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(8) Frank Adam, June 13, 2012 9:49 AM

Thirties idiots

First the "Reverend" Higazi 's family comes from Western Saudi Arabia - note the g/j shift in his name and how he pronounces it. Apparently this traffic of families and trade across the Red Sea is quite regular historically and not just in the last century. Further the biggest source of Arab migration is from Egypt to other Arab countries - well censused these hundred years. Seeing his well oiled demagoguery for the illiterate - or at least uneducated - explains how Hitler & Mussolini led their peoples into the abyss. Third as with the late unlamented Faisal of Saudi who wanted to pray in Jerusalem before he died; why did the poser not go to pray when Hussein of Jordan held the Haram before1967? If these medioevals really want to just pray, then as peaceful tourists to Jerusalem they can do so - if they have the holiday money to go. As a small country Israel as to box clever - or as in 56 and even over the Peace with Egypt the big countries willl steal the fruits of its efforts. Do consider the priority of the Moslem "Brothers" might well be to inflict and preserve their Islamic agenda on Egypt and as Iran leave trouble making abroad to subsidising rebels; so Israel should try to preserve the formal peace with Egypt and Jordan which keeps some space time and diplomacy between itself and its neighbours - despite themselves.

(7) Wassim, June 13, 2012 6:08 AM

Amnesia and ignorance and delusions of grandeur!

These young martyrs don't remember '67 and '73. Because they don't read, the IDF will have to repeat the lesson anew for every generation! MB = Muslims Backwards

(6) Tony Palmer, June 12, 2012 8:26 PM

No way out other than confrontation

I am an Englishman who tales a very active interest in the Jewish presence in the area that biblically used to be called Judah. It is frightening to see the massed collective hatred there is against the Jews. What it means is that the Israelis can never let down their guard with their neighbours. There is such a fundamental deep-seated hatred here that when one thinks about it, it can actually never go away. Why? Because it is being inculcated into young Arab children as we speak. That means it is set to last at least another generation - and human nature being what it is this hatred could go on in the future for as long as it has gone on in the past! Do your maths! I am with the Jews and wish them well in their land, but you will need an awful lot of help both from your allies and from God Himself to get through this lot.

(5) Michal, June 12, 2012 8:20 PM

Difficult to believe, but they really mean it.

Before the six-day-war, I lived with husband and our first liittle son in Yerucham. Every night I heard Nasser shouting the same things. It reminded me of the shouting of Hitler.In their brains are always how they will kill the Jews.Why can't they think of anything else??? Why is there no improvement? Always the same shouting, the same words, like a prayer-mill. If there would not have been Shavuot, the brit of Hashem with His people Israel, I would despair. But Shavuot took place, is a reality for the Jewish people. And with Hashem beside us, let them all shout as much as they want to. And as more as we turn our lives and our hearts towards Hashem, we will be save. Baruch Hu!

(4) Scott Edelman, June 12, 2012 4:48 PM


Looks like Israel might have to take back the oil fields, cutting-edge air force base, and huge security buffer against its southern neighbor,... Zohar, Shemoth, Section 2, Page 17a Ishmael, who tormented Israel so cruelly in the past, and still rules over her(Temple Mount - my words) and persecutes her for her faith. In truth, the exile under Ishmael is the hardest of all exiles,... Looks like Esau/Amalek have some competition,...Is this a surprise to us?

(3) Charlie Hall, June 12, 2012 3:47 PM

Nothing new

The treaty was Sadat's doing. Mubarak never bought into it; he kept a frigidly cold peace because the US bribed him massively. Meanwhile he was using the instruments of the Egyptian government to inflame anti-Semitism, even promoting the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and permitting large scale arms smuggling into Gaza. Furthermore he and his military cronies (who are still in power as I write this) made an accommodation with the Muslim Brotherhood; hence the MB was the only "opposition" to be prepared for free elections. Fotuoh will not become President of Egypt; he was eliminated in the first round of balloting. The second round is next week; the choice is between Morsy and Ahmed Shafik, who was Mubarak's last Prime Minister. Morsy and Fotuoh together got 42% of the vote and Shafik might get the votes of those who supported two other candidates not connected to political Islam, who shared a total of 55% of the vote. But Shafik is (correctly) viewed as a Mubarak crony and the Egyptian people are sick of the corruption. Another factor is that the Egyptian military intervened to help Shafik in the first round; it is certainly not incredible to imagine that they might do so in the runoff, possibly even stealing the election.

(2) Gary Katz, June 12, 2012 3:21 PM

Just a few observations

1. While thousands die needlessly, Higazi will be safely behind the lines. 2. Interesting how nothing was said about Egypt's economic or social problems. Keep the sheep asleep with scapegoat Israel, I guess... 3. These hate mongers keep saying, "Allah willing." I wonder if any Arabs ever think, "If Allah willed it, we wouldn't have lost every war against Israel!" 4. My dream is a giant crowd responding to exhortations to war by chanting, "You first!" 5. If the Muslim Brotherhood takes over Egypt, Israel should publicly invite them to annex Gaza. Then watch all the leaders choke on their own tongues.

Eric, June 13, 2012 7:39 PM

and a couple more...

Appreciate your insights, Gary, and found them thought-provoking. Especially #4. Quite telling. I just got back from Jerusalem. I was denied entry through a gate to the Temple Mount because I wasn't Muslim. "Only Muslims are allowed to pray here. Not Christians or Jews. You can go to the Western Wall." I think that pretty much sums it all up: which faith would we like to see rule the planet? Because the Jews will let me go there, according to the rules - no problem, and say a prayer of thanks to GOD. And I'm not Jewish. Be strong and courageous, Israel!

Dvirah, August 13, 2012 2:47 PM

Number 5

Your suggestion number 5 is a great idea! We need creative solutions like that.

(1) Stanley Tee, June 12, 2012 2:58 PM

What about the Sinai?

Surely if Egypt renounces (or "revises") the peace treaty, it must then negate ALL of its conditions, including the ones that saw Israel return the Sinai?

gary katz, June 12, 2012 7:28 PM

dream on

Stanley, technically, you're right, but remember the world holds Israel to a higher standard. So if Egypt abrogated certain terms of the treaty, any retaliation by Israel, such as taking back the Sinai (or even a portion thereof) would be deemed "aggression" or "disproportionate response." Personally, I doubt Egypt's military will permit the Muslim Brother Hoods from taking Egypt to the brink of war with Israel. They have little desire to get their butts kicked again. If I were them, I'd tell the clerics, "You join the army and lead us into battle - we'll be right behind you!"


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