Growth through Psalms

Exploring Psalms for life transforming thoughts.

Now She Could Fill My Heart

How could I feel God's presence while crowded with cancer, ugliness and pain?

Even I'm Worthy of Miracles

A true story about the power of a blessing and modern day miracles.

Seizing Change

By seizing change today, we might avoid the seizure tomorrow.

Dieting and Yom Kippur

Dieting as a paradigm for spiritual elevation.

Feeling God's Presence

Spiritual exercises to connect to God's goodness in the world.

Hiding from God

Who is the master of your universe? A Rosh Hashanah meditation.

The Human Touch

A letter jolted me out of my complacency, reminding me that real change is truly possible.

Climbing to the Top

Answering Rosh Hashana's question: Did you do as much as you could with the gifts the Almighty gave you?

Go for the Gold

Achieving your personal victory this Rosh Hashana.

Nine Plus One

What does animal tithing have to do with Rosh Hashanah? Everything.


Is there any substance behind the latest fad: kabbalistic red strings?

A Case of the Gimmes

Giving brings meaning and love into our lives, and now we find out there's an additional bonus -- we live longer as well.

Enough Is (Not) Enough!

When do we ever feel we truly have enough?

Heavenly Prayer

The unique advantages of praying 38,000 feet above the ground.

Stressed Out?

There is an ancient Jewish solution that helps battle the stress in our lives, but it's not easy.

Talk is Cheap

Every time I open my mouth I am making a choice: Will I use my power of speech to heal, or will I use my words to hurt?

Loving Life

My great-grandma Bertha was amazing for many reasons, and not just because she lived life to the fullest for 106 years.

The Art of Desire: Ethics of the Fathers 1:16

Get a rabbi so he can teach you how to really enjoy life in a permissible, holy fashion.

Sparks of Holiness, Rekindled

Descendants of forced converts of the Inquisition are rediscovering Judaism.

An Ordinary Woman

My friend Rivka was an ordinary woman. How did she become so great?

In the Waiting Room

What do you do while you wait for the doctor in the waiting room?

The "Noble" Prize

Don't settle for being good. Be great.

Smile Though Your Heart Is Aching: Ethics of the Fathers 1:15

Work on the externals, and the internals will eventually follow.

Growth Through Kaddish

After my father died, we continued to grow together.

The Film is Rolling

Brief moments can be excruciatingly slow when projected on a movie screen.

Raising Yehuda

Becoming parents of a baby with Down's syndrome has forced us to reconsider our views on parenting and what it means to lead a meaningful life.

Mine and Yours

Psychological and chassidic insights into the four basic character types.

Me, Myself and I: Ethics of the Fathers 1:14

Finding your unique self and sharing it with the world.

Lessons from the Coast of Nowhere

A young African child, whose family couldn't scrape together five dollars to keep him in school, has something most people lack.

Diamond Processing

Every person has buried deep inside a dazzling, million-dollar gem. We just need to cut away the dirt to find it.

Orange Juice Enlightenment

How to free the mind, heart, and spirit from the poison of judging others.

Walking To Shul With My Dad

I was a three-day a year Jew who stopped by McDonalds on the way to the golf course every Saturday morning. Now I'm being called an observant Jew. What happened?

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

It may make sense for businesses to judge by current performance, but this thinking is particularly toxic when applied outside the workforce.

The Mystery of 1964

A child's shocking discovery of his father's painful past.

Kabbala #24: Keter: The Sefirah that Isn't

Keter manifests itself in the world as inexplicable "will" that goes beyond reason or cause and effect.

Mayanot on Prayer #5: Pouring Out Your Heart

Within the Afternoon Prayer lies the secret to our survival.

Praying With Angels

Hitching a holy express ride at the Western Wall.

The Pursuit of peace: Ethics of the Fathers 1:12

The path to peace is through loving others and loving Torah.

Questions Each Day

Questions that can have a profound impact on your life.

Looking for Mr. Munk

There was something different about Mr. Munk's Hebrew school class -- Judaism was not a bore.

Final Boarding Call

Through life -- and death -- a young mother teaches us to appreciate the grand eternal plan.

Mikey's Song

Mikey's story is not one of terrible suffering, but of faith and triumph.

Mayanot on Prayer #4: Negotiating with God

God is interested in our plans for the world and He wants to hear from us.

Feeling Beauty

Learning to see life through the eyes of a poet.

Traveling Light

The guidelines for a good vacation are also great tools for the good life.

Pick Up the Phone

I hadn't thought much of Michael in the last three years. Until a few weeks ago when I heard that he had died of a sudden heart attack.

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