Marriage in Crisis

Don't ignore the warning signs. Get the help you need.

Zacharia’s Beautiful Mystery

The worldwide release of a hot new CD – right here on

Are You There God? It's Me, Mushka

Is God our BFF who also just happens to rule the world?

The Art of Joy

How to create more joyful moments.

The Blue Mezuzah

Never underestimate the power of a grandmother's heartfelt prayer.

What's Wrong??

Where are you putting your focus right now?

Wedding Day Dreams

Know someone getting married? Give them this list and they'll thank you for life.


Speak to your body to wake up your soul.

Breakfast with Tzvi: Shwarma!

Living with the awareness of a connoisseur.

Chance or God?

It can't be both. Which one is it?

The Nazi and his Jewish Grandchildren

My father took a leading role in the slaughter of Jews. Was our family tainted with evil?

Making Memories

What memories do you want your children to have of your Passover Seders?

Why Celebrate with Bitter Herbs?

Yes, God took us out of Egypt, but He put us there in the first place!

My Pasta Seder

It took a tragedy to trigger my crisis of atheism.

My Life's Miracle

A car accident almost left me paralyzed.

Releasing Stress & Tension

Mastering the Skill of Becoming Calm

Finding Freedom

Exiting our own personal Egypt.

No More American Idol

Our society thrives on embarrassing others. It’s time to stop.

Before Now

How to elevate your past.

Sharing Our Heritage

Most Jews know very little about Judaism. You can change that.

Gestating Miracles

How could something so joyous be draped in such fear?


Having enough for today.

Don't Wait

You may never have that opportunity again.

The Cheater

Are we expecting too much from our kids at school?

Everything is Perfect

How to perfect for your life mission.

Body Electric

What was Abraham's major contribution to the world? It's not what you think.

Stepping Up

Purim and your unique role in life.

Jews Don't Bow

Little did I know that the source of my chutzpah reached back thousands of years, to Mordechai.

Modern Miracles

Coincidence is God's way of choosing to remain anonymous.

Burn Your Bridge

How to tap into your potential.

Empowering Others

I want my children and students to be greater than me.

Distorted Mirrors

When food becomes a lethal weapon.


You are a unique piece in God's puzzle.

Your 10 Guiding Principles for Life

A tool for staying focused on what's really important in life.

Psychotherapy and Prayer: Our Personal Exile

Becoming aware of the different aspects of our personality, particularly our darker side.

Crying Girl on Plane

What do you do when you witness poor parenting.

Today's Self Image

See yourself in a better light

Today's Highlights

Injecting your day with curiosity.

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