My Advice to Fathers

Dad, your kids are craving for your praise.

#TheAskCharlieShow: Constructive Criticism

5 tips on how to give constructive criticism.

Leaning into Loss

4 strategies for beginning anew.

My Husband’s Gift

He recently surprised me with an unusual gift that shows he cares.

The Choice of Self-esteem

Our constant struggle between reality and denial.

Jewish Bigotry

The recent protests in Israel by Ethiopians reveal an all-too-common hypocrisy.

Get Happy

How to reframe your life into a work of art.

My Death Scare

A potential cancer diagnosis helped me discover the value of time.

Spending Time with One Parent

When was the last time you spent time with just one parent?

Got Game?

What game best describes your life?

Never Too Old

At 102, Ingeborg Rapoport just passed her oral exam for her doctorate that the Nazis prevented her from getting.

Torah: The Ultimate Self Help Book

So many tools for growth gleaned from modern psychology are found in the Torah.

50 Days to Greatness

To celebrate my turning 50, I am running five marathons this year and defying doctors’ gloomy predictions.

The Hidden Jews of Montana?

Sarah McConnell and the indestructible power of the Jewish spark.

Don’t Tell Mommy (Marriage Part 2)

When a child confides in only one parent.

The ABC's for Living Inspired

How to live a more enjoyable, stimulating life.

How to Stop Feeling Jealous

This simple routine can train your mind to focus on the blessings in your life.

How to Find Life-Balance

The key is juggling five significant areas that comprise your life.

Finding Patience

We were newly married, just moved to Israel and everything was going wrong.

In Dachau, Liberation Day

Sometimes life tugs your elbow to make sure you're paying attention. This was one of those days.

A Little Cancer

With her indomitable fighting spirit, Daffy Friedman battled cancer and changed her life.

Why Do We Gossip? (Part 4)

Putting people down to raise ourselves up.

A Jewish Mantra

How an ancient 12-word Jewish prayer changed my life.

Embracing Failure

Why failure is essential to building genuine self-confidence.

The Young Woman who Saved an Airplane

Everyone told her to sit down, but Mussie Weinfeld insisted something was wrong with the plane.

From Pain to Joy

Celebrating Yom Ha’Atzmaut in Israel.

Faith after Heartbreak

After his wife’s sudden death, Rabbi Hirshy Minkowicz is determined to live with meaning and joy.

The Kosher Song

A must-see rap song about keeping kosher.

Passover: Seeing The True You

Breaking free from your inner slave mentality.

The Purpose of Leaving Egypt

Three central lessons from the Passover story.

Run Rabbi Run

If a raging sea is blocking you, sometimes the best thing to do is to jump in.

Going to Freedom

Cleaning out our egos and bad habits in preparation for Passover.

The Art of Saying Hello

A simple way to change your life and the life of others. Seriously.

My Fight for Freedom in Iran

I could not accept the constraints imposed upon me as a Jew growing up in Iran.

What Is Gossip? (Part 2)

Any form of communication that reflects negatively on someone unless there is a positive, constructive purpose.

Eight Thoughts Successful People Think Every Day

Extraordinary accomplishments begin with extraordinary thoughts.

Leap into Fear

How to embrace challenge and conquer fear.

Coping with the Death of My Father

I was 16 when my life was shattered by my father’s death. These three lessons helped me get through the darkness.

Say Something & the Myth of Overnight Success

My friends won a Grammy and contrary to media reports, this was no overnight success story.

5 Strategies to Find Balance in Life

If you think going to the gym is a guilty pleasure, read this article.

Israeli Taxi Driver

He isn’t just a taxi driver. He is a real person.

Oliver Sacks on Facing Death

Will my last days be filled with gratitude or regret?

Queen Esther’s Courage

Getting the strength to live by your clarity.

Tongue Untied

How my son overcame his debilitating stutter and became an inspirational speaker.

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