Being Angry at God

God has big shoulders; He can take it.

The Straight Path Home

My personal struggles with homosexuality.

Delete Forever

Yom Kippur enables us to wipe out our soul spam.

I Deserve

Why do so many kids cry at their own birthday party?

What Else Is There?

Do I try to find the hidden meaning in my life at this moment or pretend that I'm free to give up?

My Neighbors, My Heroes, Part 2

People who do great things become great people.

The Last Moments

Will you consider this year a great success or failure? A lot depends on the next few weeks.

Our Job As Parents

Director, supervisor, and consultant.


Nobody's perfect. God understands that. Let's try to understand that too.

Music of the Heart

Yona Yacobowicz transforms her turbulent life into song.

Time for Change

The American elections and Rosh Hashana.

My Husband's Story

Walking across the Sinai desert and running out of water.

Searching for Superman

I knew I possessed super powers. I just had to sort through the baggage of a few generations to find them.

The Way of the World: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:21

The road to fulfillment has no beginning and no end.

Positive Psychology and Judaism

What the most popular Harvard professor has to say about your happiness.

Speak Nicely

Audi Weitz has a few things she wants to tell the world.

The House Always Wins

When one spouse is more committed Jewishly than the other.

Early Existential Perceptions

Back on that lonely, star-filled night when I was eight years old, I felt that everything was rotten and nobody cared.

Applying "The Last Lecture"

If you had one last lecture to give before you died, what would it be?

Batman vs. the Joker: Hope vs. Destruction

Can the world be redeemed?

I am My Choices

Choose better thoughts, words and actions.

Contemplating Divorce

Divorce is like amputation -- it's only done when the marriage is killing you.

My New Jewish Name

My quest to tap the essence of my soul.

The Goldilocks Syndrome: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:20

In our pursuit of happiness, all we desire is not for the taking.

Rolling with the Punches

Ori Murray knew how to handle any punch that came his way, until life dealt him a blow he never expected.

Positive Stories

Building your mental library of stories.

When the World Stopped

Six large lessons from one small intestine.

Miracle Fruit

A panacea for bitterness? There's more to learn from the miracle fruit than how to enjoy your tequila.

Learning from Mistakes

A wise person learns from other people's mistakes.

The Curse

Little did I know that my professor's curse would turn into a blessing.

How to Deal with Nonsense Criticism

Don't get angry. Why let someone else dictate how you feel?

It Starts with You

Don't become religious for someone else.

Hypermiling Your Life

How to maximize mileage for the most important journey you'll ever take.

To Foresee the Future: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:19

The greatest mystery of creation is as simple as a little girl's laughter.

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