Way #6: Mastering Fear

Roller coasters and horror movies... we pay good money to be scared out of our wits. Harness the energy of "fear" for positive purposes.

Way #7: The True Charisma

Humility is not an inferiority complex. It's doing the right thing and not being dependent on the opinion of others.

Way #8: Constant Joy

Joy gives you the power, motivation and confidence to achieve things that otherwise seem too difficult to attempt. Better than a granola bar - joy is pure energy.

Way #10: Honor The Wise Person

Don't read about wisdom in a book. Find an expert and watch how he works.

Way #11: Work It Through With Friends

Companies test-market new products. To know the value of your ideas, find friends to give you straight, honest feedback.

Way #12: Growth Through Teaching

Don't let your idea remain a hazy notion in your imagination. Transmit it to others and make it a reality.

Way #13: Think About It

We make snap decisions or may mull over decisions for too long. Become skilled at a happy medium of decision-making.

Way #14: Written Instructions For Living

Torah is not an arcane text of the ancient world. It is the essence of Judaism, which is the essence of ourselves.

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