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(5) Anonymous, March 21, 2012 10:44 AM

One state solutions break up in civil war

Habsburg and Ottoman Empires, and British India were one state multi-ethnic/multi-nation governments. They broke into separate nation-states when nations want a "room of their own" as Virginia Wolf titled her novel about a notional sister to Shakespeare. When people no longer trust "the king [George III, Louis XVI, Tsar Nicholas II, or ...]" and resolve, "We the people [of the US, India or wherever] will take our government upon ourselves because if we want a job doing properly we have to do it ourself. Then those who do not think themselves belonging because of geography, language or religion walk out - or are expelled. So, "one state solution" is a recipe for another war - re-running 1948 in which Jews or Arabs leave or re-group. Christian Arabs as the smallest group in ex-British Western Palestine so the most vulnerable, unless Israeli Jews take them under their wing to de-Arabise by reviving Aramaic or Greek. These are precedents: Portugal left Spain (1650's), Belgium left Holland 1829, Norway left Sweden (1900ff), Hungary and Austria partially in 1866 and completely in 1918, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria left Turkey in 1820's, 1850's,1870's. World War I opened on Serbia/Jugoslavia leaving the Habsburgs though Jugoslavia broke up over Serbian dominance in the 1990's. Ireland left UK in 1921 but the UK holds together so far, because 85% of the population is in England despite England is only 55% of the land. Chinese Singapore left Moslem Malaysia over religion and language. The Germans and Tsarist Russians, with Poles, French, Hungarians and Irish not disagreeing - and Palestine Arabs - do not consider the Jews as, "we the [Arab/ Catholic] people" expelled and killed Jews, and now do likewise with European Gypsies/Roma and Arab Christians. Israeli Jews fought for a state because diaspora states fell flat on protecting Jews' liberties - and Palestine Arabs pretend to their own state too. A "one state solution" is a war. Shkoach Israel!

(4) Anonymous, March 14, 2012 12:29 AM


I find it hard to believe,a historic university, once considered, if not the best ,one of finest educational institutions in the world ,would be in this position.Combine this with what might be considered a very radical group of professors,not all but enough

(3) Merav Celano, March 6, 2012 11:35 AM

Feast or famine?

Money is power, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. With today's strained economy, finding benefactors for an institution the size of Harvard is extremely difficult. It's no wonder that they accepted such a large "donation". The question is, what do they have to do in return. Even if the Harvard officials try to remain unbiased, their motives will always be suspect. It's inevitable whenever a large contribution is accepted. In an institution that's most precious commodity is young minds, it's obvious what's up for negotiation. I admired Gulliani's refusal of the $10 million, because it was a clear statement that he wouldn't be bought, even though N.Y. could have used the money. Today, tuitions are astronomical, and most students can't afford to pay full tuition. They have to get scholarships or loans that can have them indebted for much of their lives. With the job market being so poor, more people are electing to go to public colleges. So where does that leave institutions like Harvard? They have to rely on their benefactors. I'm sure there are many Jewish benefactors that donate smaller amounts. Those benefactors shouldn't be discounted, because they add up. In a more balanced field, there's less likelihood of bias. I would suggest to Harvard that they be careful. What looks like a seemingly innocuous trend, may actually come back and bite them in the future.

(2) Elisabeth Soros, March 5, 2012 12:05 AM


Many Universityes ar manulative. In the name of democracy , the democratic principles and practices being undermined under different umbrellas. While of the haiter's evilcontinues? What is wrong withe world? Racist, antisemites are thretens by democratism and therefore they wnt to destroy it by manipulation and hate.

(1) Larry Galina, March 4, 2012 6:12 PM

Saudi Prince is a moron

Have all the heads of Harvard lost their minds or is only the president an idiot? Is money the only thing that drives this school? What besides oil has any of the arab nations contributed to anyones weel being. Wake up and smell the roses not the money. STOP BEING BOUGHT!

Anonymous, March 4, 2012 9:26 PM

It's oil money sets the world at work.

at least, that's what politicians believe. It takes a great brave original thinker to acknowledge that there are other more powerful treams than just the oil money.


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