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Arabs Blame "Jewish" Filmmaker

Sep 22, 2012 at 08:56:31 PM

I wrote here how the media reported that the controversial film, "Innocence of Muslims," was made "with Jewish money, by a Jewish filmmaker" – an Israeli, in fact, trying to "help his native land."

We now know that the filmmaker is really an Egyptian-American Coptic Christian named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Yet Associated Press and others failed in this most basic obligation to fact-check.

Not surprisingly, the Muslim world has continued this theme, blaming the Jews for producing the inflammatory anti-Islam film.

This cartoon appeared in the newspapers Ar-Raya (Qatar) and Ash-Shuruq (Algeria).

The caption reads: "The Killing of the US Ambassador in Libya." Note the stars of David on the filmmaker's shirtsleeves.

Tragically, these lies are more than just factual inaccuracies or a PR issue. These myths remain firmly engraved in Arab lore, fomenting an atmosphere of mistrust that will linger for decades, and that ultimately undermine the possibility of peaceful coexistence.

HT: Tom Gross

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(3) Orrin, July 26, 2015 3:00 AM

Arabs Lie. Get Used to It.

During the attempted murder of Israel in 1967, the Egyptian and Syrian governments lied to their own people, announcing non-existent victories over the Evil Zionists. Nasser even lied to Hussein to get him to participate.

And the lies continue today: Jews stole "Palestinian" land...the Jews are "occupying" Palestine (and before 1967, was there a sovereign state called Palestine?)...blah blah blah.

With any luck, the rest of the world, except for a few contemptible Jew-haters, really doesn't care enough to help these liars.

If there really is a God, they will all burn in hell.

(2) Anonymous, November 1, 2012 1:41 PM

Arabs blame Jews for Toxic Film

The very root of Arab hate comes from their religious leaders. The Arab is then a walking time bomb that is waiting to be ignited and exploded. The mention of religious names and symbols means death even to innocent lives. This is a cult of death. Not life.

(1) Yaakov, September 25, 2012 5:46 AM

The Film Was An Excuse, Not the Cause

It is fairly clearly documented that the Arabs had planned an aggressive action against the US Embassy for 9/11 as a terrorist act. This obscure, amateurish film (which noone would have heard of otherwise) was an afterthought. Of course, blaming it on the Jews was gravy.


Hungarian Nazis in the News

Aug 7, 2012 at 10:51:14 PM

The story of Hungarian Jewry during World War Two is one of the most tragic elements of the Holocaust.

The community of approximately 850,000 Hungarian Jews avoided deportation during much of the war, but in May 1944 sweeping transports were begun to Auschwitz. On a typical day, 12,000 Hungarian Jews were being unloaded from cattle cars and directed straight to the gas chambers.

Over 70% of Hungarian Jewry was wiped out in a span of months – what Winston Churchill would later call "the greatest and most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world."

And now Hungarian Nazis are back in the news.

Laszlo Csatary, the world's most-wanted Nazi war criminal who was a Hungarian police commander, has now been arrested in Hungary. The 97-year-old Csatary was in charge of the Jewish ghetto in Kassa, Hungary, where in April 1944 he supervised the loading of 16,000 Jews onto trains headed for the crematoria at Auschwitz.

Csatary was convicted in absentia for war crimes and sentenced to death by a court in Czechoslovakia in 1948. He escaped to Canada where he lived under a fake identity for nearly 50 years. He escaped again, before being tracked down in Budapest.

Another "Hungarian Nazi" was in the news this week when it was revealed that Hungarian politician Csanad Szegedi, a member of European Parliament, discovered that his maternal grandmother was Jewish and had been imprisoned in Auschwitz.

The irony is that Szegedi is a member of Jobbik, a radical neo-Nazi party which has proclaimed it the "duty" of all Hungarians to "prepare for armed battle against the Jews."

Szegedi, who now says he is proud of his Jewish heritage, recently met with the Chief Rabbi of Hungary. In response, the Jobbik party is pressuring him to resign his seat in European Parliament.

