Leap into Fear

How to embrace challenge and conquer fear.

Coping with the Death of My Father

I was 16 when my life was shattered by my father’s death. These three lessons helped me get through the darkness.

Say Something & the Myth of Overnight Success

My friends won a Grammy and contrary to media reports, this was no overnight success story.

5 Strategies to Find Balance in Life

If you think going to the gym is a guilty pleasure, read this article.

Israeli Taxi Driver

He isn’t just a taxi driver. He is a real person.

Oliver Sacks on Facing Death

Will my last days be filled with gratitude or regret?

Queen Esther’s Courage

Getting the strength to live by your clarity.

Tongue Untied

How my son overcame his debilitating stutter and became an inspirational speaker.

Take Off Your Mask

This Purim, remove the four masks we wear and experience true joy.


One Jew’s creative way to help people quit smoking. Whoopi Goldberg is on board.

Five Motivational Quotes

And their underlying Jewish values.


A proud polio survivor, I was blissfully unaware of the stigma many attach to paralysis and deformity. Until I wanted to start dating.

Five Strategies for Increasing Happiness

It's the time of year to increase your level of joy. Here's how.

Start it Yourself

See a need in your city? You can be the one to start an organization and make a real difference.

Michael Jackson and My Yarmulke

I told the King of Pop that he wasn’t the King of the universe.

Walking 21 Miles to Work

James Robertson’s amazing story that merges faith and determination.

Too Few Pew Jews

The data should serve as a wakeup call to all Jews.

My Ugly Engagement Ring

With abiding love, my husband designed my unique ring. I opened the box and was aghast. I hated it.

Caring for the Chronically Ill

Six critical ways to rise to the challenge from someone who’s been there.

Prayer 5: Thanks

God doesn’t need our thanks; we do.

The Secret to Living is Giving

Tony Robbins shares an anecdote from his past that changed his entire attitude about money and scarcity.

Prayer 4: Asking God

Don’t be afraid to ask God for what you need.

Saving Dunera’s Jews: Tales of the Sea

The dramatic true story of how German Jews were rescued from Nazi submarines in 1940.

Kaddish for My Mother

My mother almost left this world without my love.

My Close Call

Tests somehow missed my severe heart blockage. I was living on borrowed time.

My Father’s Core Values

My father lived a life of quiet greatness. These are the inspiring lessons I’ve learned from him.

Wild: An Adventure in Self-Discovery

Four essentials for facing our deepest selves.

5 Steps to Letting Go of Anger

An infographic on how to drop unresolved anger and find inner peace.

Prayer 2: Recognizing God

Be aware that life isn’t random; God is running the world.

5 Jewish Lessons from Unbroken

Louie Zamperini and the power of faith.

Does Being Religious Help You Get a Job?

In or out of Hollywood, it sure is a good question.

If You Were God

We often question God's ways. But given the chance, how would we do things differently?

What is Jewish Prayer?

It’s not Simon Says. It’s talking to God from the heart.

Repairing the Gap

In my sister’s eyes, I became a foreign entity: a religiously observant Jew. As the gap widened, my sadness deepened.

One Habit Can Change Everything

5 strategies to making resolutions that stick.

Polishing Diamonds

Bringing out the inner potential within ourselves and our children.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

18 women and the 4 life lessons they attained from their gruelling challenge.

Hanukkah’s Last Light

Dispelling five myths that block us from connecting to God.

Liana's Story

A terrible accident in Israel transforms a couple's life.

Merry Shpitzvinkel!

How my father’s journey from Santa Claus to a gift-lugging dog in a drainpipe led me to Judaism, sort of.

A Permanent Tear: On the Loss of a Child

The Torah has a unique word to describe the death of a child because it is a pain that never leaves.

Hanukkah & the Essence of True Beauty

Why did Judaism pose such a great threat to ancient Greece?

Why Light the First Night of Hanukkah?

God is waiting for us to take that first step before He brings the miracle.

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