I heard a number of times from Rabbi Chaim Shmuelevitz, the late head of Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem: "When we learn to appreciate life to its fullest, we will be oblivious to many of its painful aspects. We will definitely try to deal with them effectively, but will not feel emotional suffering, since the joy of being alive will outweigh anything negative that might occur.

"Imagine a person who just now won a large sum of money in a lottery. He will feel such joy that if he accidentally broke a glass cup, he would feel no suffering whatsoever because of that loss.

"The joy of being alive can be much greater than the joy of winning millions of dollars. A person able to master this attitude, which takes time and effort, will not have psychosomatic difficulties, since he will not view anything that happens to him as negative."

Even before someone totally masters this, it helps greatly to reflect on what it would be like integrating this.