Nearly 70 years after the war, remnants of Nazism are alive and well in Hungary.

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(1) Alexander Huzau, August 9, 2012 1:30 PM

Nazism remnants

Unfortunately, Nazism is alive not only in Hungary but almost in the whole Europe. These are not remnant roots, but new strains.


Yemenite Jews in Yemen

Jun 22, 2012 at 01:11:34 AM

Not long ago I picked up a hitchhiker in Israel. I don't usually do so randomly, but this guy had a sincere look about him. He got in and I started the conversation.

"Where are you from?" I asked.

"I was born in Yemen," he answered.

I thought that all the Yemenite Jews had come to Israel on Operation Magic Carpet in 1950. He looked about 18 years old, and my brain quickly calculated that something didn't jive here.

"If you were born in Yemen, when did you come to Israel?" I asked.

"Two weeks ago," he said.

I was shocked. He then told me all about life in Yemen, and about his transition to a far more Western culture. (He was wielding a smartphone and seemed to fit right in.)

It turns out there are about 130 Jews still living in Yemen today. The hitchhiker told me that his family had stayed so long because of business reasons; they left because Yemen has seen a rise in radical Islamic fervor (think USS Cole) and threats against Jews. In 2008, a 30-year-old rabbi was killed when a Yemenite air force pilot told him, "Jew, accept Islam's message" and then shot him five times.

Just this month Aharon Zindani, a 49-year-old Yemenite man, was tragically stabbed to death in what is being described as an anti-Semitic incident. He was buried in Israel on Thursday.

Jews have lived in Yemen uninterrupted for nearly 3,000 years. It's incredible to think that may soon come to an end.

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(3) Vered Taeizi, December 9, 2015 1:00 PM

Yemenite Jewish Family Names

Adeni, Adani עדני
Aharon, Aharoni אהרון ,אהרוני
Alnaddaf, Nadaf אלנדאף
Amram עמרם
Argov ארגוב
Atari עטרי
Badani בדני
Badihi בדיחי
Bashari בשארי
Carmi כרמי
Chorath חורית
Cohen כהן
Dahari דהרי
Damari דמארי
Drori דרורי
Fayumi פיומי
Garidi גרידי
Gibly ג'בלי
Glosca גלוסקא
Golan גולן
Habani חבני
Hajbi חג'בי
Halevi הלוי
Hashai חשאי
Harazi חרזי
Haybi חייבי
Haza חזה
Jamil ג’מיל
Janah ג’נח
Kahalani קהלני
Kesser קיסר
Kobashi כובשי
Ladani לדני
Levi לוי
Maatuf מעטוף
Mahpud מחפוד
Maimon מימון
Massami מסאמי
Ma’uda מעודה
Nahari נהרי
Nagar, Najjar נגר
Nini ניני
Orkabi עורקבי
Ozeri עוזרי
Patihi פתיחי
Qafih/Kapach קאפח
Ratzabi רצאבי
Sabari, Tzubari, Tzoubari, Zubari, Subari, Tzabari צברי
Salah צאלח
Sharabi שרעבי
Shabzi שבזי
Shaki שאקי
Sulami סולמי
Ta’asa תעסה
Tabib, Taviv טביב
Taeizi, Taizi טעיזי
Tanami תנעמי
Tasi, Tessi טסי
Tavori תבורי
Tawil טוויל
Tzaadi צעדי
Tzadak, Tsadak צדק
Tzan’ani צנעני
Yakobi יעקובי
Yekutiel יקותיאל
Yemini ימיני
Yichye יחיא
Yitzhaki יצחקי
Yishai ישי
Zandani זנדאני
Zhairi צעירי

(2) Anonymous, February 8, 2015 6:24 PM

8th February 2015

please do something for the Jews in Yemen. Help them to make Aliya

(1) Tiferet, October 13, 2014 7:02 PM

All of the Jews will come back.

