A swastika is spray-painted on the door of a Jewish fraternity. A student wearing a Star of David is accused of being a “baby-killer”. Another is physically assaulted. The battle for Israel has now reached North American Universities. It is fought in student governments against the BDS movement. It is fought on campus, where pro-Israel students face aggression from SJP radicals. And it is being fought online, where Israel is regularly attacked and vilified.

When faced with this constant barrage of anti-Semitism, we all react differently. Some continue to go about their daily business, ignoring the problem. Others silently defend Israel, perhaps liking a pro-Israel Facebook post and others get involved; they speak up on campus, write pro-Israel op-eds for their university’s newspaper or they even join pro-Israel campus organizations such as Hasbara Fellowships, Camera or StandWithUs.

Now there is a new, exciting and empowering way to make a difference – Video Activism.

Video Activism has teamed up with Onward Israel and the Israel American Council to create a fantastic six-week internship program. We will give you the tools to advocate for Israel, while spending an exciting, eye-opening and life-changing summer in Jerusalem’s Old City. The internship consists of video production, Israel advocacy training and Jewish identity programming, in addition to incredible trips, community outreach and shabbat experiences that only a summer spent in Israel will give you.

Like all the best Israel summer programs, Video Activism has incredible activities and trips lined up to maximize your time. Whether it’s a day on a desert hike or paintballing, or an evening at one of Israel’s best wineries, you are sure to enjoy every free moment. We have community outreach activities, like a trip to Save a Child’s Heart, and Shabbatons to allow you to spend meaningful and memorable Shabbats here in Israel.

You will start your day with classes to expand your Jewish horizons. Topics include Jewish philosophy, relationships and personal development, as well as introductions to Kabbalah and classic Jewish texts. There will even be an ulpan, to expand your Hebrew vocabulary past “hello” and “thank you!” This will all be taught to you by a dynamic and dedicated staff who want to answer all your questions.

Our Israel advocacy includes professional training from our experienced team, panels featuring experts in the field and activities that will give you a front row seat to the vital world of Israel Advocacy.

Most exciting is our video training. Experts will teach you video production including scriptwriting, story construction, composition, video editing, voiceover, viral marketing and more. Students will produce their own videos, work on a group project and then get their content out to the world.

Our previous interns have produced hundreds of videos, here are just a few...

Places are limited and time is running out. To apply go to www.onwardisrael.com/category/oi-new-application-form. Visit us at www.VideoActivism.tv or contact us for more information: action@VideoActivism.tv