A New Day

Rest of life begins now.

Parenting Teenagers

Empathize! You were once a teenager too.

Losing My Brother

The death of my brother caused my little world to come crashing down.

Degrees of Separation: Ethics of Fathers 4:7

No matter what, commitment to the community must remain our highest priority.

Universal Jew

We may have different customs and languages, but Jewish wisdom speaks to us all.

Holy Chutzpah

Remembering Simcha Esther Gershan.

Positive Word Power

The damage of insults and putdowns can last for a lifetime.

Expanding Time

By using your time for others, God will somehow give you more time.

Science of the Soul

Is the human being inherently different from any other creature?

Ten Thousand to One

Through our child's cancer, we're learning that God is beyond all odds.

Holding God's Hand

Looking the Angel of Death in the eye and smiling.

Drop Your Bags!

An inspiring Yom Kippur video.


Sukkot and Judaism's bailout plan.

Choosing Happiness

Make the joy of Sukkot a daily part of your life.

Having a Sukkah

Growing up I didn't know about the holiday of Sukkot.

Gimme Shelter

We are all homeless until we use the tools we've got to build shelters for our souls.

No Baggage

This Yom Kippur, leave the guilt at home.

5 Ways to Keep Your Rosh Hashanah Resolutions

How to stick to your resolutions and reach true growth.


In the non-kosher deli section, my father taught me that "If it feels good, do it" is a lie.

The Chinese Bamboo

An uplifting Rosh Hashanah tale.

In Service of the King: Ethics of Fathers 4:6

How the wishes of our hearts can shape our reality.

Mom's Five Tools for Living

My mother was a spiritual giant. This is part of her legacy.


View yourself positively.

My Jewish Pride

All I knew about being Jewish was that we were anti-establishment.

Three Steps Back

On being a tourist in the land of the disabled.

The Lost Camera

Yes God is everywhere, but in Israel He feels a lot closer.

Jewish Idealism

A key difference between living in Israel and the United States.

A Place for the Light

Sometimes the wrong way gets you to the right destination.

Deep Water Test

The secret to making lasting changes.

Four-Letter Words

Is there anything wrong with swearing?

My Loose Limbs

How many pieces of me are scattered over the world?


My addiction to pornography. A cautionary true story. Reader discretion is advised.

Life Is Now

Nine principles for mastering happiness and joy.

Keep on Singing

Look carefully at the quiet miracles happening all around you.

Tumors are Miracles Too

A tumor? In my little nephew's brain?

Harry Potter and Free Will

Ultimately, it's our choices that make us who we are.

What Motivates You?

Right Wrong, Gain Loss, Pain Pleasure or the the six motivations.

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