They can still, now, come by choice. Many have come most recently from France, the rest will soon come.


Capital of Israel: Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

May 20, 2012 at 03:27:38 AM

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem. Israel designated Jerusalem as its capital in 1950, yet most countries maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv due to ongoing political debate with the Palestinians. This has given rise to an unprecedented situation whereby a sovereign state – Israel – is denied the diplomatic right to choose the location of its capital city.

The U.S. Congress sought to reverse this travesty with the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, passed by overwhelming bipartisan majority in both the House and Senate. The act states that "Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel and the United States Embassy in Israel should be established in Jerusalem no later than May 31, 1999."

Since then, a parade of U.S. presidents have promised to uphold this pledge. But since the congressional act allows the President to implement a waiver at six-month intervals, that's exactly what has happened every six months since 1995.

This has created a situation whereby politicians, the media, and the world at large routinely ignore the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Last month, the Washington Post printed this ditty:

Obama's more aggressive message this year reflects the increasing concern in Washington, Tel Aviv and other capitals about Iran's enrichment program, which Israel believes will be used to produce a nuclear weapon.

Similarly, the Wall Street Journal has referred to Israel's capital as Tel Aviv, noting the "strains between Washington and Tel Aviv" ("U.S., Israel Spar in Public, But Defense Ties are Strong," May 4, 2010), while CNN referred to "an explosion in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv" ("Blast in Israeli Capital," January 22, 2006).

This one really takes the prize: The London Guardian correctly referred to Jerusalem as Israel's capital - but then printed this retraction/correction:

The caption on a photograph featuring passengers on a tram in Jerusalem... wrongly referred to the city as the Israeli capital. The Guardian style guide states: "Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel; Tel Aviv is."

I'm not sure what can be done about all this, but one young man has taken the fight to court, and just last month the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that American citizens born in Jerusalem can list their birthplace as "Israel."

Even Republican candidate Ron Paul, long known as a critic of Israel, made this recent statement:

"If Israel wants their capital to be Jerusalem, then the United States should honor that. How would we like it if some other nation said, 'We decided to recognize New York City as your capital instead, so we will build our embassy there'?"

In the meantime, with or without "international approval," the city that King David designated as the capital of Israel and the Jewish people is 45 years unified, 3,000-plus years Jewish, and still going strong. Check out this cool panorama view of modern Jerusalem.

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(6) jim, September 5, 2012 10:01 PM

trying to change history again? great! keep it up! the world wont hate you for it LOL

(5) Beverly Kurtin, May 21, 2012 10:39 PM

Jerusalem: The ETERNAL Capitol of Israel

Let's face it: Jerusalem is, has and always WILL BE the Capitol of Israel. Show me anywhere in Tenach where it says, "Pray for the piece of Tel Aviv." Don't get eye strain trying to find it since it doesn't exist. My feelings about Jerusalem being even a millimeter of Jerusalem belonging to Arabs is not printable. There is not and has not EVER been any part of any "Arab Nation." The only nation that has ever existed as an independent nation on that land is the STATE OF ISRAEL and prior to that it was Judea. The "media" insists on calling East Jerusalem as "Arab East Jerusalem." THEY LIE, LIE, LIE oh, did I mention that they lie? If I had my druthers, any "reporter" that used that combination of words would be expelled from the State Stat. Where do we find, "Next year in Tel Aviv?" in the Passover Hagaddah? You'll go blind trying to find it. JERUSALEM IS THE CAPITOL OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE IN AND OUT OF THE DIASPORA. WE FACE OUR HOUSES OF WORSHIPS TOWARDS JERUSALEM. The Arabs point their rear ends at Jerusalem while praying toward Mecca. End of message, formerly known as "30{

(4) LVSteveo1, May 20, 2012 9:56 PM

Israel's Capital

What's the big deal - except in certain quarters (i.e. Arab) Jerusalem is generally recognized, and IS Israel's capital. No ands, ifs & buts about this fact. . .

