal rights and freedom of speech for pro-Israel students on campus. Visual communications which have the power to speak the truth immediately and graphically are one super-critical tool required for this process.

I conclude with a vitally important call to action, as easy to do as it is effective: I invite you to watch a film of monumental importance called Crossing the Line. This powerful 30-minute documentary exposes the growing anti-Israel sentiment taking root on college campuses across North America. Once you understand the problem, I hope you will join me in my quest to make sure all Jewish students are educated and empowered with the facts about Israel.

If modern Jewish history has taught our generation anything, it is that no threat to our existence should ever be ignored. Generations to come will judge us for what we do, or do not do, today to secure Israel's future. I urge you to view Crossing the Line today — in a group setting or from the comfort of your living room— and to share it with the high school and university students in your family and in your community.

February 26, 2012

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Visitor Comments: 15

(15) Bobby5000, August 6, 2017 11:16 PM

apartheid week

Guidelines for apartheid week,

1. Do not mention that Jews are barred from many occupations and have been barred from many countries. The Jewish communities in Yemen, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, and Iran have been decimated.

2. That there are 19 of 20 countries representing 99% of the land and again where Jews cannot practice. The exclusion of Jews in these countries is not considered.

3. Jews were extraordinarily cooperative and non-confrontational during the holocaust. Largely without violence, they stopped occupations, turned over property, moved out of their homes, and reported when requested where many were murdered and others packed into crowded cars and taken to to concentration camps. Several lessons were gleaned from the holocaust: do not count on the world to help or intervene, if someone says they will destroy Jews assume they mean it, Jews should not wait when they are attacked and defensesless but instead take action, kindly words of assurance said to Jewish leaders are far less reliable than venal threats made behind the scenes, assume the worst, and be prepared for defense.

(14) Don Rosenberg, April 11, 2012 5:14 PM

Jewish students need to unite more and speak out !!

These arab muslim parasites on campus should be kicked out of school and forced to pay back any grant money. They speak of lies and racism against Jews and should be attacked with the truth. Any violence against Jewish students ,should be paid back against these parasites and illiterate morons.

(13) Kanyin, March 13, 2012 12:53 AM


WOW! What an awesome video! I am ashamed that my University took part in the IAW. This video is so informative and I hope that the right information gets out there! Please don't give up in your support for Israel people! We support you! I'm from Canada and I stand for Israel!

(12) Beverly Kurtin, March 6, 2012 1:55 AM

They don't know what the word means!

College aged students should have the ability to distinguish between lies and the truth. Unfortunately, they don’t. Ask one of them what Apartheid means and they will not be able to give you an answer. Then ask them about the so-called Nakba, the Arab term for disaster. “Who had a larger movement of people, the Jews or the Arabs?” Invariably, they will say “the Arabs.” I have even had Jewish students tell me the same thing! I carry my Kindle Fire (Kindle Aish?) with me at all times. I show them the videos of Danny Alalon’s “The Truth About the Refugees” video on YouTube. It is a MP4 video. The truth is that only about 500,000 Arabs were displaced even though Israel begged them to stay and that they would have equal rights with other Israelis. They decided to listen to their grand mufti who promised that in a few days Israel would be no more and they could return to their homes. Meanwhile, between 800,000 to 1,000,000 Jews were thrown out of the countries in which they had lived for centuries, even before Islam was invented. Israel immediately accepted the refugees and the Arab countries refused their own people the same courtesy. They wanted to keep Arab refugee camps as open sores. The video spells it all out. Arab citizens of Israel serve equally with their Jewish neighbors in the Israeli Knesset, an Arab judge just sentenced a former president of Israel to prison for crimes committed while president. Miss Israel is a beautiful Arab girl. They serve side by side with the IDF. In other words, the Arabs and the Druez, etc have equal rights in Israel. Those who feel that boycotting Gaza are unaware that any boat approaching Gaza must be searched for weapons. Israel sends in truckloads of necessities of life. This is apartheid? Finally I ask "Who murdered nearly 3,000 human beings on 9/11?" Who murdered Olympians in Germany? Who breeds terrorism around the world? It isn't Israel. It is the Arabs whose people are treated like cattle. Fight ignorance!

(11) Anonymous, March 2, 2012 8:54 PM

Never Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are proud, we are strong, we will not forget. We will tell our children. We will overcome. The germans made us Jewish and we will never let that happen again. We are one with you Isreal. Amen.

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