The Beverly Hills' Lemonade Stand

How our children took responsibility for the welfare of someone halfway around the world.


Each one of us in that waiting room had something in common: in silence, we awaited an anguished moment of terrifying truth.

The Thank You People

Where does the word "Jewish" come from?

Spitzer & the Power of Temptation

No one -- not even the righteous -- is free from temptation.

Purim and Nature

Understanding the Hebrew word "teva" sheds light on the story of Purim.

The Worth of a Man

Three ways to know if this is the right guy..

Queen Esther and the Nazis

I never doubted that the God who watched over my grandmother in Nazi Germany would watch over me as well.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:17

Simple rules for the security of our most valuable possessions.

Remember Amalek

A lesson on Divine Providence in memory of the fallen Torah students of Mercaz HaRav, hy"d.

The Catapult

Passover: Why redemptive things happen to good people.


Donating a kidney taught me the importance of appreciating your good health.

Super-Sizing Me

How I lost 110 pounds -- one day at a time.

Nothing is Rotten in the State of Denmark

Why is Denmark the happiest place in the world?

Friends for Life

A Jewish perspective on friendship.

Self Discipline

The self talk of self mastery.


What was the secret of her greatness?

The Life-Transforming Diet

Health and nutritional principles of Maimonides.

Concentrating and Focusing

How to bring your mind back on what you're reading.


Sometimes hitting rock bottom isn't enough.

The Meaning of "Adam": Insights into the Hebrew Language

The potential to sink lower than the animals and rise higher than the angels.

Other People

How to turn an enemy into a friend.

Attractive Vs. Attracting

Making sure you get the right kind of attention.

The High and the Mighty: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:16

Our perceptions of others may teach us more about ourselves.

A Kidney to Give

Why I donated my kidney to someone I didn't know.

Living in the Present

Where are you living: In the past, present or future?


My adventures in central vacuuming.

The Prosecutor

They're wrong, but are you right?

Healing Rabbi Weinberg

Rabbi Noah Weinberg was recently diagnosed with a serious illness. Each of us can do something to help.

Meaning of Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Remember what the celebration is really about.

Choose Life

What is a life enhancing choice now?

Emerging from Anorexia

My daughter's journey from starvation to salvation

The Guy I Met on the Plane

Three actions every Jew should do to make the home Jewish.

The Burning Bush

God only gives you the things you can handle.

The Word "Hebrew": Insights into the Hebrew Language

Jews are also referred to as Hebrews. What can this name tell us about the character of Jews?

When Alzheimer's Hits Home

I knew taking care of my mother with Alzheimer's would not be easy, but I didn't realize it could also be so rewarding.

Your Tough Assignment

Fulfill another person's needs without anyone ever knowing.

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