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Vidal Sassoon: Defender of Jews

May 12, 2012 at 11:17:14 AM

Iconic hair-dresser Vidal Sassoon died this week at age 84. What many don't know is that Sassoon, a Sephardic Jew who grew up in London, had a long history of fighting anti-Semitism.

At age 18 he joined the "43 Group," a Jewish defense organization working against post-World War II anti-Semitism. Sassoon and compatriots scoured the streets of east London breaking up fascist gatherings -- a legacy that later earned him the title of "anti-fascist warrior-hairdresser."

Of those early years in London, Sassoon recalled:

Anti-Semitism was absolutely rife. I mean, it was nothing for another kid to say to you, "Dirty Jew." And although England was a good place to be, especially with Churchill and the fight against the Nazis, there was always that sense of the Jews being second-class citizens.

In 1948, at age 20, Sassoon jumped at the chance to stand up as a proud Jew and volunteered to fight in Israel's War of Independence. He later described that experience as "the best year of my life":

When you think of 2,000 years of being put down and suddenly you are a nation rising, it was a wonderful feeling. There were only 600,000 people defending the country against five armies, so everyone had something to do.

Sassoon described how he

"took a hill and attacked at four in the morning, took them by surprise. It was a hill overlooking a main road where the Egyptian heads of the army were heading. If they had passed this spot they would have been in Tel Aviv in a few hours but we took them. Many Egyptians died trying to get up that hill."

Sassoon continued his fight for Jewish causes throughout his lifetime. In 1982, he founded the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.Robert S. Wistrich, director of Center, writes:

Insistently, Vidal dwelt on his Jewish roots. He told me that ever since he could remember, he had carried within him this seemingly inexplicable and mysterious sense of Jewish difference. Though he remained a Universalist who passionately believed in the oneness of mankind, for him Jewish uniqueness was simply a fact.

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(1) Phyllis kessel, May 13, 2012 1:06 PM

Vidal Sasson

I had interviewed Vdal on my regional radio program ,as well as his then wife Beverly. We had a long lunch and discussion about Israel and his dedication to its survival. This was soon after the '67 war H e was a fne man.


The “Fashionable” Yellow Star

Apr 22, 2012 at 01:24:24 PM

Just when you think you've seen the height of insensitivity, there's this:

The "hipster" clothing company Urban Outfitters is now selling a t-shirt bearing a six-pointed Star of David patch that ― along with the bright yellow shirt fabric ― is clearly suggestive of the infamous "yellow star" worn by European Jews under Nazi persecution.

This is not the first time that Urban Outfitters has offended Jewish sensibilities. In 2004 they marketed a shirt bearing the words "Everybody Loves a Jewish Girl" surrounded by dollar signs and shopping bags.

During the second Intifada, the chain sold Palestinian kaffiyehs which they referred to as "antiwar scarves." Another shirt showed a Palestinian youth carrying an AK-47 assault rifle over the word "Victimized."

And now, marketing Nazi concentration camp symbols to impressionable youth? There's no excuse.

Update: Wood Wood, the Danish producers of the shirt, is apparently marketing it under the rubric of "Mescaline Mathematics" - fashion featuring interconnected geometrical shapes. So is the Nazi connotation genuine, or just another Rorschach test for those attuned to the Holocaust?

Update #2: Now it's getting more interesting. Wood Wood has issued a statement acknowledging that "when we received the prototype of this particular style we did recognize the resemblance" to the Star of David. The statement is signed by Wood Wood co-founder, Brian SS Jensen (no kidding - "SS").

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(6) MitchA, April 26, 2012 6:34 PM

I can't find it

You are right. there is no excuse for something like this. However I went to U.O. web page and looked for the shirt so I can call them with an item number and complain. Lo and behold, it only shows the shirt. Without the 'star'. Can anyone find the item online and let me know the item number? Thanks

(5) Richard Garza-Ray, April 24, 2012 10:16 PM

Perhaps a worldwide boycot of Wood Wood products might get their attention to change their insensentive ways to make a dollar.

