When God’s Face is Hidden

Sometimes it is through the darkness that we can bring out our greatest light.

Purim: Feeling Someone’s Pain

Where did Mordechai’s get the strength to sit for 10 years outside the palace?

7 Life Lessons from Exercise

How to tap into your real core strength.

Why Reincarnation?

Exploring the mystical underpinnings of this misunderstood concept.

Tackling Psalms

I could picture the bubbies in the shtetl crying with their books of Psalms, but me?

To the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter

A powerful lesson in forgiveness – and being a role model for your kids.

3 Keys to Being Happy

Stop pursuing it and start experiencing it.

Living in a Selfie World

Me and a 2000 pound bull who’s trying to gore me? Have we lost our sense of self in a selfie world?

Olympics of the Soul

The gold medalist freestyle skier and his brother who has cerebral palsy are both champions.


Tuvia Ariel’s amazing true story about a number from the Holocaust.

Climbing the World’s Second Tallest Building

In this terrifying video, Russian daredevils film their ascent with no ropes or safety net. Why?

The Verdict

Three things can change a decree.

A Bum Deal

Rufus Hannah's remarkable true story of unspeakable exploitation and redemption, and the man who saved him.

What’s Your Dream?

Dreams really can come true. Don’t give up.

Miley Cyrus: Marketing Genius?

When did branding yourself, turning yourself into a product, become an ideal?

The Super Bowl: Game Time

It’s not enough to just show up. Inspiration takes work.

Broken Hand, Opened Heart

Control freaks like me have a hard time asking for help.

Three Ways to Attain Serenity

Despite life’s stormy waters, inner calm is within your reach.

10 Ways to Tackle Your Challenges

How to embrace and overcome your challenges.

Becoming a Levi

The Jewish people need teachers with passion. What are you waiting for?

What’s a Former Christian, Orthodox Woman Doing as Dean of an Israeli University?

Malka Schaps, a world-renowned professor of mathematics, is smashing glass ceilings.

No Complaints

My father’s unwavering faith in the shadow of cancer.

Lean On

Be a person others can count on.

Sam Berns’ Philosophy for a Happy Life

The 17-year-old Jewish teen died from progeria, a rare genetic disease that causes accelerated aging. He embraced life with joy, following these three principles.

Tu B'Shvat: Trees or Fruits?

We make a living by what we get. But we make a life by what we give.

Making Judaism Resonate

Creating Jewish connections with the younger generation.

4 Ways to Deal with the Polar Vortex

How to use this unique period for spiritual growth.

Romney's Grandchild

We all yearn to belong. And it takes so very little to make someone feel that they don’t.

A Life Not with Standing

Invisible, inaudible, inanimate: my adventures in a wheelchair.

Does God Love Dogs?

Some Jewish insights on animals.

My Musical Journey

It was only after I gave up demanding perfection from myself that I was able to share my unique music with the world.

Building Fences

Practical Jewish advice for preserving what’s important.

Just Breathe: Work, Identity & Shabbat

Who are you without your titles and profession?

How Orthodox Jews Taught Me Yoga

A yoga teacher encounters Jewish spirituality with religious Jews in Israel for the first time.

A Belated Bar Mitzvah

Turned away for having dyslexia, one man celebrates his Bar Mitzvah decades later at Masada.

Meaningful Resolutions

A 12-month plan for spiritual growth.

The Loving Slap

The mosquito landed on the forehead of my unsuspecting son. I went in for the kill.

4 Ways to Find Inner Joy

‘Tis the season to battle a touch of the blues.

A Carpet of Leaves

Mitzvahs don’t need to be supersized in order to count.

Activist on Skates

Champion of academics, athletics and the arts, Loren Galler Rabinowitz is focused on her role as a third-generation Holocaust survivor.

The Bottle Story

My 6-year-old daughter encounters some of the challenges in kindness.

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