Car as Death Machine

The art of balancing love and fear, and teaching kids how to drive.

King David’s Heart

Life’s difficult challenges aren’t interruptions. They’re what we need to compose our unique song.

Accepting Torah: Burden or Opportunity?

Why did we take on these restrictive commandments after finally becoming free?

Catch Me

Four ways Torah transforms my life.

Shavuot: No Boundaries

People want to know where to draw the line.

Adopted: The Search for My Heritage

My difficult search for proof of my Jewish identity.

Four Questions for Graduation Day

How to find a sense of satisfaction when you never reach the finish line.


Many of us are strangers in a strange land, physically and spiritually.

Dare to Achieve

An inspiring commencement speech at Indiana U by Jewish student, Parker Mantell.

Is Your Neighbor Anti-Semitic?

ADL’s new survey tells us not to be so naïve.

Jewish on the Outside

Eli Schwebel’s journey to discovering his heart.

Why I Love Going to Funerals

It’s not morbid. Nothing connects me to the power of life more than a funeral.

Three Types of Forgiveness

Exoneration, forbearance, and release and the power of forgiveness.

My Strange Relationship with Daniel Pearl

Can an embodied spirit be connected in some way to a disembodied one?

Getting Into Harvard

A lesson from a Harvard admissions interviewer.

I’m Imperfect

We’re all under construction. An a cappella music video.

Our Homeland

Don’t be afraid to talk about God, Torah and the Land of Israel.

Sterling Words

Lessons from the Donald Sterling brouhaha.

Botox Nation

Genuine beauty and the art of aging gracefully.

Izzy’s Mission

Learning how to embrace challenge from Shmuel and Chani Zundell’s inspiring example.

What to Include in an Ethical Will

What values and lessons do you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren? Here are 40 of mine.

What Would You Save?

If you can only take one thing from the fire.

Performing Miracles

God split the sea. What miracle can we do?

Passover and the Zodiac

Slaughtering the Pascal lamb represented breaking free from predetermined forces beyond our control.

6 Ways to Deal with Hypercritical People

Spending Passover with a critical family member? Be prepared.

The Power of a Smile

How my pasted smile got me through a very difficult week.

God Is in the Details

Why do Jews obsess about details, and why do we need so many mitzvot anyway?

Passover: Never Give Up Hope

Why was sanctifying the new moon the first mitzvah the Jewish People received as a nation?

Love without Conditions

Grappling with the death of my husband.

What Is a Jew?

Are we a religion, a nation, a race, or something else altogether?

The 4 Stages of Organizations

Forming, storming, norming, and performing – applied to marriage.

Courtney Love’s 8 Million Dollar Tweet

Imagine being sued for $8 million every time we gossiped.

The Missing Peace

Utilizing Judaism’s spiritual principles opened my heart to discover a purpose-driven life.


The film Noah has been banned by some Islamic authorities for depicting a prophet of God. What is the Jewish view of prophecy?

Your Second Name, Reincarnation Part 2

After you die, angels will ask you: What is your second name? Here’s how to reply.

The Runner who Must Fall

Post-Purim inspiration from a marathon runner with M.S. whose legs go numb when she runs.

Marvin’s Dance

Marvin Casey’s amazing journey from black, Church-going hip hop dancer to yeshiva student, English/dance instructor in Israel.

All I See Is Kindness

Would you give your home to a needy family?

God's Calling Card

Sometimes receiving a sign that God is orchestrating events can transform one’s life.

7 Ways to Connect to God

Purim is the opportune time to work on piercing through the darkness and strengthen your connection to God.

When God’s Face is Hidden

Sometimes it is through the darkness that we can bring out our greatest light.

Purim: Feeling Someone’s Pain

Where did Mordechai’s get the strength to sit for 10 years outside the palace?

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