(4) Andy, April 23, 2012 9:32 PM

$100 for a tee shirt with holocaust themed star. Maybe number tatoos will come stylish as well.

At the risk of inspiring more antisemitic jokes re cheap Jews it seems to me that anyone foolish enough to pay $100 for a holocaust themed/star tee shirt is an idiot in more ways than one. Speaking of insensitivity I was flipping thru channels on TV last week and on a cable talk show "Chelsea Lately" someone commeneted re the subject of tatoos that "one is never too old to get a tatoo, and he heard of someone getting one at Auchweitz when he was over sixty years of age." Even the often jaded Jewish host and her other guest seemed a bit taken aback and moved the conversation to another subject. It's a long galut. Am yisroel chai.

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Jewish Lineage to Lead Venezuela?

Apr 17, 2012 at 06:44:52 AM by:

When Venezuelans head to the polls for a presidential election this October, a new rising star will be opposing Hugo Chavez, the socialist firebrand who has held power for the past 13 years.

The opponent is 39-year-old Henrique Capriles Radonski, whose Jewish descent has become a hallmark of his political career. His maternal grandparents were Jewish refugees from Russia and Poland who fled during World War II, arriving in Venezuela with nothing but “a suitcase full of clothes.” His grandmother's parents were in the Warsaw Ghetto and murdered by the Nazis in Treblinka.

Though Capriles describes himself as a "fervent Catholic," he is proud of his Jewish ancestry and doesn’t shy away from it. “Because of my mother and grandmother, for Jews I’m Jewish…” he said. Indeed, the Venezuelan media won’t let Capriles forget those roots: A popular magazine recently depicted a Star of David superimposed on his photo.

Additionally, Capriles’ enemies have used anti-Semitic rhetoric against him and accused him of being part of a Jewish conspiracy. In 2009 pro-Chavez activists ransacked his office, spraying swastikas on the wall and (ironically) calling him a “Nazi.”

Anti-Israel fervor has risen sharply during the Chavez presidency. In December 2007, after Chavez pushed through a constitutional referendum to abolish term limits, masked and armed police raided the Jewish Center in Caracas. A year later, a dozen assailants broke into the Grand Synagogue of Caracas, where they bound and gagged security guards, tore open the Holy Ark, scattered its contents irreverently across the floor, destroyed administrative files, and spray-painted the walls with horned devils and “Death Now.”

Chavez himself has accused Israel of committing "genocide" and a "new Holocaust" against the Palestinians. He claimed that "Israeli Mossad terrorists" have tried to kill him, and in 2009 broke all diplomatic ties with Israel.

In recent years, life has been become increasingly difficult for the Jewish community of Venezuela. Many Jews have emigrated due to a rise in violent crime, an anti-Israel atmosphere, and economic hardship. (Chavez has nationalized the cement, steel, banking and lucrative oil industries, stripping many upper-class Jews of their wealth.) The Jewish population of Venezuela, which once numbered in the tens of thousands, has dropped to less than 10,000.

In the meantime, Chavez has become chummy with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, commiserating about having atomic bombs at their disposal. Chavez hosted Ahmadinejad (as well as Syrian dictator Bashar Assad) on a recent trip to Venezuela and has declared an "axis of unity" against the United States.

Come October, world attention will be focused on Venezuela, with the hope that Capriles can defeat Chavez and usher in a new era of moderation and normalcy.


Mel Gibson Strikes Again

Apr 15, 2012 at 11:34:19 PM by:

Mel GibsonMel Gibson, the Hollywood star whose repeated anti-Semitic tirades have offended people of conscience, is at it again.

Joe Eszterhas, who wrote a screenplay for Gibson about the Chanukah hero Judah Maccabee, claims that Gibson

  • frequently spews "looney, rancid" derogatory epithets against Jews
  • falsely claims that the Torah refers to sacrificing Christian babies
  • engages in various forms of Holocaust denial, and
  • refers to Jews as "oven-dodgers," a vile allusion to the millions of Jews incinerated in Nazi crematoria.

