She Is Pure

My experience preparing the deceased for Jewish burial.

Love Giving

Does love lead to giving, or does giving lead to love?

My Father's Last Words

Consolation in the darkest moments.

Harry Potter and the Children of Ketura

Did Jewish mystical books inspire the Sorcerer's Stone legend?

Finish What You Start

The real payoff comes from completing what you started.

The Sounds of Silence

Confronting the frightening reality of a hearing impairment.

No Time to Think

Who needs a TV in the elevator?

Just Start

You can choose to take action.

Spiritual Fallout: Ethics of Fathers 4:5

What the Chernobyl disaster teaches us about the unseen consequences of our actions.

Taking Flight

Sometimes the truest freedom can only come when we claw our own way out.

The Maccabiah's Ripple Effect

For one Hungarian family, being Jewish was a curse. Then basketball changed everything.

Mending the Bonds

Prayer is a powerful tool to repair our relationship with God and man.

Michael Jackson and Self Love

Why do those who have it all so often lose it all?

Soul Existence

Attacked by a dog, a young girl starts questioning reality.

Don't Call Home!

What happened to sending away your kids to camp?

Thanking The Garbage Man

Sowing seeds of kindness and gratitude.

Time to Let Go

There's more to life than your relationship with your kids.

Losing Ben

A grieving grandfather, an overwhelmed father and wrestling with God.

The Three A's of Marriage

Attention, affection and appreciation. It's not rocket science.

The Big Day

My brother was the little train no one thought could. Did he ever prove everyone wrong.

The Great Mistake

Why did the Creator design such a vulnerable knee?

When Cancer Came Knocking

Everyone dies, some sooner than later. It's how we choose to live our lives that matters.

Jewish Convert to Islam

Why couldn't she find what she was looking for in Judaism?

The Making of a Capitalistic Pig

Growing up in the Soviet Union, I felt there was something shameful about being Jewish.

My Car Accident

"I'm a good person," I told myself, convinced that this was an arbitrary act on God's part and indignant that it happened to me.

Kaddish with Oprah

Need a minyan? Nothing is too complicated for the Oprah show.

Shavuot: The Secret of Inspiration

Why did God wait 49 days before giving the Torah?

Five Thousand Prayers

As my brother lies in a coma, I gain hope from the blink of his eyes.

Shavuot: Nexus between Man and God

How Shavuot and its parallel facets of meaning represent the intertwining of God's omnipotence with man's free will.

Shavuot: Standing at Sinai

Transcending the pettiness that divides us.

Counting Up

Moving step by step towards Shavuot.

Sleepless in New Jersey

What if living out the dreams of your ancestors keeps you up at night?


What is so abhorrent about the pig?

Things We Take for Granted

Even those suffering from multiple sclerosis fall into the trap of taking things for granted.

Mother's Day

What I learned from my mother: A personal appreciation.

Grandma's Gift of Love

My cousin made a wreck out of his life. But my grandmother never stopped believing in him.

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