Perfectionism and happiness don't go hand in hand. The human condition is imperfection. And that's why there is always more work to do in this world. And that is what will enable us to maintain humility even if we did accomplish a lot. But we need to maintain a sense of joy even though we aren't perfect. We were never meant to be perfect. But it is our mission to learn and to improve.

Perfectionism is the attitude, "It's either 100% or it's a total failure." In some areas this could be true. A serious operation that was almost successful failed if the patient died. If an airplane pilot almost made a safe landing but the plane crashed, it's a total failure for all those who were killed in the crash. But in the vast majority of the things we do, perfection might be nice, but it won't make too much of a difference.

A perfectionist is nervous the entire time. "What if it's not perfect?" they repeat to themselves. There are many ways that this won't be perfect and only one that would be considered perfect. Enjoy the positive activities that you are engaged in. Enjoy every bit of success. And enjoy the entire process of improving.