That’s some rap sheet. But that’s not all – for years Gibson has incensed Jewish groups, who protested anti-Semitic elements in his controversial film, The Passion of the Christ.

In 2006, when Gibson was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, his real feelings slipped out and he ranted to the police officer – who happened to be Jewish – that "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

Mel’s father, Hutton Gibson, raised his son on a steady diet of conspiracy theories, Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic dogma, which consigned all Jews to hell (as well as anyone else who doesn’t buy into his specific brand of radical Catholicism). For rejecting Jesus, Gibson reportedly described Jews as “either Satanic or the dupes of Satan.”

At this point, it looks like the end of the line for Gibson’s involvement in the Judah Maccabee film. That is surely a relief to all those who honor the memory of this great Jewish hero. And especially given that Gibson, according to Eszterhas, had planned to use the Judah Maccabee movie as a way to “convert Jews to Christianity.”

Who knows – when Steven Spielberg gets through with his movie about Moses (or when Russell Crowe finishes filming "Noah"), maybe he’ll pick up the Judah Maccabee idea.

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(17) Anonymous, April 30, 2012 6:28 AM

enough his enough

When is this anti-semite going to be boycotted for the bigot that he is! He has enough money to retire on forever! Even his wife had enough of his disgusting ways.

(16) Lloyd Bergner, M.D., April 24, 2012 4:16 PM

Boycott Mel Gibson's Flicks

The seltzer bottle doesn't fall far from the truck His father taught him well

(15) Rose Mclemore, April 22, 2012 10:46 PM

so much hate

Mel stars in Great Movies, great actor...... bad apple that fell as close to the tree as possible. I've never understood all the hoopla about these people on our TV screens, thinking their opinions matter.

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Toulouse and Us

The horrific murder of Rabbi Sandler and three young children is a wake-up call for Jews worldwide.

Mar 19, 2012 at 12:47:19 PM

The world is recoiling from the horrific slaughter at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France that killed Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his two sons, and a young girl.

Rabbi Sandler, age 30, was sent from Israel to strengthen the Jewish community in France. He was teaching at the same Ozar HaTorah School that he attended as a child.

We now know this was an anti-Semitic act. Which means this is a wake-up call for Jews worldwide.

Some mistakenly think that only the Jews of Israel are in danger ― from Hezbollah in the north, Hamas in the south, and Iran in the nuclear skies above.

Yet while Israel does indeed bear the brunt of anti-Semitism, the fact is that Ahmadinejad and his cohorts view all Jews as equally valid targets. As Hezbollah leader Sheikh Nasrallah so bluntly put it: "If the Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide." (Lebanon Daily Star, October 23, 2002)

One chilling detail being reported is that 3-year-old Gabriel Sandler, gunned down at point blank range in Toulouse, was named after Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, the Chabad emissary who was murdered by terrorists in Mumbai, India, in 2008.

Here in Israel, we are living under tremendous pressure as the threat of nuclear annihilation looms. Yet sometimes I get the feeling that Jews abroad still perceive the threat as "somewhere out there."

In truth, it is right in your backyard.

Rafah, the Iranian news site affiliated with Ahmadinejad, has threatened to "take the war beyond the borders of Iran, and beyond the borders of the region." Last month, Islamists hit Jewish targets in Georgia and India, plus two Iranian-perpetrated blasts in Bangkok, Thailand.

So what's the solution? Can we expect much in the way of international protection (an element which was sorely lacking during the Holocaust)? No, not if the United Nations is any indication. It is the U.N. Human Rights Council that originally scheduled a speech ― today, the very day of the Toulouse slaughter ― by Ismail al-Ashqar, the same senior Hamas official who described the killing of Osama Bin Laden as "state terrorism that America carries out against Muslims."

And in a speech just hours after the murders, Catherine Ashton, one of the highest-ranking European Union officials, juxtaposed "what happened in Toulouse" with "what is happening in Gaza..."

The world is descending into a new round of moral confusion and chaos. The sooner we realize one inalienable truth, the better off we will all be:

Every Jew, no matter where s/he is, cannot separate himself from Israel. We are all one, intrinsically bound for eternity.

Today, let us join together to mourn the murder of Rabbi Sandler and three young children.

And let us feel the pain of the bereaved widow who moved to France with the purest of intentions, and now returns to Israel to bury her husband and two sons.

And let us pledge to take the plight of every Jew fully to heart.

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(59) Amy, March 23, 2012 5:14 AM

Souls and hearts, sorrow, prayer and peace...

Please G-d protect the souls of those 4 folks who were brutally killed, and the hearts of those whom they left behind. My sorrow for the innocent lives cut short (at the hand of a dreadful coward), and my prayers to the family members who now must forever suffer such agony. Peace, peace and peace.

(58) Ari Tzedek, March 22, 2012 5:05 PM

Yes a wake up call, but a bit different than the one you suggest.

I agree that this was a wake up call. But not exactly the one you're portraying. That Jews are the primary targets is obvious, but the world at large are targets as well. I know very few Jews that don't know that there are people waiting to kill us at the first opportunity. It's the rest of the world that has trouble accepting that they are targets, just because they don't believe the same things as those that resort to terror to prove they're right. What happened in France was the perfect example of this. This murderer targeted military personnel first. People that devoted their lives for the causes of freedom and justice. Then he targeted Jews. The cowardice of such people to target those who are helpless is just astounding. The murderers next target, (which he told the police), was going to be more people that dedicated their lives to justice. Perhaps what G-d is trying to wake the world up to is, that if you recognize the barbarism of the terrorists that target the helpless and innocent, and act to right those wrongs, they, in turn, will also be helped. Kudos to France for standing up and going after justice with a vengeance. Kudos to the president of France for asking that Moslems as a whole, not be targeted in retaliation. And kudos to the Palestinian president for clarifying that the murder of those children in France, was in no way like the death of the Palestinian children, who are also victims of an unholy war. My sympathies to the families of all those that have lost children and loved ones to the acts of radicals that have no conscience. May the Sandler family be comforted in the Gates of Zion and Jerusalem. Hamokom Yinachaim

(57) Pinchas, March 22, 2012 1:10 PM

Thank you al-Qaeda

Thank you al-Qaeda, for while we Jews in Israel have been focused on what separates us you do not make such distinctions. While we are distinguishing between religious and secular, hareidi and dati, Sephardi and Ashkenazi, white and black, those who dress modestly and those who don’t, between those who live in cities and those who live in settlements—you al-Qaeda do not see these differences, to you we are all Jews. You do not distinguish between Israeli and French Jews, between Zionist and non-Zionist Jews, between those Jews living in the exile and those who live in Israel. Your hatred is so deep that you don’t even distinguish between Jewish children and their parents, between Jewish students and their teachers. For you understand that we are all the same people, and so thank you for reminding us. Your fighter for al-Qaeda wore a helmet to conceal his face as he attacked the Jewish children in Toulouse. G-d granted him a brief moment to demonstrate mercy when his gun jammed while he held 7 –year-old Miriam by her hair; but he calmly brought out his other weapon and shot her instead - this brave soldier for Islam. But his face was not concealed to us; we have seen this face many times before, it is the face of Amalek that specifically targets Jewish children.... So thank you for reminding us again that the darkest evil has no mercy and will not be moderated or negotiated with. Thank you also for reminding us that you will use whatever weapons are available to you to fulfill your mission so that those of us who have been confused regarding your true nature will now have clarity. Thank you al-Qaeda for reminding Jews living outside of Israel that they are still connected to those who live here and for reminding those in Israel that they are connected to those living in the Diaspora. Thank you for reminding us that we are actually one people, with one G-d and with one land, and that we share the same destiny and we share the same dream.

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